मात्र 10 mins में गोरी निखरी त्वचा पाएं , Get Spotless & FAIR SKIN in 10 mins only

Hi, everyone! I’m Dr. Shalini and I’m a naturopath (M.D. in Naturopathy). A Naturopath uses natural remedies for the treatment. Today I’m sharing a home remedy for skin care. This pack will give you fair and flawless skin. The picture you see is an example of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ results obtained on the same hand after using this pack, within 10 minutes of using it. So here I have made 3 packs. These packs are made from the items or ingredients which are easily available at home. This combination of 3 packs, if used and applied for a month; will give you flawless and fair skin. It also will help you get rid of blemishes and pigmentations and also this will turn the skin tone lighter. So now let me show what all things you will need to make these amazing packs.

Papaya Orange & Marigold Pack: This pack is made from papaya, orange, and marigold flower. Basically, this pack helps in removing the infections of the skin. Sometimes due to sun rays, we get skin infections without even realizing it. So this removes the infections of the skin and gives instant whiteness to the skin. If you keep this pack handy with you and use it, then there is nothing better than this. So let’s see how to prepare this pack.

We need papaya 75 gm, orange 100 gm (with peel) and marigold about 2-3.  Do not remove the pulpy part of the inside of the papaya; we only need to peel the outer skin of it. The pulp inside is full of enzymes. If there are black seeds inside, then do remove the seeds. Cut oranges into pieces with skin, only remove the seeds from it. Now we will tear the marigold flowers into pieces and add it to the jar with other ingredients. This green part of the flower is also very important, so please don’t discard it. This is especially good for people suffering from acne and pimples. It helps cure infections, so if you only have acne/pimple problem, then you can even use the bud of it with coriander leaves and this will help you in treating the acnes. So grinding it and making a paste out of it and store it in a glass teacup or in the ice-cube tray and it can easily last you up to 3 months.

Next is

Curry leaves and Coriander leaves Pack: This is an amazing pack. So to make this pack we need about 10-15 curry leaves, 2-inch cucumber, 1 lemon or lime; anything would do and fresh coriander leaves. So first we will cut the cucumber into pieces so that it grinds finely, next we will take coriander leaves. Coriander leaves help in removing spots or scars from the skin. If you have any spot or scar on your skin for long and which you are unable to remove, in that case, coriander leaves works magic. Curry leaves remove infections and gives an amazing glow to the skin. Similarly, lemon works on lightening and nourishing the skin. Its acidic effect conditions the skin as well. So when lemon is used on skin it gives really amazing results. There are a lot of benefits of lemon, if I go on then this video will become really lengthy. So combine all these things into your blender jar and make a paste out of it, add water if needed. Here I forgot to add kiwi to it. If you add kiwi to this pack then it becomes even more effective. You may skip kiwi but I have personally seen amazing results when kiwi is used. Please make sure to use this pack only twice a week. Take out only so much that you are going to use, rest preserve and refrigerate and it will last you up to 3 months. So it is better to make it in enough quantity to last 3 months.

Next is

Rose and Potato Pack: This mask is really-really amazing. Buying rose water from market really makes no sense as compared to using this mask. Because the starch from the potato conditions the skin and rose nourishes the skin. So here, I’m taking 1 Indian rose (also known as desi gulab) please do not use the rose that we get for gifting purpose, those roses have chemicals. I’m taking a small potato. If you want to make more then you may increase the quantity accordingly. During summer time this pack gives great results. So this rose that I have taken, is Indian rose which is often used for pooja or worship purposes and this you can get near temple or other religious place. This rose has more fragrance and effect as compared to other rose; I have tried both the roses and found that the Indian rose gives better results. Then I’m taking this small potato and peeling off the skin. But remember if you have dead skin, then do not remove the skin. Instead, grate the potato and then massage the face with it. After coming from out, use this grated potato to massage your face to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. So here I have blended rose and potato in a blender jar and made a paste out of it. Some people do have potato allergy so if you do have then you may use a carrot instead. That also gives good results and repairs the skin. But if potato suites you then do use it because it conditions the skin and makes it really smooth and beautiful to touch.

Now we are going to make the most important powder which will be used for scrubbing.

Scrub: For this, I’m using 1 tbsp barley flour, 1 tbsp oats and 2 tbsp chickpea flour (besan). Will mix this very well. If you want you may add 1 tsp turmeric powder to this; believe me adding turmeric really gives great results, it almost takes it to another level. Also, if you can get sandalwood powder then go ahead and add that as well. Store this powder in a container and use it as and when required. Here I’m applying it on my hand with the help of a brush; this brush is used for packs & masks and it isn’t a makeup brush. First I’m applying the orange mask. Since it is citrus; it has a higher level of AHA. It has more AHA content than any of the product you get in the market. Remember the more the orange is rotten or ripe, the more AHA it will have; so if you find fruit vendor throwing away the over-ripe or rotten orange; get that and use to make this pack. After applying we need to keep it for at least 5-6 minutes. You might feel a tingling sensation as this pack is citrus. I have applied this on hand, but you may apply it on your face or body as well. Here I’m applying the scrub powder over it and will continue to massage is gently. The scrubbing helps remove the outer layer and the fine powder that gets stuck to the skin, will eventually help in removing the dead skin cells. You will be surprised to see how this removes the dead skin; bringing out the fresh new skin. You need to scrub the face too; this isn’t painful at all. You just need to massage gently and scrub the surface of your skin.

Actually; what I’m doing right now is the same thing which many of us must have seen our elder sisters or aunts do. These remedies are age old so with time we often forget the household remedies and resort to chemical based face wash and stuff. But these remedies are very effective. As you can see, the more I’m scrubbing and removing the mask, the skin gets clearer and clean. All the dead skin, blackness or tanning is getting removed by this action. You will notice a huge difference in your skin, trust me.

All these 3 packs that I have shown are very beneficial, provided you follow the rules. That is; first orange mask has to be applied; followed by green pack and lastly the rose & potato mask. As you can see after removing the pack; my hand looks completely different from the part where I did not apply the pack. You can almost see a line and the difference is easily visible. Same way you will notice the change when you apply it on your face. Let me change the light and show you how it actually looks. It will look almost like a shade card and you will see 2 shades of the skin. As you can see now; I have changed the light and the skin looks so different. The place where I did not apply the pack looks so unclean and dirty as if the skin has not been washed for days. So if you want you can use it on your entire body and you will get a glowing and amazing skin.

Now let me show you how you need to apply all these packs. Orange pack will remove the tanning, Green mask will get rid of infections and dark spots; and the rose mask will give you nourishment and moisturize the skin.  You may apply these masks daily but again for some it might not be possible. So at least make it a point to apply it in a week. Prepare and store these masks in the fridge and use whenever you can. But please make sure that you follow the order. Soon you will see a huge difference on your skin. You just saw me apply only first (orange) pack and get the amazing result within 10 minutes; so if you apply all the 3 masks then the results will be even more magical. So please do try.

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6 thoughts on “मात्र 10 mins में गोरी निखरी त्वचा पाएं , Get Spotless & FAIR SKIN in 10 mins only

  1. I used these pack,s the result is dam good.It removes not only tanning but gives glow and all day freshnes to skin.after using this pack my face never look dull. I also apply thise pack on my husband’s face & result was gret.thank u mam.

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