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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have again come with the recipe of YELLOW TEA. But this is YELLOW TEA PART 2, whatever problems people had with the earlier Tea, that will be resolved plus, this Yellow Tea will help you in losing 3-4 inch within a week, your Belly Fat will vanish and you will get Flat Belly. You can reduce upto 8 kgs in one month from the regular consumption of this Yellow Tea.

Earlier people used to complain as to how to drink the Yellow Tea during summers? They have benefitted from the Yellow Tea but apart from winters, during summers either they get Pimples or they generate heat in the body.  So I have come with a little variation in this Yellow Tea that it has its Do’s & Don’ts and I have added some extra Herbs in this Yellow Tea, which I always recommend, and that keep your stomach cool, so for that I have added some ingredients in it.

So let’s see the ingredients:


This time the ingredients are very delicious and tasty so none of you will complain that you are unable to drink this Yellow Tea.

So the first ingredient is MINT LEAF. Mint Leaf is very beneficial. Everyone is aware of that there is nothing special that I should tell you separately. But people who have a protruding tummy due to heat or due to Constipation or due to Bloating, in all these problems this will help you a lot. It keeps your stomach cool and provides you relief. It fights with your Fat Cells and works as an Astringent for you.

And during summers the peculiar hot feeling that you get and you start feeling very hot, then due to that too you get fat. You must have noticed then that after walking a lot your fingers swell. So even then too there is the problem of Water Retention, it is not always that it will occur due to cold or sour things. Exertion and heat also make you fat. In such a situation Mint leaf makes the body cool.

But I always ask you not to consume Mint Leaf RAW, as people do for Detox Water or Dips/ Chutney. I do not allow this as it gets difficult in Conceiving or it causes Infertility or Erectile Dysfunction. Mint becomes very harmful for both male and female, on their Sexual and Mental part. If the Students eat Raw Mint Leaves, then they will not be able to Concentrate in their Studies or their Memory will not be very sharp. So keep in mind that if it is boiled or cooked then it will be very beneficial whereas if it is raw, then it is very harmful.

Here we will boil WATER and add Mint Leaves first to boil in it.

Next ingredient is CINNAMON. Ladies trying for Pregnancy can skip it. and the rest who have small children, after delivery, all can consume it. It is full of medicated benefits. Cinnamon Heals you a lot. Cinnamon is especially beneficial for those who have the problem of Bloating. So do not avoid it.

4-5 days back while going through the comments in Yellow Tea, I came across a comment where a madam had written that due to the consumption of Cinnamon Water she got worms in the stomach. This is not possible. Cinnamon removes the infections of your Gums. When the Gum decays then it is chewed because it is Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal. So the reason for worms in the stomach must be something else. It cannot be due to drinking Cinnamon Water. The problem must be from the place where it was bought. It must not be Cinnamon but something else, I don’t know. But Cinnamon gets rid of your infections.

So anything that gets rid of your Infections will get rid of your Bloating too. It improves your Digestion. Suddenly you Bloat due to tiredness and something happens to you, if any of such problem arises, then Cinnamon is a very good option. Just keep in mind that if you are going to Conceive or have already Conceived then skip Cinnamon and can use the other ingredients.

Next ingredient is GINGER. This is a very important ingredient. Just keep this in mind that when you grate it, the starch in it benefits you a lot. When you squeeze out its juice in a dish, then allow it to stand for 2 minutes and then you will notice the starch at the bottom of the dish. That strengthens your bones. Even though it is a starch, it is full of Calcium.

It is very good for Anti-Ageing and the Repair System is very high. So whatever keeps your Repair System high, that makes your body Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, saves you from Swelling and Infections, that will always reduce your WEIGHT. If your Health Bloats or you have Fat, in both the conditions either over eating is involved or diseases are involved. Mostly it has been seen that due to wrong food habits you get infections that leads to weight gain.

So Ginger is such a thing that those who CHEAT in food, if they consume it, then their cheating gets cut off. This means that Ginger activates Sugar Metabolism and the Gluten that comes out from Carbs and sugar that come out from Carb, both Metabolism, Protein Metabolism, Fat Metabolism. So as important is Digestion, equally important is Absorption, so that whatever you have consumed should be absorbed as well. So we will mix Ginger in it.

And you are aware that the Measurements of this Yellow Tea will be available on my WEBSITE. Links are in the description box and pin post.

Next ingredient is the most delicious ingredient for all my subscribers who have a sweet tooth like me. So they always want something delicious, so the leaves that you are seeing are STEVIA. This is Stevia that is available as Powders or Liquids online. But many people have complained that the Powder has some problems, which I did not find anywhere, even though I researched a lot.

But I have purchased the original one. This is very cheap, I got an entire box of 95 rupees. This leaf is very delicious. Actually it is called MADHU TULSI in Hindi. This is also a type of Basil. Just like there is Thai Basil or Italian Basil or Holy Basil, this is Sweet Basil. And Stevia is its scientific name and due to the norms of marketing, in order to give a different name, it became famous by its botanical name. But this is Sweet Basil.

It is very Healthy. It increases the Hemoglobin. Stevia will save you when there is no blood and you get Water Retention or there is water filled in the body or have any such problems. The second thing is that all the types of Basil are very hot whereas Stevia in itself cools your stomach. So when you consume Stevia then the heat inside the intestine cools down. You get a lot of help in digesting anything.

