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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with such a topic which I have been watching from the last 3 months either on my Facebook page or below my video that it is a very big part of all conversation. That is CHIA SEEDS and the video I made on it was a big hit. I always recommend eating Chia Seeds in all my diet plans. There is a lot of conversation about what is being sold in the market under the name of Chia Seeds and whether it is Chia Seed or not. And people are talking a lot about it. Also it is very difficult to recognize it. So I have come with this topic today and even I did not have a full idea about this thing. I got to know about it last 2-3 days back.

The box that you are seeing on the screen is from my pantry. And this white color Chia Seeds I had bought last 7-8 months back from, and I got ½ kg for 2200 rupees plus I had to pay 1000 rupees for the customs. So this was very costly. So I did not show this white colored Chia Seeds which has a mixture of grey, white and brown colored seeds. It does not have black color. And the black seeds are easily available in India, you can consume it very easily and it is easily available online under the name Chia seeds. So I have already discussed about it. But what exactly is available in your country and what are their benefits, this I will be discussing today.

So let’s see it.  Chia Seeds is not only being confused in India but worldwide. As you can see this drink, it bears the name Chia Seed. And this is a fruit punch in which they have mixed seeds and are selling. And now have a look at the other drink, it too is the same but it has the name Basil seed that too is a fruit punch and contains seeds. As you can see the design is the same but are of different company and are being sold under the name of Basil and Chia.

So basically I just want to tell you that this is not only the problem being faced in India but around the world that people are getting confused as both the seeds swell. Their designs differ slightly and their plants too are different. But 99% of their function is the same. It’s only that when you consume it raw then its raw form changes. In the raw form the black seed is a little warm but when it is soaked in water then both have the same system.

To know its result I would like to show you a video of one of my patients. But before that I would like to show you the picture of the cameraman. This sweet cameraman is Sanjana and she is the daughter of my most obedient patient Rahulji. And when he gave me his review, he asked me to name him as my most obedient patient. So now you can watch his review.


Hi my name is Rahul. I would like to share my experience of Chai Seeds with you. I used to take this Chia Seeds earlier, which is available at the rate of 5o rupees for 100gms. I used to buy it from Big Basket. This is the seed, it looks like this. Then one day I went to a mall and saw this Chia Seeds. So I though that it must be good as it might be an imported one. So I started using it. As you can see it has 2-3 types of seeds. And it looks like this. My experience for both is that the Seeds that I got from the mall does not swell much and it did not provide me any relief from Constipation and neither did it help in Weight loss. But when I used to take the big basket seeds then I was relieved from constipation as well as it helped in weight loss too.

I am showing you a demo as to how it swells in water. So I have put them in water and am mixing them. As you can see its properties, I am mixing the big basket seeds. Now see the difference between the two. The big basket seeds start to swell immediately whereas the other one is still settled at the bottom. So this is my experience that the big basket Chia Seeds has helped me a lot. And the other one did not have any effect on me. So this is my experience and if you are able to see then the swelling has started, it swells very fast whereas the other one has not changed at all. So this is the difference. And the white seeds in it will remain as it is and will not change. The seeds of first one will swell and in the other one some will swell and some will not. And that too will not swell properly. So for me the big basket seeds are suitable whereas the mall one is not.

So he did not like the White grey Chia seeds whereas the black one gave him results. So let’s see what exactly was inside that Chia Seeds. The white on was mixed in the black Chia seeds and after mixing this seed he sent me a photograph of it. So as it is clear from the photograph that Basil seeds are also mixed in it. So the black seeds have swollen and come up whereas the white seeds are settled at the bottom. So this is a mixed variety. I am not criticizing any company here. They mixed it to provide complete result but the reality is that the black swollen seeds have a very good result.

It is available locally at a very cheap rate. The imported one will benefit you in the long run. Now you can see all the white seeds have come up. And the black one is swollen and settled down. I will show you from the side too, so that you can differentiate that they are mixed. So even if Basil is there then the company who sells it as pure is also confused between Basil and Chia seeds. Both the seeds are of different origin, one is of different country and the other is of India, still if you soak them separately it will look like this.

This is my personal photograph. As you can see the white seeds will swell less whereas the black seeds will swell completely. Here I am demonstrating in front of you. I have taken 70ml water in 2 glasses. And in it I will add less than ¼ tsp Chia seeds of both types: black and white. And I want to show you how much it swells or absorbs water. The seeds that will absorb more water will release you from Constipation if you have a lot of problems in your stomach and intestine then the black seeds will help you a lot. Under whatever name it is sold in the market, Basil Seeds or Chia Seeds. The black seeds will give you very good results.

But if you can afford it or stay in a country where you can get the other colored seeds then do take it. The other colored Chia seeds contains a lot of Amino Acid. So in the long run to build up your muscles the black seeds will not help you, the other colored, grey brown one will help a lot in building you muscles but not in weight loss. Only if you are going to Gym then this other colored Chia seeds will help you to lose weight because it is a gym product and is a SUPER BIO FOOD.  After you eat it you will get a lot of strength in the body.  You will get instant energy, you will exercise and your muscles will develop. But those of you who do not go to the gym for you  if you switch to the cheap variety, the black one, it will help a lot in weight loss in a miracle way and that too very fast.

And the imported Chia seeds that you consume and waste your money will not give you results. If you are a house wife and if you are 100kgs or above 80kgs then the problem starts where people start giving me reviews. Some say I did not have any effect while some say that they lost 5kgs after eating Chia Seeds. The thing is that you have selected the thing according to you. And that selected seed is reacting differently in your body because they are different. This is Chai seeds and that is Basil seeds. But function is more or less the same. In India the seeds which is available under the name of Sabja in not Chia seeds even I came to know about it recently. But its result is very good.

If you powder the black seeds and have it then it will cure you cough and cold. And if you soak and eat it then all the problems of intestine will be gone. And it will rectify your stomach. Chia and Basil seeds are very effective in releasing the Pancreatic juice. But the dry black seed will cure a lot of your old cough and cold and if you prepare its powder and mix with some herbs then it will control the mucous too. This is the reason that when you are mixing this seed into your Protein laddu then your mucous is also getting controlled. I became aware of this concept 2 days back that mucous is getting controlled so the Protein laddu is giving you better results.

I will not call myself ultimate for this thing; you all are ultimate who challenge me so much that I get to learn something new everyday. I go after things. So as you can see that there are 2 different things and they show results differently. It is only that if you eat the black one then you will get relief from Bloating and Water retention and if you eat the Chia seeds then it will benefit you in the long run. If you are an athlete or you do a lot of strenuous work or you are an office going person then you should mix both and eat. So that your mucous is controlled and you get a lot of strength and you are able to good work.

So the next packet that Rahulji had shown which he says does not give him any results, it is because he used to the black one. So he thinks that he is not getting results. But if he mixes both the Chia seeds and eat them then one will get rid of his constipation, body will work properly and the intestine will be healthy whereas the other one which does not swell will make his internal immune system very strong and in the long run he will look young and muscles will build up and the body will be toned.

So none of the product is bad here. But it depends on the type of knowledge and the result. So keep in mind about what type of seed you are taking and whatever it is, it is not bad but it is better to mix them. Only then you will get best and magical result. Whatever you are expecting from Chia seeds, you will get that.

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And do follow the benefits that I have discussed about Chia seeds and Basil seeds and also their difference. Watch it carefully and try to get benefits from both.

And if you were able to understand the confusion between Basil and Chia seeds and if you liked this video then do hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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