Chia pudding four types

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Chia pudding four types


Chia pudding base

• Chia seeds 2tbsp/20gm

• Water 200 ml

• stevia syrup 20ml

• vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

Mango chia pudding

• Mango 100gm

• ginger 1/2 inch

Kiwi Chia pudding

• Kiwi 50gm

• Pumpkin seeds 10 gm/1tbsp

Cranberry Chia pudding

• Plum/aloo bukhra 50gm

• cranberry dried 10/1tbsp

Dinner milk Chia pudding

  • Soy milk 100 ml
  • pumpkin 10 gm
  • sunflower seeds 10gm
  • cranberry 1 tbsp
  • Black kismis 10-15 as per size
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