In the coming days I will be sharing a lot of recipes of Stevia. As I have expanded its study and have found out that this is seriously a very good thing. And this is not a chemical but a natural herb and is very delicious. People who have sugar craving and they want to eat sweet only for them it is a very good thing but only when it is natural.

In the market very cheap Stevia is also available. They are selling 250 gms for 200-250 rupees. I would like to inform you that in it Corn Syrup is mixed. They extract it from corn syrup due to which it is in crystallized form and they sell you at such a cheap rate. You must be thinking that after consuming it your Diabetes will get controlled or you will not gain weight, but everything will happen to you. In fact, you will get Water Retention as a gift because it will be chemical as corn starch alone cannot extract it. So the costly one is the better one, so you research it yourself and see the ratings as to which is better. Don’t go on the Rate. And if you want to buy a cheaper one then buy the Herb directly as that has a very good result.

Your skin will be good due to your intake. You will not suffer from Prickly Heat during summers and your mind will be cool. In the coming days all the students do let me know, because I want to see all the students who want to cure their Skin, cure your Hair or get rid of Pigmentation or who want to sharpen their Brain as the Exams are round the corner. None of you have asked me to suggest any medicine for Sharpening their Brain. So I am getting very angry on those students and if they were in front of me I would have punched them. But they are not. So if you want then do let me know. If the comments are above 200, then I will surely make the video on sharpening your Brain because exams are very near and that will be helpful. In that too Stevia has a large contribution, so I remembered it. Stevia is very important to sharpen the brain. So make it a point to keep it in your pantry.

Now I will add Stevia too. After adding it we need to boil it for 2-3 minutes, then we will come to the next ingredient.

Next ingredient is the basic of Yellow Tea. Yellow Tea will be made from TURMERIC only so we will add Turmeric to it. I would like to tell something about Turmeric. If you are unable to get Raw Turmeric, then use the Powdered one. But I will let you know the difference between them. If you use Raw Turmeric, then your stomach does not get a burning feeling, it does not create that amount of heat but weight reduction will be slow and it has a long term result as it is a fresh ingredient.

And if you use Powdered Turmeric, then the Weight loss and Inch Loss will be rapid but you will have to keep something additional with it. This is the reason that I am asking you to add Mint Leaves and Stevia, which will make your stomach very cool. And this Turmeric in itself removes Swelling, Bloating and Infections.

So you will get a straight tummy, I had very good results from my Part 1 Turmeric Tea, the Yellow Tea. But this time you are getting more medicated things due to which there will be no problems of Pimples, Reactions or Piles as you are getting the benefits of the medicated Turmeric as well as I have added something else too to make it cool.

Here I would like to mention that the Skin gets healthy from inside by the use of Regular Turmeric. So Yellow Tea will not only help in Inch loss or Weight Loss only but side by side Yellow Tea will cure your Pimples, Acne, Pigmentation, Hair fall, Dandruff, as it is curing you from inside. Along with it, it also saves you from Body Ache.

People suffering from Arthritis keep asking me to prescribe some medicines to them. If you are regularly consuming Turmeric Tea or Yellow Tea, then you will be amazed to know how beneficial it will be for your Arthritis. Just have a look at the video of Yellow Tea Part 1 and you will come to know, how many people have been cured. People who had pain and took injections for the pain have been cured by the use of Yellow Tea. So why to get penetrated additional chemicals into your body when you can be cured naturally.

I will boil this for 2 more minute on slow flame and then switch off the flame. And when it is Luke warm, then you can strain the Yellow Tea and have it. So first strain the Yellow Tea in a cup and then leave it for 5 minutes so that the Turmeric Powder settles at the bottom. I have mentioned this before too but did not mention it in that video. So this was a mistake, that is why I am mentioning it this time. When the powder settles at the bottom, just consume the Tea that is on the top. If you take that settled Turmeric powder, then you will get either Constipation or there will be heat generated in your body.

This Yellow Tea is very delicious and sweet. It feels very good to drink it, so some people were asking me that they wanted to add HONEY, from which I get very irritated, organic is not available easily. And then you will add another Honey and that will not help in Weight loss so there is no benefit in mentioning it. But from this Yellow Tea you will have a tremendous Weight Loss.

To know about the Do’s & Don’ts and the Dose of this Yellow Tea, log on to my WEBSITE. The link is in the description box and pin post, with the entire recipe. And this is fixed that Yellow Tea has to be consumed for the entire month.

So do follow my recipe of Yellow Tea. And if you liked this Yellow Tea Part 2 recipe then do like my video. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel and my other channel, I WANNA BE HEROINE, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.



Mint : 25gm
Stevia : 3gm
Dalchini/Cinnamon : 3inches
Ginger : 1 tbsp
Turmeric Powder : 1 tsp ( if Raw Turmeric than 1 tbsp paste )
Water : 500ml

DOSAGE (Key Points to be understood before you start it):

1) 300ml in whole day
100ml Luke warm Yellow Tea Empty stomach
100ml Lukewarm this Tea after L unch with green tea ( optional)
100ml Hot Yellow Tea before sleep ( No Green T ea)

Do’s :

1) Let Turmeric powder set in the bottom of cup then consume this Tea. Do not take lots of Turmeric powder together.
2) T ake gap between food and this Tea at least for 30 mins


1) Don’t take very hot.
2) Skip DALCHINI if you a re pregnant
3) If you have Heart -burn problem then skip GINGER
4) For Piles patients, skip GINGER

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    How many days should we take this tea and when do we stop and continue again?
    Please advise

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