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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with Natural products. So today I have come with most wanted topic which was in great demand from a long time. People were enquiring from approx. 6 months about Supplements. But I was delaying it because Supplement is a costly affair, though the results are tremendous no doubt but only people who can afford it can have it. So today’s topic is 5 MAGICAL SUPPLEMENTS FOR TUMMY TUCK.

The Supplements that I am going to share are such Supplements that Tuck your Tummy while remaining fit. Earlier too I had shared a lot of Tummy Tucks from the various natural things available at your home and if you want then in future too I will share some drinks for it.

But Supplements are a different phase where you are not required to toil hard. You just take out the capsules from the box and have it. And the second MYTH that I want to clear, is that Supplement is not any type of medication. Supplement is an EXTRACT of natural products. There is very less amount of chemicals in any of the Supplements. If that thing is found in any type of metal only then the Supplement will have some chemicals in it otherwise whatever Supplements I am going to share here have all been extracted from natural products. And since I am a Naturopath, so I can only advise about natural products. So whatever I am advising, you can have them without any fear.


I would also like to inform that I am not advising any Supplements of any Indian brand. I will not take any names here as I am not endorsing any brand. All the links that I will be sharing, will be of foreign companies as their result is amazing. I have seen it on my patients.




So the First Supplement is very important and all the males and females are troubled due to this thing, that is the POTASSIUM Imbalance. Whenever there is deficiency of Potassium in the body, people are distressed due to Bloating and Swelling. All those who have abundant amount of Potassium or Sodium-Potassium Imbalance in their body will Bloat very easily and mucous will be formed in their body due to swelling and bloating.

Mucous is indirect fat. If the cough lasts longer in the body, more than 21 days, then 2-3 problems will generate in the body, Hair fall will start, Skin will start degrading, Pimples will erupt and you will gain weight for sure. The mucous gets converted into fat. Mucous not only accumulate in your lungs but on your waist too. In females it accumulates on the waist and tummy both due to which they bloat or get banana fat wherein the waist becomes heavy or so do the Thighs. If there is Potassium disbalance and you have high Water retention, then in such a situation your waist or thigh will get heavy because mucous accumulates if Sodium is consumed in excess.

So first try to keep away from Sodium Chloride and therefore consume Pink Salt or Rock Salt. Balance your Potassium. To increase it there is a very good supplement, POTASSIUM CITRATE. Which when enters your body, starts getting rid of the Bloating. This reduces the acid of Blood, makes it Alkaline due to which the chances of getting Uric Acid is very meagre. If there is acid in the blood, then there are chances of getting Kidney Stones or Gall Bladder Stones.

It balances the Hormones in Females and does not allow swelling. When you get a lot of Strain in the Brain, Heart, Tissues, then it Calms them. So it saves you from a lot of stress. If you want details of Potassium, then do let me know. I will make a video on it.

Next Supplement is VITAMIN B1, THIAMINE. Thiamine is a very important thing, which keeps your Nervous System Cool and Calm. If Nervous System is very active or is under any tension, then I have discussed this earlier too that if you feel very Tired, then you will Bloat. If you feel very Cold, you will Bloat. If you have a lot of Cough, you will Bloat. And if you feel very Hot, you will Bloat.

As the body feels any type of Irritation, it starts pulling water inside it. That is the rescue system of the body. It starts taking nourishment from the environment in order to save itself. That nourishment is taken by the body for its survival but you swell, this is known as bloating. So Thiamine saves you from that. It works on your Nervous System and cools it.

It increases your Carb Metabolic rate to a great extent. And Carb is the main reason to bloat.

Next Supplement is VITAMIN B5, which is also known as D PANTHANOL. You must have heard that many of the Soaps, Shampoo, Powders and Creams contain this. This is such a type of Supplement which you can intake as well as apply too. In future if you ask then I can share various Creams, Shampoo, Powders which can be prepared from these capsules.

Its chemical name is PANTOTHENIC ACID. It has the name of acid but it balances the acid. It gives Growth to the Body. It makes your Skin Healthy which gives Growth to your Muscles. This is a Positive Acid which makes your Hair Health, which gives Growth to your Skin and which gives Growth to your Muscles. When there is no Strain then you do not Bloat. It gets rid of contraction of the Tummy. Many times you must have noticed that while sitting and getting up you get Strain and that is controlled by this Supplement.


