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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a most wanted new topic, ANTI WRINKLE, ANTI AGEING, SPOTLESS PACK SCRUB AND TONIC. This is a very simple recipe. It will be prepared easily with very few ingredients, but its result is marvelous.

Anti-ageing or Spotless does not mean that only people with age group 30+ or 40+ or 50+ can use it, even young girls and boys can apply it if they have a lot of spots on their face. It does not take long in preparing this Anti-Ageing Pack. But the Anti-Ageing Scrub takes 2 days to get ready. Rest everything can be used immediately. For the Scrub you will have to wait as it is prepared from wastage. This means that as I usually say that I don ‘t waste anything so this will take time in drying.

This Anti-Ageing Scrub will make you similar to what the Botox injection does. The skin becomes very healthy. And you get a marvelous look. So let’s start with the ingredients.


The first ingredient is POTATO. This is very high in Starch, which is very good for your skin. Remember to use the Starchy Potato. There are 2-3 types of Potatoes available. Do not take a very juicy Potato as it becomes acidic. Many of you must be aware that Potato does not suit you. This is because it is juicy.

Next ingredient is SWEET POTATO. This is very good for intake as well as for skin. In my Weight Loss video, I had discussed that it is very good for your skin and your body too because all the starchy things are high in Potassium.

The best one for application is the one with red skin on top, sometimes they are even blackish or brownish, so keep this in mind. I tried peeling it with a knife but the red part was separating, so I changed the style because the pinkish look in it is very important for application. As this type is widely available in India so just slightly scrape it. And outside India if you get the Orange colored one, then even that is very good. It is high in Calcium and Iron. So that too is good for application but if the pink one is available then give it a preference, which is white inside and pink on the outside. So since it is high in starch so it is very good for application.

Whenever you apply any type of starchy root, it gives a baby like to your face. You get a plumy look, just like a baby. Your skin gets moisturized. And all the defects and spots of skin start disappearing. The spots that are very stubborn which are formed due to ageing or tension, all start getting removed very easily.

In today’s hectic life style it gets very difficult for us to cure ourselves and the creams available are very greasy so keep this Anti-ageing pack ready with you so that it gets easier for you to apply. I am using SWEET POTATO here because this is the key ingredient for Anti-wrinkle. So you cannot skip it. So arrange it. It is easily available in the market, especially at puja shops I have seen that they keep it in all seasons.

Next is CUCUMBER. I am using ZUCHINI here. But it is better to but the cheapest Cucumber available in the market, as it is not important to buy the Cucumber that you eat, take the juicy one. Cucumber is considered an Astringent in itself. So when you start ageing, the pores start opening and the problems increase and the skin gets lose. In such a situation the presence of Astringent is very important so that you do not get excess oil on your face and the dead skin from the face can be removed. It is difficult for baby skin to appear unless the dead skin is removed. So we will WASH them all because they contain a lot of mud and for application you will have to cut them and then wash them.

In the coming days I will be sharing the ANTI-AGEING SERUM. So keep reminding me. Vitamin A serum gives a very good result for anti-ageing, skin starts removing within 5-6 days.

The next ingredient that I am using here is LEMON. Lemon should be taken with the skin and very less in quantity. We will cut it and add it. Lemon is very important. Wherever starch is important, Lemon is equally important. And the second reason to add lemon is that since Potato oxidizes and gets black, but we need to store this Anti-Ageing Pack for long, like I am explaining here to prepare in bulk and store it for 3 months in the freezer. So if Lemon is present, then the Potato will not oxidize and you will get a proper result. Also Lemon in itself is very good for skin and spots. So this is multi-purpose for you.

Now I am adding 50ml WATER. If Water is not added, then there will be a problem. And now I will grind all of them together.

So I was talking about the Serum, do keep reminding me. Vitamin A Serum is very important for people who have Wrinkles or Age is visible or have Fine Lines. So I will make it a point to share it in the coming days but sometimes due to my busy schedule I tend to forget things. So keep reminding me, it feels nice when you keep reminding me for videos. In that way I am synchronized and I am aware of what I have to do next.

Now I am straining the ingredients of Anti-Ageing Pack, this is very important as I have read many times people comment or even my personal patients say that it gets difficult to apply on the face as it keeps falling off, so what should we do so that it stays on the face and we can do other things? So this idea I thought to be the best. And from this we can make 2-3 things extra, that will give very good results. So I have tried this on some of my patients and on myself too and I found it to give better result.

Strain the juice so that you can store it is a bottle separately in the fridge. And we will dry the Roughage that is left. Spread it on a plate and cover it with any cloth. It will dry up slowly, only if it gets an open environment. It should not be under direct sunlight. After it dries, then grind it in the mixy once, by just pressing the button once for 2-3 seconds only. And your ANTI AGEING SCRUB will be ready. This is a very good Scrub which is totally natural. So you can Scrub with it either by mixing the juice or cream. The results will be remarkable.

Next I am discussing a method to get immediate benefit. After you strain the juice, leave it for ½ an hour undisturbed. Then you will see the juice and starch separate. Remove the juice. The starch comes from Potato and Sweet Potato both. So when you prepare it instantly, you can get its wonderful benefits. To this Starch mix Clay. I am mixing Kaolin Clay here because I had mentioned that if you are buying Kaolin Clay, then I will be sharing a number of packs of it.

In the coming days I will be sharing a lot of Body Mask and Hair Mask made from Kaolin Clay, so do not worry.

Here I would like to mention something about Kaolin Clay. I received a lot of messages where people said that they got 1 kg Kaolin Clay for 40 rupees or 20 rupees. So do not buy from HARDWARE shops for face application because it must not be the one from which cups & saucers are made or the paste that is applied before white wash. In all these things too China Clay is used.

So if it is mentioned on the Packet as China Clay and you have bought ½ kg of it for 20 rupees, then I will not be taking guarantee for its reaction or problems on your skin. So try to buy either food grade or cosmetic grade. It is much better if it is FDA approved, so that we do not have any tension. The one that I am using, I got it directly from a medicine factory, so this is food grade. I can even consume it. all the tablets are made of Kaolin Clay.

So you need to apply it, a very thin layer and it dries very fast. You can apply it with a brush and after applying 1-2 layers, allow it to dry. And when you wash, you will get an astonishing result. You can keep this bottle in the fridge or you can even store them in ice cubes tray. And when the cubes freeze, you can keep them in a box and leave it in the freezer. So it will be convenient for you. I have lots of containers, so I prepare bottles and store them. If you leave it for 2-3-5 minutes, you get enough melted juice for your use and the remaining ice can be kept back in the freezer. So it can be use easily and gives instant result.

For good results try to apply for 2-3 times a week in the beginning, after that twice a week and finally if you apply even once then that will work. Results are fantastic. It spreads easily and the quantity required is very less. If you do not have Kaolin clay the you can use Fullers Earth or Gram flour instead and mix it with the juice and apply. If you have time crunch, then you can simply dip cotton in the juice and wipe your face. There is no hard and fast rule to follow for this. And to know the exact measurement of the ingredients, log on to my WEBSITE. You will get the link in the description box and pin post.

And if you liked this Anti-Ageing Tonic, Pack, Scrub, then do like my video. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel and my other channel, I WANNA BE HEROINE, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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