काले लम्बे घने बालों के लिए | Stop HAIR LOSS – Baldness Hair Mask | 7cm in 2month HAIR GROWTH

Hair Growth Mask for Baldness & Long Hair

Hi, everyone! I’m Dr. Shalini and I’m a naturopath (M.D. in Naturopathy). A Naturopath uses natural remedies for the treatment. So today also, I have a NATURAL REMEDY TO PREVENT HAIR FALL AND BALDNESS. Many people have requested and asked for some remedy to stop hair fall, baldness and to share something that can help with hair growth. Nowadays, people are facing this problem a lot so here I’m sharing this remedy. This mask helps to grow hair faster, which is about 7-8 cm within 2 months. I have personally seen these results, so before calling it ‘fake’, do try it first and see. I have used this mask on my patients and other people and have found it to be very effective. This hair mask will promote hair growth about 7-8 cm, will make it strong and prevent dandruff. If this hair mask is used on regular basis, which is twice or thrice a week; then definitely it cures baldness. Besides that, it will also help with the dryness, hair fall and will prevent the hair from getting gray or white hair.

So the first ingredient is Clove: Clove is very good for promoting hair growth. It helps to remove the infection from the scalp. Scalp infection often leads to hair fall, so it will certainly help there. Plus it makes hair thick, so people who have thin hair can really benefit from it. Clove conditions the hair and makes it strong and thick by removing the infections. So it is a very important ingredient.

Next is Nigella Seeds/Black Seeds/Kalonji: I’m taking 1 tsp nigella seeds. This ingredient is also very important. It promotes hair growth and prevents gray hair. If for some reason the color of the hair is not black and is brown or lackluster, in such cases, nigella seeds improve the quality of the hair color and make it black and lustrous. Like clove, nigella seeds also help to thicken the hair, cure hair loss and makes hair healthy. Such ingredients that prevent hair fall should always be used.

Next is Fenugreek Seed: Fenugreek makes the hair strong. Hair masks that contain fenugreek are always useful for making strong hair. According to Ayurveda, it helps in treating dandruff. Fenugreek is ideal for people suffering from baldness. If this problem has just started or even if you are already going through this problem then you must use fenugreek hair pack. It does not let the hair get dry and makes them strong.   Here I’m taking fenugreek seeds, nigella seeds and cloves soak it in water for about one to one and a half hour. It is even better if you can soak it overnight, as this will make the paste really fine.

Secondly, I have taken 2 Hibiscus flowers. This also helps in making hair thick and strong, prevents dandruff, hair fall, and conditions hair. Basically, anything that prevents hair fall should always be used in the hair mask.

Next item I have taken is a LEMON with skin and juice. Lemon helps in binding the hair color which means that it makes the hair more lustrous and shiny. Lemon also cures dandruff, cleans the scalp, and prevents itchiness and repairs split ends.

Next, I have taken about 25 pieces of Curry Leaves. Curry leaves are one of the best items for fast hair growth. You can even use only curry leaves in oil and still get best results for hair growth. Plus it promotes new hair growth so people suffering from baldness can benefit from it. So definitely curry leaves is essential for promoting new hair growth, strengthening the hair, conditioning, thickening it and preventing hair loss.

Next One Indian rose (desi gulab) I have taken. It is better to get the rose from the flower vendors near the temple or any other religious place as these roses are authentic and do not contain any chemical. So please do not buy rose from the bouquet shop. Rose also promotes hair growth but the most important thing is that it binds the hair color. Also, it cools the scalp and thus prevents hair fall.

Next, I have taken One medium size Onion of about 50 gm. As we all know onion is famous for hair re-growth and in curing baldness.  It basically improves keratin so the hair re-growth is easily obtained with it. So people suffering from alopecia (hair loss in patches), should definitely use onion in their hair mask. Only using the onion juice on the affected area can also be very beneficial. Don’t be afraid it can be cured easily if treated right. So alopecia patients can either use only the onion juice and benefit from it or use this hair pack for even better results. Plus onion prevents hair fall.

Here I’m using the chutney jar for blending the mixture. Chop the onion into the jar and also add the curry leaves. The reason I’m using the chutney jar is so that the paste becomes smooth and fine and does not get stuck into the hair. So now I’m adding the rose petals and hibiscus flower by tearing into pieces. The small buds of this hibiscus flower are amazing for hair re-growth. So whoever has baldness should definitely use these buds. This small middle part of the flower is also very important, please do not throw that away, you need to use it whether it is face pack or hair pack that you are making.

