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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with 23 BENEFITS OF WHEAT GRASS. These are very magical benefits which when I will discuss with you, you will never feel like ignoring it.




Wheat Grass is considered to be a good source of Protein as long as Wheat Grass is in Powder form. If you consume the Powder, then Wheat Grass is called Super Food. And if you take Wheat Grass along with some recipe, as I will be discussing today, I will be sharing a recipe of Shake today, so that will be Super Food Shake. But when Wheat Grass is in Juice form, then it is called Micro Bio Food. This juice has a lot of benefits. The Shake that I will be sharing will be a part of the Detox process that I will be starting in the coming week. So this will also be a type of snack. So I thought of discussing it beforehand.


Wheat Grass has a good quantity of Chlorophyll which gives Anti-oxidant inside the body. You can understand it in this way, that Chlorophyll helps in Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis takes place in plants or trees due to which they take in Carbon Di Oxide and leave Oxygen in the environment and make the environment Radical Free to a large extent. And Free Radical saves from Environment Cancer.


So indirectly, Wheat Grass saves you from Cancer. So when you take in Wheat Grass, then it will not be that Carbon Di Oxide will enter the body and Oxygen will be released but it will oxidize inside the body, Anti-oxidant will be formed in your body. You will be refreshed and the oxygen will reach up to the brain and there will be high body cleansing.  So Wheat Grass saves you from Cancer to a great extent.


Wheat Grass keeps your Kidney clear. Chlorophyll is very important for people on Dialysis. Chlorophyll liquid is available, that is very important. You should take it. But I am talking about Wheat Grass here. So if your Kidney is working fine, then Wheat Grass is a very good Supplement Powder or Micro Bio Food or Super Food.


Apart from this, Wheat Grass is very beneficial for people suffering from Liver problem. It keeps you clean completely. Wheat Grass is considered equally beneficial for people with Fatty Liver.


Many people question me that they have consumed a lot of steroids and now its reaction is affecting them due to which they are getting Swelling, Bloating, they are in a lot of Tension, suffer from Migraine, a lot of problem occur in the body due to its reaction or even those who are undergoing Chemo, so all these reactions are easily cut by Wheat Grass. So if you take Wheat Grass with some combination then the harmful effects are cut and it becomes very beneficial for your body.


Wheat Grass is very good for those who are Asthmatic or are suffering from Asthma because when you take a lot of Inhaler/ Rotahaler/ Rotacaps, then you face a lot of problems because you consume a lot of steroids. In such a situation Wheat Grass helps a lot in cutting the steroids.


I would like to mention here that there is something, the effect of which I have seen on one of my patient’s husband, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. He had a lot of problems in the heart because of drinking and smoking. So I had given him Wheat Grass Powder along with Dry Coriander Powder. That cured a lot of his suffocation that he had due to smoking and drinking and he recovered a lot within 2 months only. But I have not had a second patient like that after that on whom I could see this recovery. If you desire or if someone at your home suffers from the same problem, then you can try this, none of them is poison. So you can try and see its result.


 Everyone is aware that Wheat Grass contains Vitamin A and Iron. This information is common. Wheat Grass also contains Copper and this I have mentioned in many videos that anything rich in Copper is very good for Thalassemia patients, whose Hemoglobin does not increase. I myself am a patient of Thalassemia. So my Hemoglobin does not increase and Wheat Grass helps me a lot.


Wheat Grass contains Vitamin B family, means Vitamin B-complex. Vitamin B1 is present, which will keep all your Metabolic Rates high, be it fat, sugar, carb or protein. B3 is present which keeps your Hair and Skin healthy, it gives a very good growth. B5 too is present which brings Glow to your Hair and Skin and strengthens the roots of your hair along with that it strengthens your bones. B9 is also present. All those who are worried about Pregnancy, must consume Wheat Grass. But after getting Pregnant, you cannot take it as it becomes a little harsh.


Wheat Grass also contains B12, which saves you from many diseases. Due to lack of B12, Anti-Bodies are not formed in your body. You will be stuck with the disease and many doctors will not discuss about it. But if you have acute deficiency of B12, then there are chances of Cancer. If the levels go above 2000, still there are chances of getting Cancer. And the Fertility is negligible. And if B12 is lower than 200 then even if you conceive, there are chances of abortion. So B12 should be substantial if you want Pregnancy. Wheat Grass strengthens the eggs.


