1 Month FULL DAY PLAN for Weight Loss | 1महीने में 10kg घटाये

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‘1 Month FULL DAY PLAN for Weight Loss | 1महीने में 10kg घटाये’

Hello everyone.. I am Dr Shalini here.. a naturopath.. MD in Naturopathy.. Naturopath treats their patients with natural ingredients itself. I got 1 Month FULL DAY PLAN for Weight Loss for you all and I am guiding you for breakfast, lunch and dinner today that is Full Day Plan. You can easily 1 महीने में 10kg घटाये.

I have got a a full day plan for u, as many of u has requested that they are getting confused as i am guiding u for breakfast or  lunch .. or sometimes dinner.. people are not able to follow in the right way.. so i have got a complete plan for a month for u all.. in which i have mentioned the right way to consume DRIED RAISINS.. ORANGE TEA.. GREEN JUICE.. time to have BREAKFAST..the way to follow noon DAAL plan …. n the way to set on dinner.. this video consists of the total day plan so that it will be easier for all of u to follow it the right way.

I have planed third diet in such a way that u wont feel any weakness or dullness and u will be feeling fuller and energetic.. what ever shown in this video is already there in the form of audio.. but i will be linking the videos in the description box…. many ppl don’t check the description box even.. only one recipe i will be sharing here… rest videos are not there.. u would be knowing them all  but still the videos ill be linked in the description box for your convenience..

Lets go ahead. If u haven’t see the video please find the video in the description box so that u can see the health benefits.. i have even asked my subscribers who ever r following my videos n interested and are growing fenugreek/methi at there homes can mail e the picture of thr sprouts.. but again ppl were finding difficulties in mailing me .. i have found a solution for this even.. u can go through the description box now.. thr is the link of the face book group.. have a look.. if u are making the sprouts at home.. please share ur pictures there so that u keep feeling enthusiastic about what u are doing..  u ca a look at number of photographs that my subscribers have shared here in various ways .. thr are moong sprouts.. multigrain sprouts.. if u are following my videos n making sprouts, it would be so good if u can  take the pics n share them across.. so that u can be in touch with me n we cane share a good talk..

In today’s video again i am going to explain about growing the sprouts .. u will get an idea and once u see the salad u will easily learn about it.. but if u want a detailed video check the link in the description box where i have mention everything about they way to grow n consume..

Lets see, how to soak fenugreek and how to sprout them up..

1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds

Soak then overnight. i.e, maximum 12 hrs if u want to sprout them..or if u are consuming directly which is meant for weightloss ,it shud be soaked 24hrs.. its blows up to 1tb sp once it is well soaked .. divide them in 3 parts n consume it before every meal.. i.e, breakfast .. lunch.. n dinner for faster weight loss..  but while sprouting.. u can see i have pictorial display of every level.. ex.. when soaked.. after 24hrs… n then u need to add water n sprout will be ready in 3 to 4 days.. its a 5 day process picture.. 1st day i have soaked then.. 2nd they have blown/swollen up.. third day put them on a strainer n keep a watch n add water every 4 to 5 hrs.. when u feel its done.. watcg the orange strainer in the video.. its about the 5th 6th day.. even if u are not able to take much care .. keep them for 3 days atleast.. it adds to the nutrition value .. adds in the minerals n vitamins to the fenugreek.

Lets see the procedure now..

To see the weight loss benefits in onion.. plz go thru the link in the description box.. onion plays a very imp role in weight loss.. i have used boiled potato.. this is the starched potato which will always help u in weight loss.. always remember ..boiled  potato will always help u in weight loss.. if u use the fried potato it will put on the weight.. it contains lot of potassium n phosphorous.. it balances the sodium.. i.e,  salt in the body..if u need to reduce the swelling in the body include boiled potato to ur diet.. which helps in strengthen the bones al well.. now i am going to chop my fenugreek sprouts so that i can add them to my salad..u can directly add them to to boiled potatoes.. when u are consuming it raw.. i have removed the root from the sprout .. take a bowl.. add chopped boiled potato.. chopped onion.. i have used red chillies.. u may add green too.. u can skip the chillies .. its completely optional.. use rock salt if u are consuming it at night.. u may add common salt during the day.. a dash of lemon juice.. its imp to have iodised salt during the day.. but when it night.. rock salt is a must so that it wont lead to water retention in the body.. which may cause swelling.. mix everything.. u may also chop n store potatoes in the refrigerator.. adding oil helps the body to consume all the oil soluble nutrients from the leaves.. n body becomes active.. helps in faster absorption .. if u add oil to the food.. the oil soluble vitamins like VitA or VitE needs oil get absorbed in the body.. so u need to add oil to ur salads for better results.. here i have made the protein sprout salad which is very healthy to be consumed for breakfast n helps in faster weight loss.. when u make protein salad u must add some fruit to it like pineapple or apple which helps to speed up the metabolism.. i have used chicken in this salad.. i may even use soyabean nuggets.. soyabean seeds or even TOFU.. even various lentils can be used such as MASOOR.. use it in boiled form.. i am taking red onion here.. red onion adds the taste to the salads..u may use white onion too.. adding green chillies.. that is optional.. am adding orange here.. orange juice speeds up the metabolism.. if u are suffering with water retention u can skip orange juice..adding cucumber for extra crunch.. mix everything together in a bowl..nothing tough.. the left over veggies shall be used in the next recipe.. now am adding ornge juice.. use lemon juice if u have water retention problem .. this increases the protein metabolism too.. make it sure to sure to use iodised salt to use during the day.. n rock salt during night.. have this in breakfast as i wont suggest to have fruit after 4pm as it leads to water retension.. added grated ginger.. add sprouts.. just tear them roughly.. mix everything well n the salad is ready.. always remember.. when ever u intake protein in the form of cooked food or salad , consume it with sm raw food which increases protein metabolism.. i.e, if u have protein in the form of salad it leads to faster weight loss

