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AloeVera Juice: Below you’ll find the ‘Ingredients & How to take’ this

Hi everyone, I am Dr.Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a new recipe which is a natural recipe and was in great demand. So I have come with it, ALOEVERA JUICE. This juice will work as a high power on DIABETES. There are chances of curing 40% of your diabetes within 1 month to 45 days. I have very good results of AloeVera  Juice. Apart from this AloeVera  Juice will help in Weight Loss too. And I will be talking about 9 other diseases here.

So let’s talk about the benefits and recipe of AloeVera  Juice.



So first I will be talking about Diabetes. AloeVera  Juice will control Diabetes easily if taken at proper time. And the entire way of its consumption is listed on my website, you can visit there and have a look. The link will be in Pin Post and Description Box.

Next is that AloeVera  juice works very well on the Cholesterol levels of your body. So whoever has the problem of Cholesterol or Triglyceride for them the juice that I will be preparing will be very beneficial. It will balance the HDL levels of your body. It is very important for HDL to be good. HDL is the good cholesterol. If good cholesterol is not present in the body, then it will be very difficult to fight with the bad cholesterol. And whenever we eat something, we cannot avoid bad cholesterol. Sometimes when the ladies who cook in front of oil, when they inhale even then the bad cholesterol increases in the body. It is not necessary to intake all the time. It comes from the environment too. So in such a situation you must have high levels of good cholesterol.


AloeVera  Juice makes the body Alkaline. Alkaline means, balancing the acidic body. When we talk about ph value, so if the ph value is 7 then the body is not acidic. So AloeVera  makes the body alkaline due to which there is no pressure on your Kidney and Liver. If the ph value is very high in the body, acid is very high only then there are chances of disbalance of Creatinine or Nitrogen as a result of which there might be Kidney failure. And during this time Uric Acid too increases and because of disbalance of creatinine the Liver goes under Dialysis.


In between I would like to say something that I have never seen this anywhere, whenever I advise my patients to undergo blood tests, they never get their Nitrogen levels tested. So always keep in mind that the test of Nitrogen is very important. To know the status of Liver and Kidney. Though you can know about the Liver in liver profile but for Kidney it is important to know its levels. So this test is very important.

Presently we will talk about this recipe. So as you must be seeing that I have taken a large piece of AloeVera . If possible, take the largest piece as that is a little bitter in taste. If you take small pieces considering them as young but they will be very bitter and will be a problem in consumption or may cause allergy. So opt for the large and pulpy piece.

The next benefit of AloeVera  is that it saves you from Allergies. It saves your body from any type of allergy be it from Pollen, Sinus, Asthma, Bronchitis, allergy by inhalation, etc. AloeVera  makes your Immune System strong. So I have already shared Immune Drink but the problem with AloeVera  is that it cannot be incorporated with anything else and consumed. You cannot add anything like Gooseberry or Ginger to it while preparing its juice. Curry Leaves and AloeVera  are Kings in themselves. If you merge anything in them, then their benefits get destroyed. There is no result. If you mix any other juice, then it will only be in your mind that the mixture will benefit you.

So take a large piece and peel it properly. The green part should be separated from the pulp.

Now I will talk about Digestion. This is a known fact worldwide that AloeVera  aids in Digestion. AloeVera  is considered to be very good for people with Intestine Problem. AloeVera  is also considered to be very beneficial in conditions like Acidity, Allergy, Ulcer, Pancreatic Juice, Cancer especially Colon Cancer. It all depends as AloeVera  is a very Allergic product. If 100 people consume it, then it might suit only 50 of them. I am very lucky that it suits me. So the recipe that I am discussing here can be taken by anybody even the allergic can take them. This is the reason behind my sharing this recipe so that it can suit everyone.

Now let’s talk about Weight Loss about which I had spoken earlier in the title. So AloeVera  helps in Weight loss. The various reasons behind weight gain are due to problems of the Intestine. There might be Gas, Acidity, Heat, Bloating and when nothing of these happen then the Metabolic rate goes down that leads to weight gain. AloeVera  is such a thing which keeps the Metabolic Rate very high. AloeVera  boosts your metabolism. Gooseberry and AloeVera  are two such things that cure your Protein Resistance, Citric Allergy, Gluten Allergy and raises your Protein Metabolic rate whereas AloeVera  itself is a very high allergic product. But if it suits you, then it will be very beneficial and seriously it is said that if regularly used, AloeVera  makes your body as strong as a stone.

Eating Raw AloeVera  may cause a lot of problems. Here as you can see, I am washing the AloeVera . It is very important to wash AloeVera  properly if you are going to intake it. All the slimy thing should be washed and removed from it. rub and clean it properly otherwise the thing that has to benefit you will harm you.


And the water left after washing should not be thrown. We will make AloeVera  Gel out of it, for which you have been waiting for long. The reason for not sharing the video of AloeVera  gel is that as I told in that video as well that even if I share it how will you buy the product unless it is available online. So I was waiting for the vendor to confirm the availability of the product so that I could share it with you. So now the product has been listed so my next video will be the AloeVera  Gel video. As you can see, after washing how slimy the water is. And to those whom it suits, you can apply it to your hair as conditioner. You can wash your hair. But I will be keeping this water for AloeVera  Gel.