Wheat Grass has abundant amount of Calcium. So the hidden pain that you suffer from, for which you do not get any reports, all such types of pains are taken care by Wheat Grass. It strengthens the Weakness and Bones. 


The presence of Magnesium in Wheat Grass helps a lot in Hormonal Problems or those who are going through Menopause or those who face problems in their Periods or the Students who are unable to study or who have a lot of Depression.


Potassium is in good quantity that means you will be saved from Swelling. The things that balance Sodium and Potassium will always balance your water. So you will never have Bloating, the tummy will not protrude.


Manganese too in a way raises all the Metabolic rates.


Selenium is very good for females. The supplement of Selenium should never be consumed. People say that it becomes heavy metal for the body. Supplements are available in the market. But sometimes females with very high Swelling have to take it as it becomes very important or you can have Selenium rich food due to which all the visible open pores in the body are cured if Wheat Grass is regularly consumed. So all your baby fats which occur due to swelling will be gone.


Now let’s talk about Skin Disease, skin problems. Wheat Grass contains ample amount of Phosphorus. So if Phosphorus is present in good quantity in the body, then the Bones get strengthen and Skin Repair is very fast.  So the shake that I will be sharing now will have all the things mixed in it. It will work on Skin, Body, Internal and Blood. But I was talking about Phosphorus. If Phosphorus is in good quantity, then there will be no problem of Eczema. And those who suffer from Eczema will be easily cured. All the itching problems are cured very easily.


Wheat Grass contains Zinc. Zinc save your Body from Swelling, Strengthens your Bones, improves your Skin Texture and cure Fluffiness, Eye bags. And makes your Skin and Hair healthy to a great extent.




So I am taking 4 ingredients here. You will get all the names and measurements of all the ingredients on the Website. It is a very simple shake and you can have it daily in a good proportion. So do add it to the Detox Plan. Vitamin C is very high in this shake and the Wheat Grass which will give you a lot of strength to fight diseases. Vitamin E too is very high in it which will save you from Cramps. People often say that consumption of Vitamin E makes your Skin and Hair healthy. Only this does not happen. When you are 25 plus, then you experience a lot of cramps in your body.


In Delhi I have seen at the metro station that when females are boarding the train, I have seen many of them experiencing cramps. They are unable to walk properly. In such a case they must take 400mg capsule of Vitamin E. and if your age is above 50, then 600mg and if you are below 25, then 200mg.If you go above or below this, then you will gain weight, keep this in mind. If you are 25 years old and take 400mg then you will gain weight. So have it as per your age. This does not only make your skin healthy rather the pull that you experience in your body or experience acute pain in your thighs, so for that Vitamin E is very important. If you want a detail video on Vitamin E, then do let me know. If you feel it is required only then.


This is the Shake; you can snack it from 11 am to afternoon or you can drink it in the evening. It is a very beneficial shake. And Wheat Grass is a very healthy thing. So it should remain added to your life. The biggest demerit of this Shake and Wheat Grass is that they Paralyze as I had mentioned during Isabgol video. It should not be consumed for more than a month. After taking it for a month, give a gap of 20 days or 25 days or 1 month. Only then you can take it else the Auto-Immune of your body will stop and it will start depending on this shake to get everything. So do not depend completely on this.


If you want to know, how to organically grow it, then do let me know.  If you want the recipe of organic juice, then that I will be sharing after 1 month because many videos are lined up. So if you let me know now, then it will be added to my list, a star will be made on that list.


If you liked my information on Wheat Grass then do like my video. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.




Wheat Grass : 1 tsp/5gm
Barley Grass : 1 tsp/5gm
Spirulina : 1/2 tsp/3gm
Protein powder : 1 tbsp/15gm ((optional but with gives best results)
Water : 300ml


200ml : 11:00am to 12:30pm &
200ml : 4:00pm to 6:30pm (2 times a day)
300ml : 4:00pm to 6:30pm (once in a day)

Special Instructions:-

Always make fresh and consume within 5 mins .
If Always make fresh and consume within 5 mins .

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