Anti Aging Pack, Tonic & Scrub – Remove Finelines & Spot

Anti Aging Pack, Tonic & Scrub


Potatoes:  50 gm 

Sweet potato 50 gm 

Cucumber 100gm
Lemon(with skin) 20 gm
Anti Aging Pack  Recipe:
Juice 1 tsp 
Kaolin Clay half tsp
Special Instructions (HOW TO USE) :
1) Keep it in freezer. It  will stay up to 3 month.
2) make a paste, use as much required. Rest put it in refrigerator for next application.
3) Use juice as a AGE CURE TONIC once in a day with the help of cotton  for best result.
4) Dry the wastage of TONIC and use with cleansing milk to exfoliate you skin.

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