Chili tofu in healthy way

Chili tofu in a healthy way


Tofu:- 200gm

light soy sauce:- 2 tbsp

green onion:- 1 pc (optional)

ginger paste:- 1tsp

garlic paste:- 1tsp

Oil:- 2 tbsp

pink salt:- 1tsp

water:- 4tbsp




  1. Cut soy tofu into small pcs
  2. Put 1tbsp oil on nonstick pan fry tofu
  3. For grave take a pan put 1 tbsp oil on it
  4. fry ginger garlic paste add soy sauce
  5. Add water and put fried tofu on it
  6. mix it properly
  7. turn off the heat
  8. sprinkle green onion


  1. Breakfast 150 gm plus veggies as video advice
  2. Dinner 50gm plus 150 cooked veggies

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