Next, I’m chopping in lemon with skin, only removing the seeds. The lemon peel is best for improving the quality of the skin and also of the scalp. Lemon peel is full of vitamins and minerals goodness that is why when we eat lemon pickle we only get the peel from it and the inside is hardly there. But because the peel is usually so bitter, that we usually don’t use it in our food. So using lemon zest is very beneficial for slimming and skin. Now I’m adding the soaked fenugreek, nigella seeds, and cloves into the jar. I’m not adding any extra water; I have only added the water that was used for soaking. If the seeds are soaked overnight then the paste will be smoother and fine, thus will not get stuck to the hair. So please make sure to blend nicely and make a fine paste. Next, I’m adding extra virgin olive oil to the paste. You can also use mustard oil instead of extra virgin olive oil as this too is equally beneficial. At this point, if you want you may also add 1 capsule of vitamin E to the paste.

This Hair Growth Mask you have to keep for at least one hour so that time the vitamin E capsule will work amazing. But one thing you must remember that there should not be too much oil in the hair pack, the quantity of any oil should not be more than 1 ml (that is 20 drops). You may make a batch of enough quantity, store and keep it in the fridge if you are planning to use it for 3 days. Trust me; if this hair mask is used continuously for 3 days then hair fall definitely stops. You will notice a positive change in the quality of your hair.

At the time of filming this video, I did not have Amla (Indian gooseberry) available so I could not add to the paste but if you can then please do include that as well. The quality of the hair mask goes to another level when amla is added to it. Now let me show you how you need to apply it. So when you start with this hair pack, make sure you apply this daily for first 3 days.

Apply the hair mask on your entire head and scalp. Totally cover the hair with this pack and leave it on for 1 hour at least. After that, wash it off and rinse completely. Please note that you should not shampoo your hair. You only and only need to rinse it off. All the ingredients used in the hair mask will clean your hair so you actually don’t need to shampoo the hair. Initially for the first week, you will apply this hair mask everyday for 3 days, thereafter twice a week. Once you apply or use this hair mask for 3 days, I would like you to comment and let me know the results you achieved. After washing the hair and letting it dry, comb and see how much hair fall you have. I have already shared a recipe of oil for people suffering from split ends, rough, dry and frizzy hair. This is the oil. If both these things are used together in combination then you will get great results. Try applying oil one day then wash & shampoo the next day and then again next day apply this hair mask. Like so, apply the hair oil twice a week, hair mask also twice a week and get complete cure from hair fall, baldness, dryness, itchy scalp, frizzy hair and achieve long silky smooth hair and new hair growth too. I have seen the results personally on my patients. So I would like you guys to give me feedback after using this hair mask that whether you found any reduction in the hair fall. Whatever results I have committed or promised in this video you will definitely see on your hair. One more thing I would like to say, there are several people who don’t use or try my recipes and just comment below the video that the remedy did not work for them. Because within half an hour of uploading the video such crooks post the comment that they did not get any results. This is a total nonsense. When a time period is clearly specified in the title and video, it is very logical to first try and check the results and then comment. But those people simply post fake comments to defame my credibility. This seriously won’t work guys until and unless you follow the recipe; it’s no use posting such fake comments. Please refrain from doing that because people who try and believe in my remedies won’t ever get discouraged because they are honestly using it. By resorting to such mean ways, you will only waste your time. My channel is for serious and honest people who want to improve their health by living a healthy lifestyle. Come with positive energy and use the remedies I show and then post genuine comments. Hit the ‘Like’ button if you liked this informational video, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already in order to get my future updates and please do share it with others so that others can also benefit from it. Add it to your playlist to watch it later. So guys meet you in my next video with some new recipe or some informational video till then Bye!!

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13 thoughts on “काले लम्बे घने बालों के लिए | Stop HAIR LOSS – Baldness Hair Mask | 7cm in 2month HAIR GROWTH

  1. Dear mam, ek bt puchni h kya m baldness and hair fall
    ke liye ye pack hibicus ke bina use kr skti hu muje flowers nhi mil rhe

  2. Thnx dr shalini..u r very nice person gud human being..doin very nice job for people like us.thnku sooooooooooooo much….god bless u…waiting for more new miracle recipes…:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello mam! kya aap white hairs k liye koi remedy bata skti hai? Maine Ye pack lagaya oil b banaya hai wahi use kr rahi hu but still my white hairs r growing..plz help mam

  4. Thank you so much Dr Shalini you are doing a wonderful job. God bless you!!!
    You don’t know how much hair loss undermines your confidence especially when you are a lady/girl. I haven’t yet tried it but would surely try it and share the feedback.

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