Next Supplement is MAGNESIUM. I am a big fan of it. If I do not take Magnesium, then it will not be possible for me to work as I do a lot of hard work. And I work for very loooong hours. The job of Magnesium is to remove the Strain from your Body, remove the Strain from your Brain and keep your Nervous System active because if there is lot of strain in your body, then you will not be able to sleep at night. And it is very important to have a full night sleep in order to get rid of bloating, you do not have any type of Depression and there should not be any Stress in the body.

In a way Magnesium works differently on your body, if you suffer from any longstanding pain which is not getting cured even after eating many pain killers and you are unable to detect what exactly has happened to you, then there must be acute deficiency of Magnesium in you which would you have never got tested. So the Allergy inside the body is cured by eating MAGNESIUM CITRATE.

You must be noticing that whatever Supplements that I am suggesting, all have the name Citrate at the end. I do not like Chloride or any other thing. Whoever has Citric Allergy, people who Bloat suffer from Citric Allergy and that is cut by Citrate. That is why all the Supplements that I am suggesting here have the name Citrate attached to it. That in itself is a citric which fights with Citric Allergy and with your Gluten Allergy. And these are the 2 Allergies that Bloat you.


If you get Protein Resistance, then for once you can get fat but if you get Citric Allergy or Gluten Allergy, then you will Bloat, your Tummy will protrude. Therefore, it is very powerful for Inch Loss.

The next Supplement has a very massive name, mostly males-females suffer from this problem, Deficiency of D3. Everyone asks me to talk about it. One day I will definitely make an individual video on it. But today I will shed some knowledge about it.

All those who suffer from the problem of D3 will always be Bloated. The deficiency of D3 causes pain in the Bones and you get a lot of muscles cramps. If you keep having contractions in the body, you become like a dropper. Just as you press and leaves the dropper in the water, the water enters the dropper exactly the same way you keep absorbing water from the weather due to contractions. Each of your pores absorbs water and you Bloat.

Your face swells due to deficiency of D3, Eye lids can get heavy, you can get Turkey neck where you get a very heavy double chin and your neck becomes heavy. I have had the deficiency of D3 for a long time and it is still there due to this the neck is very heavy. Due to its deficiency you will get muffin top where the tummy will protrude near the belly button.


This problem is the same in both males and females. You are under a lot of stress as you remain very tired. If you go out of the Ac, you will feel very hot. If you sit under the Ac, you will catch cold. Either you will rarely pass Urine or Pass it too much. So lots of problems occur due to the deficiency of D3. This is why it is very important to take the Supplement for D3.

Please go to my Website to know about the Dosage of all the Supplements that I have discussed here along with the Do’s & Don’ts. It is very important to see that. You keep asking in the comment box about its Dosage. So I will be providing the link in the description box and also in the first pin comment of mine. And if you want some ideas for your disease from Supplements for Natural Remedy and if you want more such videos on Supplements which fight with your diseases like Stones, High BP or Diabetes then do let me know so that I can make a video on it.


And if you liked my information on Supplements, then do like my video. Give it Thumbs up. Share my video on social media and with your friends & family so that more people benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. Do tap the Bell Icon for regular notification. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.



Magnesium/Magnesium Citrate  – 400-600mg

Potassium citrate – 99-275mg (max 600mg)

Vitamin B1(Thiamine) – 100mg

Vitamin B5(D-Panthenol) – 500mg-1000mg

Vitamin D- 5000 IU ( 5000-60000)

For more details, click here to log on to my You Tube channel ( Recipe with Dr Shalini)


Magnesium/Magnesium citrate- 400-600mg :- After lunch 1 cap

Potassium Citrate – 99-275mg :- After breakfast and After Dinner 1 cap

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)- 100mg :- After Breakfast

Vitamin B5 (D panthanol, Pantothenic Acid)- 500mg :- After breakfast & After Dinner/1000mg after dinner

Vitamin D- 5000 IU ( 5000-60000) :- (5000-10000IU) Before sleep every day. If 60000IU than before sleep once in a week

Do’s & Don’ts:


  1. Take at least 2 liters liquid in a day (Water, Tea, Juices)
  2. Sleep at least 8 hours a day ( Vitamin B5, Magnesium/Magnesium Citrate,Vitamin B1, Potassium Citrate will help you in sleeping)
  3. Take minimum 10 deep breath daily


  1. Don’t take more than 4 liters liquid in one day ( For more details see my water intake video just click) 
  2. Don’t take too much stress
  3. Not for pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother
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