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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today again I have come with a natural product. ALL PURPOSE ALOEVERA GEL, which you can apply on your Face, Hair and even on your entire Body. You can use it in nay way. This is a most wanted recipe for which there was a huge demand from you people. But I was unable to provide it because as I had told you earlier too that its ingredients were unavailable. And without that it was not possible to make this Gel. I had it but it was not listed online. Now it has been listed. So I am sharing the recipe.

You can use this AloeVera Gel in any way. Actually all the ingredients used in this Gel are of food grade, cosmetic is of food grade. So there is no tension in it and also this is Gel is Vegan. It means that when cosmetics are prepared then it mostly has some non-veg in it. But since this AloeVera Gel is Vegan so there is no tension in using it. You can easily store it in your fridge. This AloeVera Gel is easily prepared. There is some labour in preparing it but the formula is not very difficult.

And this AloeVera Gel will cure all the problems of your skin. You can use this AloeVera Gel on a daily basis or if you are getting Dandruff or any type of such problems or even if you want to apply Hair Gel, you can use this AloeVera Gel in any condition. Since this AloeVera Gel is prepared from natural Aloe vera so it will condition your Hair as well. So do watch it and follow this as to how I have prepared this AloeVera Gel.



Let us start with ALOEVERA. You can buy any edible Aloe Vera from the market or if you are already consuming it and have it at home, then you can use it. the thinner ones are very bitter in taste and you cannot eat them, they have a very peculiar taste. So make sure that it is food grade. If you want more details about Aloe vera then do write to me in the comment box so that I will make a video on Aloe Vera. So I will definitely make a video on which type of Aloe Vera should be consumed.

So this I had cut while making Aloe Vera juice and had explained how you should remove the green part. I had forgotten to mention that if you kee it in the fridge then it will cut easily and if you do not keep in the fridge then there might be a little problem in cutting them. As Aloe Vera keeps geeting warm it gets distributed into pieces. Its sliminess keeps increasing. So while I was preparing the juice, I had taken out some pieces.

So these are the waste pieces which I will be using for preparing the AloeVera Gel and I had prepared the juice of the good pieces by cutting them into cubes and that time also I had said that the water in which you are washing Aloe Vera can be used for preparing cosmetic or wash your hair but do not throw it. and the remaining will be used in making the juice as it has to be consumed, taken inside the body.

So this is the water. It is very slimy and you can wash your hair with it. but if you want to prepare the Gel, then this water can be used. So I have cut the remaining pieces and as I had mentioned, how for preparing the juice I had strained it. If you want the recipe of the juice, then you will get the link in the description box and the Pin post in the comment box and you will also get the website link.

So I had made this juice. This water is waste and the pieces that were remaining, I have ground them. And after blending them, I will strain them. I have strained it inside the water as it is extra and it has to be applied only hygiene has to be kept in mind. Even if there is a slight mistake, then the AloeVera Gel will not form. This I want to inform you. So take out any of the particles from it. and I am diluting it in water.

And we will strain it again as there were some chunks in it. so keep n mind that if there are little chunks left in it, then the AloeVera Gel will spoil. So it is very important to strain it once or twice so tat there are no particles in it. so all of them will be strained on top. Then we have to boil it as I had explained the process of boiling. First slow, then medium and then high. And on high the froth starts coming. So keep that system in mind.

I am going very fast but since the video is very lengthy so you need to listen carefully as it is important for me to talk fast. We will boil this water, initially on slow flame then medium and finally high flame. You will not boil it directly on high flame. Otherwise everything will come together. You need to separate the Froth. It is very important to separate the froth so that your Gel should be very clear. The froth is formed as all the dust is collected in it. So this is clear now. It has to be boiled till its sliminess is gone. It may depend whether it will be in 5 minutes, 7 minutes or 10 minutes, you will have to check it. then we will switch off the flame. This juice has to be chilled in fridge, it should be cooler than the room temperature. Only then we will use it.

Now let’s go to the next step. So the next step is GREEN TEA. This is the best quality Green Tea; it is the Darjeeling Green Tea. But if you have the sachet one, you can use that too. You can cut the sachet and take out its ingredients. But this is more beneficial if you are using it on skin. We will heat water and add Green Tea to it. I am adding it to boiling water and will leave it to infuse as much as it can. We will not boil it because if the water gets strong then there are high chances of the AloeVera Gel bond to break. So allow it to infuse itself as much as it can.

