Waterlemon CHIA SEEDS Detox Smoothie

Waterlemon CHIA SEEDS Detox Smoothie | Lose 5lbs in only 5 days

Watermelon whole 1 kg

This smoothie recipe is divided into two segments- Part 1 & Part 2 for better understanding and also see the Video recipe too.

•Red Detox Smoothie
PART – 1
Watermelon Pulp with Seeds : 500 gm
Tomatoes without seeds : 150 gm
Turmeric Raw : 15 gm
PART – 2
Chia seeds : Half tsp/5gm
Basil Seeds : Half tsp/5gm
Water : 100 ml ( For shakes)
•Green Detox Smoothie
PART – 1 
Watermelon Skin : 500gm
Green Tomatoes without seeds : 150gm (optional)
Cucumber : 150 gm
PART – 2
Dill/Soya Leaves : 100 gm
Spanich/Palak : 100 gm
Chives/Garlic Leaves/ Lahsun : 50gm (if garlic 2gm)
Curry leaves : 5 gm
Gooseberry/ Amla : 20 gm
Ginger/Adrakh : 10gm
•) Red watermelon Detox smoothie 300-400ml in the morning before breakfast
•) Green watermelon smoothie 300-400ml in between 12 noon to 1:30 pm before lunch
•) Yellow smoothie 300-400ml before sleep (If u want the complete recipe of yellow smoothie comment on YouTube in same video comment section 200*comment required)
1) Do at least 5 days
2) Combination is must. Combine Red, green and yellow for magical results.
1) Don’t put any kind of sweetener in Red Detox Smoothie
2) Honey not allowed
3) Don’t put chat masala on GREEN SMOOTHIE
Note :- Complete day DETOX PLAN is coming soon! If needed, then comment on YouTube video and help in reaching 200 comments.
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One thought on “Waterlemon CHIA SEEDS Detox Smoothie

  1. Thanks!! dear doc for sharing such wonderful detox smoothies. Looking forward for the recipe for yellow smoothie n complex detox plan plzzzz do share….

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