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  Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with Teeth Whitening formula, 9 WAYS FOR TEETH WHITENING AT HOME, and here I am using all the natural products of which some will be available in your homes, people who use HERBS. I already keep telling you all about lots of herbs. People who would have arranged the herbs will have no problems and the rest will have to purchase from the market.


But all these remedies will not only work for your Teeth Whitening rather people with Gum problems, Tooth ache, Pyria as well Bleeding while brushing will all benefit from them. When you age, most of the times it happens that you are unable to eat hard things, you face lots of problems, in such cases too these remedies will bee helpful. Those who cannot visit the Dentist regularly for them too it will be beneficial.


Before starting I want to inform you all that whatever things are not available to you, I will be providing their links in the description box so that you do not face any problems. Every time you keep facing this problem.




So the first thing is LICORICE, I always talk about it. If you have pain in your Teeth as well as you have Pyria, then chew its roots. The stick which you can see is not actually its root but its branch. Chewing this will relieve you from the pain. Just bash it once with a heavy thing and a soft stick will come out of it. Peel the outer brown part and a light yellow color stick will come out, you just need to keep that in your mouth. Keep pressing it lightly with your teeth and juice comes out of it slowly and this juice will go deep inside and cure Pyria.


If you do not have pain in your Teeth and also do not have Pyria and you only require Teeth Whitening then only use its powder. Take ½ tsp Licorice powder and add ½ tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to it. If you do not have Apple Cider Vinegar then you can take Lemon Juice instead of it. The main ingredient is RED SANDAL. Red sandal is easily available. In case you do not get it then the link has been provided in the description box. You need to mix all of these and then apply it as tooth powder with hands not with brush and massage it over the teeth. If you follow this procedure 2-3 times a week then you will get very good results. And the extra swelling too is cured.


The next solution is LEMON. You can take out the Zest of lemon. The top fine peel is too good. Apart from that you need to take ½ tsp Lemon juice. And in that you will add ½ tsp Neem powder. Neem powder is very effective in cleaning the Teeth and removing the infections. Then we need to add Red Chandan. You need to mix it and massage it on your teeth as I have explained earlier. Lemon cleans the teeth and the Zest works slowly but it is very good for you in the long run. And Red Chandan is Anti bacterial and has a long run. So all these mixtures are very important to keep your teeth clean for a long time as well as strengthen the teeth and Gums.


Next is CINNAMON POWDER. It is very easily available in the market. If you are not able to get it then you will find the link in the description box. If you have pain in the Teeth and problem in the Gums then you can take a good quality of Cinnamon sticks. But here I am talking about Teeth Whitening. So you need to take ½ tsp Cinnamon powder. And the next ingredient is Licorice powder, as I told you before, it is very important for strengthening your teeth and cleaning them too. Infact it cures Mouth Cancer as well. And then we will take 1/4 tsp Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar, you can take either of the two. Whatever is available to you. Since it is slight sour so due to the presence of citric the teeth are cleaned very easily. And the tooth powder gets a wet support.  So you need to rub this and follow this procedure 2 times a week.


You need to follow any of the remedies twice a week. Or you can do one of the remedy and follow with the other the next time. Even if you keep changing the remedies the results will be very good.


Fourth solution is the PEEL OF ORANGE SKIN. The skin can be peeled and used. But this is not easily available; there is problem of the season. So its powder is easily available online. You will get the link for it too in the description box. This powder can be used as face pack, hair pack and also use it on the teeth. So it is better to buy it. So that it can be used for all your needs. This powder should be taken ½ tsp. to it you will add ½ tsp Curry leaf powder. You will get the link for it in the description box.  Those who can prepare the powder at home by drying the leaves please do so. This is a very cheap solution. If you have curry leaves at home, it dries very easily. You can prepare its powder. You need to mix both and then massage it on your Teeth. If you do not have curry leaf and have Neem powder then you can substitute it.  Curry leaf is actually sweet neem. So this too has a very good effect on the Teeth. You can use it as well and it too has a very good effect.