This is what you get after 5 minutes. The infused water has come out. We need to strain and then chill it too. Keep it in the fridge. We will not use anything hot. You will have to remember that none of the ingredients used in it should be hot.  And try that if it is winter then you can use them at room temperature as the weather is cold otherwise they must be chilled only then the Gel will have clearity. And this Tea will make the AloeVera Gel very good. And you all are aware how beneficial Green Tea is for skin and hair. Basically you all know that a lot of skin care and hair care products are made from it. This is the reason that I have kept Aloe vEra and Green Tea as the basic ingredient.

This Aloe Vera juice has become chilled; I had prepared it yesterday. You were watching yesterdays video till now. It has become completely chilled after 1 day. So now I am preparing the Gel. Let’s start the process of preparing the AloeVera Gel.


So first of all I am taking Water and mixing Aloe juice to it. The Water is boiled and chilled. Keep in mind not to use Raw water. You can use Distilled Water. But I don’t know from where you will get the Distilled water or Spring Water. That is why I am suggesting Boiled Water.

Now come the Key ingredient from which the AloeVera Gel will form. This is the ingredient, it is available by the name of CARBOPOL or CARBOMER and is actually a Sea Weed. It is the same as Agar agar. This is a Sea Weed and is extracted from it. Since it is food grade so there is no problem in it. It is very good for skin. And all the AloeVera Gel that are made in the world are made from this Carbopol or Carbomer only. Though it is edible but I do not have much detail about it so I will ask you to refrain from consuming it. but I have seen it mentioned some where that it is consumed for some diseases. But unless I know the entire details about it, I will not advise you to eat it. Restrict yourself to the use of Agar agar only. Rest it is good for application as it is the husk of Sea weed.

So this will go in the water and we will mix it. Actually the powder of this extract is very light. That is why there is a lot of problem in dissolving it. you should keep this in the liquid for atleast 8-10 hours and if possible 12 hours. If you keep it for 12 hours, then the result will be very good. So keep it for 12 hours and in between keep stirring with a clean spoon, keep in mind that the spoon should not be a meatl one it can be plastic, wodden or glass spoon, with that only keep mixing it in between whenever you remember. So that no chunks or bits are formed in it. and your AloeVera Gel should be clean and clear, the finl result should be very clear. Keep breaking all these things. Now even if I break them, they will form again. Keep dissolving it so that no lumps are formed. And this husk will slowly absorb the water and set in it by 12 hours. Lookwise it will bre liquid, so do not take tension for it.


You will get aal the links in the description box for the ingredients I am mentioning in the video. You can click on the link and you will directly go to amazon and from there you can purchase it. Presently it is available with one vendor only. Probably if this video gets famous others too might start selling it. It is with great difficuly that it has been arranged there. And those of you who are not in India try to search it there by its name. if you are able to get it then it would be great for you and me too.

After 12 hours it will appear something like this. Due to continuous stirring it has completely mixed. But still there are lots of particles in it. Now I have to make it active, so I am preparing around 100 ml to show you. I have not set the entire thing. And the container should be very clean and it should either be glass or plastic or wooden but not metallic.

Now the thing that will activate it, actually the basic thing is that any type of liquid in the world be it fr consumption or any ther thing, it is important to balance its ph value iyou have to make your skin good or stomach cool. But since it is not edible so I am not talking about that. This is TEA- TRI ETHANOL AMINE. And it balances the ph value of any product. So once you buy this product, then I will share a lot of products that can be made from it. I will share a lot of procedures to prepare cosmetics. So it will be useful in many ways to you. So do buy it and it is basic for the AloeVera Gel.

Now I am going to add it into the liquid. As I add it to the liquid and mix it, it will remain liquidy but as the ph value balances it will start setting by itself. I am not holding the bowl as I want to show you that how its density gets heavier slowly. It will go on setting. And presently it is translucent, milky in color but the more we keep mixing it, it will become transparent. Keep in mind that it should not be heavily whisked. Keep mixing slowly and it will go on setting. And as its ph value balances it will get into a solid form.

