Chamatkari CHURNA | Weight Loss Product | CHURNA for Digestion

Khaayein Jee bharkar iss HOLI aur pachayen asaani se iss Chamatkari CHURNA se. Sirf 1 spoon karega chamatkar even after heavy food intake| Weight Loss Product


Jeera/ Cumin :  1 tbsp/ 20gm

Saunf/Fennel : 1 tbsp/ 20gm

Hing/Asafoetida : 1pinch

Harar/Haritaki : 1tbsp 20 gm

Haldi/Turmeric : 1 tsp 5gm

Kala Namak/Black Salt : 1/2tsp or 2gm



3-5 gm after every meal

For best result, take this Chamatkari Churna with LUKEWARM Water



No carbohydrates in dinner

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