Skin Whitening by GLUTATHIONE and Dark circle Treatment

GLUTATHIONE Skin Whitening and Dark circle Treatment | Also best works on Acne-Pimple and in ECZEMA treatment | Glutathione works not only to do skin whitening but also help you in Anti-Ageing and fight with signs of ageing. Dosage:  1)Skin Whitening: –Glutathione 1 CAPSULE (500mg) (Early morning empty stomach with water), Vitamin C  1 capsule […]

Palak Pea Soup Recipe

Palak Pea Soup Recipe Ingredients Palak:- 200gm Peas:- 100gm Red onion:- 50gm garlic:- 1tbsp Ginger:-1tsp Broccoli(optional):- 100gm cauliflower(optional):- 100gm Green chili(must):- 1pc/10gm Pink salt:- 1tsp turmeric:-1/2tsp tomatoes:-100gm METHOD put all ingredients in a pressure cooker give 3-4 vessels let cool down blend in a blender or with a hand blender reboil for 2-4mins server 100-200 as […]

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