The next solution is the NORMAL IODISED SALT that you use at home. You need to take ½ tsp of it. Do keep in mind that when you use salt on your teeth then massage with a very light hand else the teeth will crack. Remember that salt and baking soda can break your teeth. So always keep this in mind as I have had a personal experience and my tooth is cracked. Then you will take ½ tsp Curry leaf. Mix both of them and massage very lightly.  The rest of the herbs can be massaged properly and vigorously but salt and baking soda should be used in such a way that the teeth become smooth, clean and anti bacterial but they should not they should not crack.


The 6th solution is an old way; our grannies used this solution a lot. It is the CHARCOAL.  They sometimes cleaned their teeth with the ash of mud stove. But the pure form of Charcoal, which you can eat as well as apply on your face too, you must have with you. This is useful for your beauty regime. It is very useful for purification and detox. So I will provide you the link in the description box for the food grade. So do buy it and you can clean your teeth with that. You can purify your water with it and drink it, use it for detox and face pack both. So you simply have to take Charcoal in your palms and massage your teeth as you do with the tooth powder then your teeth will be much cleaned and you will be able to see a big difference in few days. You will not be required to visit the dentist and get some costly chemicals applied to the teeth.


The next solution is the PEEL OF POMOGRANATE; I have had a lot of discussions on it. I frequently advise you all to eat Pomegranate and be fit. So do not throw away the skin, dry it in either in AC or fan or under the sun, can do it anyway. When it dries completely prepare its powder. Since it is not available online you will have to do it yourself. It is a very easy and cheap solution You can clean and massage your teeth as a result of which your gums will strengthen and tighten and your tooth will not move even after you age. Infact people in the age group of 50-60 can also follow these remedies; they will get very good results and Teeth Whitening.


The next solution is not an application but you have to intake it. People deficient in Calcium; follow all the remedies but still their remains yellow. You must have noticed some members of your family brushing their teeth throughout the day, they brush for ½ an hour still their teeth remains yellow. While there must some who brush their teeth for 5 minutes and have white teeth. The deficiency of Calcium sometimes causes the teeth to become yellow. If that is the reason behind your teeth being yellow then you must have noticed that your bones too will be very weak, you must be experiencing body pain and there must be weakness in the bones. In such a situation you should consume 500gm of Calcium daily till 20-25 days and not more than that. All the people with Kidney problem, or having stones and having Constipation are advised not to take it.


There is another way of getting the Teeth White and that is very interesting and tasty. That is CHEWING GUM. Chewing Gum also makes the teeth to Whiten and your Gums strengthen. But keep in mind that it should not be a Bubble Gum. Bubble gum is bigger in size whereas Chewing Gum will be like this, it is mint flavor. These are very small tablets. Many dental clinics sell this for cleaning the teeth. So you will get this locally so I don’t think I should provide a link for it. It is available everywhere.


Apart from this if you want instant result then there comes a KIT. This is a Chinese Kit, there are many kits available like European kit, and you can get it online too. The link has been provided in the description box. This comes as paste, injections or tubes. Apply the gel form over the teeth and then there is a machine with UV light that is inserted inside the mouth and that cleans the mouth. This is an instant solution for parties and all and is not very costly also. It is priced around 250-300 or 400. I have used this and found it effective.


But Natural things are the best. The solutions of herbs will have a long stay. Still you need instant result then the link will be in the description box. You can purchase and use it and find out for yourself its effect. For me it was a good one.


Remember this does not come under the 9 solutions; this is the 10th suggestion only suggestion. If you do not want to follow it then don’t. Because inside the tube chemicals are only there just like tooth paste has Titanium, di oxide and all, similarly this too has the similar things which clean the Teeth. Therefore try to stick to natural solutions. But still if you want to try it once then for any party you can try this. Do not make it a habit as it is addictions so do not use it regularly.


Whatever natural remedies I have explained try to use it 2-3 times a week and keep changing them. While using Baking Soda keep in mind not to massage it with a hard hand else the Teeth will crack.


So do use these solutions on your Teeth and if you lied this information then do hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE






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