Next is the paneer salad which is extremely delicious.. but to be consumed only in  breakfast n not in dinner.. n if u consume it in breakfast it speeds up the slimming process.. it contains calcium which is very good for bones n positive fats n can u categorised under good cholesterol.. it keeps u energetic n strong throughout the day.. n helps in speeding the slimming process but only if it is consumes for breakfast.. its the same fruit mixed salad where in paneer is added.. remember paneer contains protein but not the high protein.. Adding tomato to deduct the fats in protein.. removed the seeds n the skin.. kidney stone patients can also consume this.. doctors always suggest not to consume tomato if  suffering with kidney stone but only the skin n seeds r harmful n not tje flesh.. if u consume only the flesh its completely harmless for the kidney stone patients.. the last ingredient which has to be added is sprout.. chop roughly.. mix it well.. u can add to the creativity.. add lil ginger to  spice it up.. and the salad is read.. u cn make changes according to u.. just the salad doesn’t helping u to start the day.. the very first thing is to have soaked methi.. that is soaked overnight . with a glass of water.. n the u may have ur medicine prescribed by the doc.. it may be of thyroid.. hypo thyroid .. hyperthyroid.. diabetes.. or whatever.. next u will be taking 100 ml orange tea.. acidity sufferers can take it in room temp.. cough n cold patients can have it hot.. others can have it Luke warm.. have green juice after 20mins.. u can have garbage juice.. but stone n thyroid patients cant have garbage juice.. they can have green juice part 1.. whoever suffering with vomit or loose motion skip potato n consume it..  rest all same.. link will be added in description box.. wait for a while if u don’t find the link.. then have 200gns of salad… then have black raisins..just 15 to 20 pieces.. its good to have it seeded.. then have pomegranate n pineapple around 12 o clock.. n have salad at round 1 to 1.30pm .. add coriander to ur salad..then u can have DAAL .. the recipe is thr in the description box.. n again consume 15 to 20 black raisins after 20 mins.. then 100ml of orange tea.. then at 4 to 4.30 pm .. u may have 20gms unsalted roasted peanuts as an evening snack.. or alternate it with 7 to 8 almonds.. u can have broth soup for dinner.. its very tasty n very effective too.. tastes just like Maggie.. non vegetarians may add chicken or fish,, rest can add tofu or soya nuggets..u may consume any soup of ur choice.. if u feel acidic u may have chicken .. but not less than 200ml..  or u will be feeling hungry all the time.. than again after 20mins have raisins.. then 100ml of orange tea before going to bed.. am sure u mite be feeling hungry.. then have laddo before going to bed.. but laddo shud not weigh more than 20gms.. laddu repairs ur body overnight.. increases metabolic rate.. and leads u to be slim.. i always suggest PROTEIN LADDU as ppl have got very good experience consuming .. few of them have lost 3 to 5 kgs just within 1 month.. go ahead n FULL DAY PLAN..

n not to forget soaking fenugreek before going to bed… next day u need to consume it.. it cuts the fats of whatever u eat the whole day.. Not to ignore this.. it won’t make u acidic..  if u really like my diet plan.. LIKE on my video n give a THUMPS UP.. Share it so that everyone can enjoy the benefit.. add it in ur playlist so that u can watch it any number of times.. and subscribe my channel of all new updates.. see u again with a new video about recipe or haircare or skin care tips..till the BYE…

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7 thoughts on “1 Month FULL DAY PLAN for Weight Loss | 1महीने में 10kg घटाये

  1. I am so happy to get this video transcript in English. Thank you so much
    Dear Sis Dr. Shalini .. May Allah bless you and give you a bright and happy
    life as you bring happiness to many of us. Lots of love to you and your
    cute baby prince <3 <3 <3

  2. Hi mam I am 30 yr old but my weight is 107kg height is 5’2″. Struggling with weight. Sorry to ask u but the diet which yoi have recommended me is not enough. Muje bhook baut lagti hai as soon as I wake up I hv to eat something in next 15 minutes else I feel like vomatting. Apke diet plan se toh me saara sin hungry feel krti hu. Only salads for three meals not enough. Plz suggest what to do?

  3. Please please let me know
    1. whether we have to take roti and or rice and other khana.
    2.When we have to consume kalonji,
    3. Timing for fruits.
    Please please let me know.

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