Joint pain Home remedy and 4 supplements

Joint pain Home remedy and 4 supplements



1) oil recipe and measurements

  • Clove:- 5-6pcs
  • Cinnamon:- 4-5 inches
  • Garlic paste:- 1 tbsp
  • Mustard oil/ sesame oil/Olive oil:- 50ml


  • Crash cinnamon,clove and garlic like paste.
  • Put oil and all crash ingredients in cold pan.
  • Boil on very low heat till paste become brown
  • Take all roughage
  • Strain oil put into glass jar and keep into fridge
  • It last 6 months.

Lape method and measurements

  1. Wax:-100gm
  2. Charcoal powder:- 1/2 tsp
  3. Aloe vera juice:- 25gm
  4. Turmeric:- 1tsp


  • Melt wax in double boiler  along with 1 tbsp garlic cloves oil and aloe vera juice
  • Mix dry ingredients in bowl
  • Add melted wax mixture into dry ingredients
  • Mix slowly as per mixture satisfied consistency .
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9 thoughts on “Joint pain Home remedy and 4 supplements

  1. Hello. My father is 84 years old and suffers from osteoporosis. His hips and knees have become so painful that you can hear it “creak” Bahut dard hota hai and he also loses his balance when he gets up from a sitting or sleeping position. He is not keen on going for an operation. Can you please help to reduce the pain and treat him.

    1. Vitamin E 600mg twice a day after breakfast & before sleep. Magnesium 500mg After breakfast after lunch.probiotics 2 early in the morning two before sleep. Always good branded supplements for good results check review.

  2. Hello mam i m suffering from facial palsy(bells palsy)from 2 years it has gone but some effect of facial palsy is still there in my face my right eye has bacame smaller then normal eye should be and my lips are also effected pls pls help how can i cure this thank u

  3. Hi DR, your video is really very informative. My mother have severe Arthritis she is 65 years old and having swelling and paint in knees. Visited so may doctors and the only solution found is pain killer but after watching your video I am hopeful it will help and starting this treatment right now. Could you please suggest something specific or should I start same stack as is because she is only taking 1 tablet for blood pressure rest she is fine and no medicine.

    Once Again thank you so much for sharing this video and helping people with your skill. is it possible to have your contact for any time to time guidance or any discussion about any symptom while using this stack.

  4. Please also record the video for rheumatoid arthritis. My Father is having in both the knees and doctors told that cartilage is been damaged due to drying up of fluid. And bone density is in negative. He is 65 years old.

  5. Hi
    Dr shalni your all videos are very nice.
    Very simple and very helping and really seems something you could blindly trust.

  6. Mam please help me as am really in great already an orphan and now my mom’s life is also at great risk.
    I really want your whatsapp number to disscus her health issue in detail.i know you you the only person could tell the bestest solution.

  7. My mom not only bedridden but also fighting with number of diseases.
    Rehmotied arthritis
    Interstitium lung diseas
    Sever muscle weakness
    Blood pressure
    Low albumin and Hb
    Please please guid how to treat all this with home remedies

  8. Hello mam
    I am suffering from full body pain 24 hrs for the last 12 years. After seeing your B12 in 45 days video I started medicines from 1 jan 2018. After 20 days of taking medicines properly I developed severe stomach ache whenever I use to take medicines. When I stop taking medicines there is no stomach ache. Kindly suggest what to do? Also how to become your paid patient or how to contact you?

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