This will be similar to the AloeVera Gel that you see in the market. So it has completely set and now I will start mixing it. the more you mix it, the more solid it will become. I have taken in an ample amount and you can see the measurements on the website, it should not be more or less in quantity. It has completely solidified. Now to make it transparent, it requires some liquid. So that it can be added and mixed. So the Green Tea that I had kept in the fridge, I will bring that and that I will add in it and mix it. and as the liquid gets added to it, it will start changing into AloeVera Gel form and will become glossy.

So you need to mix it as per your requirement. It does not have a perfect measurement, till it gets glossy, go on mixing it. I have started mixing it. surprisingly the milky thing that you are seeing, when the actual result will come, you will feel it to be the same thing that you purchase from the market. Keep mixing it. And this will become translucent itself and finally transparent and completely glossy color.

And as you can see, I have kept the market one in a bowl and I am mixing it. This will become like this finally. When you start doing it in your bowl, then you will have a feeling that you have kept the market one and mixing it. I have changed the bowl, mine was something else and this is something else. Like this things change. Similarly, this too changes. Now since the Gel has become glossy, then stop adding Green tea to the AloeVera Gel else the AloeVera Gel will start getting watery and there will be high chances of the breakage of bond. So just add that amount of Green Tea till the Gel becomes glossy. And do keep in mind that if you bring this Gel in contact with any dust or acidic thing then it will go back to the position from where you had started.

I would like to show here that the one which had become like the market one will now get back to the home made one. So I am using Lemon here as this is the example with me right now so that I can show you how it will change to the point from where we started. So keep in mind that acidic things should not come in contact with it. Just like many people complain that their Agar agar does not set. So the reason behind could be that either there is dust in your sugar or the container that you are using might have some problem so agar agar does not set.


The extract of Sea Weed has this problem that their bond breaks when they come in contact with something acidic. You can do the same experiment with the market one too. That will also have the same result. That will become the same thing that I had in my bowl in the beginning. This has again become granulated. Since it is mixed in the liquid so it seems a lot in quantity. Now I shall show you, just have a look. It will end at the point fromwhere you started. So keep in mind that things should be very clear and do not bring any acidic thing in contact with this AloeVera Gel otherwise it will react and the bond will break as a result of which your AloeVera Gel will become water.

This AloeVera Gel has a lot of value in itself. So keep acidic things far from it and without them too this Gel can be used for application. I will be sharing a lot of recipes for skin after this Gel. So all those who want to prepare this AloeVera Gel do prepare it. So I would say that initially you should start with preparing 100gms of it and I have provided measurements for that only. So when you prepare it, you will feel very proud as you felt while preparing Protein Laddu and the different types of Teas, when you got marvelous results. You feel like eating it immediately. This will be ready like this. Store it in the fridge. And I will be sharing a lot of things in th coming days ahead of this. And I will be posting the follow up recipes of it like the Gel for Dark circles that I had committed, definitely I will be sharing it.


You can apply this Gel whenever you want, on your face, on your body, on your hairs, as I had told in the beginning. Just keep in mind, I am repeating the same thing again as I did for the Rasgulla recipe to keep some things in mind, do not bring this Gel in contact with dust or acidic things else it will not set.

This is a very interesting project. When you see the magic happening in front of you, then you enjoy a lot thinking that what we buy from the market, we have made it at home. And made out of pure things and it looks so beautiful and has such a good fragrance and we will use it knowing that it will not harm us.

So do try my recipe and if you liked my AloeVera Gel recipe, if you liked this information then do Like my video. Give it a Thumbs Up. Share my video on all social media and with your family and friends so that they too benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe my channel if you have not done so, so that you get the updates of future uploads. Also subscribe my second channel where I keep uploading my daily updates on what I eat usually and how I live. So do watch that channel and subscribe it. Log on to my website for detailed written recipe so that you can get more benefits. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


  1. Water: 70 ml
  2. Aloe Vera Juice: 30 ml (For Aloe Vera Juice Recipe & Video Click Here)
  3. Carbopol: 1/2 tsp (Click here to buy)
  4. TriEthanolAmine (TEA) : 1/2 tsp


You can apply on Face or Hair or Body as same as you use any GEL.


1 month in Refrigerator

Note: Always prepare small batch of this gel as it has no preservative (No preservative added) 

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    I want to make an edible aloe vera gel with the same texture. Can I use TEA or can you suggest something else which can give the same shiny gel texture to my gel?

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