Now I will cut the square pieces of AloeVera . But be careful in removing the green part, it should not be there. I am cutting AloeVera  in small chunks. You will not prepare AloeVera  just like that. I am cutting it into chunks because AloeVera  is not as pulpy and plumy as it is visible. AloeVera  is so strong that if you drop it in the mixy as it is then either your mixy should have a very strong motor, above 700 watts or a Vitamix or AloeVera  will just keep rotating in the mixy. So by cutting into small chunks it can be grinded in an ordinary mixy. Our Indian mixy though it is not an ordinary one but is of less watts. So it is important to chop AloeVera .

Do keep in mind that the green part should not be in the AloeVera  pulp. Remove it as much as possible else it might lead to Motions or Allergy of Intestine. You may not notice it but you will keep having strange feeling inside your stomach.

Now let’s talk about the Lipid benefits from AloeVera , which is about the Liver. AloeVera  balances the Lipids very well. Due to which your Liver functions very well. And the proper functioning of Liver is very important for any type of diseases like Slimming or Diabetes. I would like to inform you that if your Kidney or Liver is not functioning well then there are chances of you getting Arthritis.

I am keeping the AloeVera  chunks in the mixer jar. This is my masala jar as its blade work the highest. And it is important to add water else AloeVera  will not grind. And you will not get what you require from it.

So as I was discussing that AloeVera  works very well for the Liver as a result of which all those who suffer from Fatty Liver get cured if you drink it regularly for 2-3 months. It does not have a problem if consumed at a stretch for months. Therefore, when you consume it for 2-3 months and after that you get yourself checked, you yourself will be amazed to see the results of Fatty Liver.

So do use AloeVera . You can prepare it at home and will be very cheap. I have strained the juice here so that even if there are some particles left of the skin, they get strained.

I am boiling the water here. You can find its measurement on my website, so do logon there. Now I will add the strained liquid to the boiling water. Initially we should cook on low flame and slowly will raise the temperature. The biggest problem with AloeVera  Gel is that if you keep the flame high at the first attempt then all the froth will come and there will be nothing left in the water. So I have followed this technique 2-4 times. This is why I am mention it as this problem will arise. So initially keep on slow flame then on medium and finally on high. And only then you will remove the froth from the top.


AloeVera  Juice is very beneficial for people with Mouth Infection or Oral Infection. AloeVera  Juice is equally beneficial in fighting with Mouth Cancer or Throat Cancer. Hence people suffering from any of these problems can drink AloeVera  Juice.


You just need to keep this in mind that this juice should not be consumed with any combination, it should be consumed as it is. And all types of problems be it blisters in the mouth or pain in the teeth, those who do not feel the taste specially the people who eat gutkas, for them it is very good when they do not get the taste of anything, they feel chilly and hot in all the things, if they drink this juice then they will start realizing the taste and the infection will decrease.

I am removing the entire froth here. It is very important to remove it. I would like to state here that it should be boiled for 5-10 minutes. It all depends on till when the water remains slimy. The moment you see that it is not slimy and the stickiness is gone and the water has become translucent and milky, till then you need to boil it. it can be 5 minutes too. AloeVera  has different qualities. That is why I am saying that it can be 5 minutes or 7 minutes or 8 minutes or maximum 10 minutes, not more than that. After removing the froth, cover and boil it on low flame. The increase the flame and after that switch it off.

Here I am showing you that there is no stickiness in this. Its bond has broken and now this juice will not give infection to anyone. And you all might be having this question or many of you will ask as you did in the Immune Juice video that since we are boiling this, then all its Vitamins will become null. So then you always cook or fry Green vegetables, you do not eat it raw, still its Vitamins and Minerals go into your body. So it is not necessary that this thing will create allergy for you. After cooking all the allergic properties decreases.

So this is very beneficial. And yes if you are taking Raw juice after grinding and straining it then there are great chances of getting an infection in the throat. I do not take raw as it creates problem in my digestion. But do take the boiled one. Whatever is left behind in the strainer can be used in your hair, no need to throw it. you can condition your hair. After washing your hair with shampoo, you can apply this and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it. And if the raw suits you them mix it in any pack and apply it on your face, it will benefit you a lot. But I would recommend this juice to everyone whether you have a problem or not, even growing children. Any age group can take it and the way of consumption will be available on my website so do logon there.

And if you liked my AloeVera  Juice recipe then do not forget to Like my video. Do give it a Thumbs up. Share my video on every social media so that others can benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe my channel if you have not done so and my second channel too, I WANNA BE HEROINE, so that you keep getting all my updates. I shall see you in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

Ingredients (To make the Drink):

  1. Aloe Vera Juice: 400ml
  2. Water: 800ml

Boil for atleast 7-10 mins and now it is ready to use.

HOW TO TAKE Aloe Vera Juice:

  1. 50 ml: Empty Stomach early in the morning
  2. 50 ml: In night, before bed

Note: No SUGAR & No SALT to be added. A Simple natural taste will give you more benefit.

Storage Duration:

You can prepare big lot of it as it can stay for a longer time if properly stored in the refrigerator. You can store for approx. 20-25 days under strict supervision of hygiene and not touched by hand during storage.

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