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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with the solution of Constipation. Constipation is an old malady and people are plagued by it. Most of the time I come across in the comment box that people keep asking for permanent solution of Constipation. Whenever I have made a video on weight loss every time I have shared a lot of solution about CONSTIPATION, PCOS (Click here to know CURE), DIABETES (Click here to know CURE), and THYROID (Click here to know CURE). Even then you require notes especially for it and you do not make one yourself.

Today I have not only come up with the solution of Constipation but the reason behind it too as well as surprising information that the ratio of Constipation in male and females differ. Why is that? What should be done for it? What should be added in the lifestyle? What should be eaten and what should be avoided? And how to keep our lifestyle set. There are many habits in our lifestyle which make us prey to Constipation.

“So let us start by knowing the body function of male and female and why exactly Constipation happens. It is very important for you to know the reason behind it only then we will come to solution.”

I need to tell you a simple science, already 90% of you must be aware of it still I am telling you. Whenever we intake food , eat food then first of all it goes into the stomach, after stomach it reaches the small intestine then some processing happens and the food breaks there and it gets pancreatic juice then it moves forward to large intestine. Again pancreatic juice increase here and more processing takes place and it is here that the metabolic rate of your body functions. Things are absorbed and then the roughage passes through large intestine, reaches the rectum and is excreted out through by the anus in the form of your stool.

This is simple information and everyone knows about it but there is a science in between which causes problems for you and as a result TENSION is caused. The figure (Figure 1) which you are able to see, it resembles the normal body, in the middle there is small intestine and on the outer side lies the large intestine where food processes and forms roughage which comes out as I told earlier.

But there is a small difference between male and female. In the lower abdomen of the female body there is uterus. Due to the presence of uterus when the baby is born that is a different case, but as the period starts, then after the onset of period sometimes they have swelling in the uterus. If there is Leucorrhoea still there will be swelling. If due to any mal-function there is swelling in the uterus or there is problem in the uterus or if there is problem during the period then there will be Constipation. Why? Because the structure of your intestine is the same but the extra part which is present in the female which is also in the males but it is active in females.

In such situation females have a lot of problem of Constipation and it becomes worst if the female is pregnant. It bubbles up, once as you conceive and give birth to a child, the size increases; again after second baby the size increases and the third child birth will further increase the size. There is a swelling inside for sure. It is not natural as used to be before child birth or as it was in your childhood. In such situation you will have the problem of Constipation irrespective of the blood group or even after consuming any type of roughage. Sometimes it monotonous and it gets stagnant. Therefore female are more prone to Constipation in comparison to male as the body structure of female is different.

Before reaching the rectum, there are a lot of twist and turns due to which intestine is pressed. You must have noticed that whenever a female crosses the 6th trimester of her pregnancy she starts getting cramps before passing the stool. Even if you have a little urge to pass stool you will get a lot of cramps and you will not pass stool in abundant quantity even after that there is lot of stiffness as well as there will be pain and it will be like you have eaten something hot or spicy due which regular cramps keep occurring. The reason behind it is that when your uterus is increasing in size then the large intestine and rectum are compressed and is such case when it is irritating then there is a lot of problem of Constipation. There are 2-3 more reasons that push the female towards Constipation.

Before I start, I would like to say that since I am explaining with reason so this video will be a lengthy one so those of you who are here for time pass and have problem with the lengthy video, please stop watching this now as you will be bored.

So moving forward, Depression in females too is the cause of Constipation. Excess depression gives rise to Constipation. Whenever you are in depression and are irritated due to something then the veins in the body contract and thus contraction increases. The meaning of contraction is pressure increases, things are pressed. You can see for yourself, when you press your finger with your fist what happens, what do you feel? Therefore if something contracts a lot or is pressurized a lot then in such a situation you cannot save yourself form Constipation. You will start crying a lot, you will be disturbed as a result there will be strain in the body and female are highly prone to it.

If you do not sleep well for 8 hrs, your body does not relax, will not come out of contraction then in this entire situation it is not possible that Constipation will not occur. 90% of the females go through this problem and whenever this happens they clutched by Constipation, even those not suffering from it start getting it.

There are 2 options to save you from this. These tricks can work on your kids as well because Constipation starts from age group of 1 month baby or a 2 month baby and remains for 3-4 years or mostly it is found in females, so babies either boy or girl you can apply on them. You are required to take a pinch of Asafoetida and dissolve it in a teaspoon of water or even if you mix 2-3 drops it will form a Paste, it depends on how pure your asafoetida is, that you will have to judge. Mix it either in your hand or spoon but avoid metal, apply it on the naval in a good amount and after sometime the uneasiness will disappear. Something that is bothering you a lot goes away.

Due to Constipation the restlessness that you have, wades away and if Asafoetida Paste left for 2-3 hours then it cures the Constipation. You feel the pressure and you can go, acidity and gas too reduces. It might sound strange but this is a very old tried and tested remedy. All my patients use it for their kids, some try on themselves too. When during midnight you are not able to sleep and you are feeling restless then do give it a try.

Apart from this is the Skin Of Pomegranate. Dry the skin of pomegranate and keep it with you, you prepare molasses, drink juice, or eat pomegranate, many people have accepted it. In such a situation do not throw away the skin, sun dry it, powder it. This skin of pomegranate is very useful. If you search the net you will find a lot of people talking about pomegranate so seriously they are not wrong. Whoever is making the videos are good and I agree with a lot of them so definitely watch them to see what they have to say. But what I have to say is that you can brush your teeth with its skin. Take it in your hand and rub against your teeth then you will get rid of the problem of PYRIA.

Secondly as per the topic of today, Constipation, if you apply the Paste Of Pomegranate Powder on your tummy be it male or female or the kids tummy then it will provide you with a lot of relief. If applying on the kids do keep in mind that it should be mixed with milk if mixed with water they might catch cold. If applying on yourself please do not mix with milk, apply it as it is.

If you want your breast to be firmed only then you should apply mixed with milk. Those of you who say that they need to reduce the size of their breast then they should mix it with raw milk and apply, this results in size reduction as well as tightens the breasts.  This is a different topic altogether but still I have explained how the skin of pomegranate is to be used.

If there is bulging in the stomach then surely apply it, it will make the wrinkles disappear but will not reduce the stretch marks. So the pomegranate skin will help you a lot during Constipation. Apply it and wash off after 10 minutes, wipe it with a wet cloth and that too of the baby with luke warm water, so the kids suffering from heavy Constipation will be relieved, even the adults who keep for 10 minutes will be relieved. Just apply a thick paste according to your age.

Now I will take you inside the toilet, it is not a good sight but it is a very big part of your life therefore you must have a look. Toilet seat should always be Indian. If you stay at a place where there is no Indian toilet then you get a seat which is with the commode, above which you can keep your feet because it is good for stomach, it saves from colon or pancreas cancer. It is available online you can search it or you can also keep a small table of plastic or use a commode in which your stomach is pressed while passing the stool. If your stomach is pressed that time and anus is pressurized then your colon is cleaned properly.  It does not have a pressure that it has to do all the work itself because when you sit straight on the commode then there is a lot of pressure within your intestine, within your colon. In such a situation there are very high chances of getting colon cancer. And if you are unable to pass stool properly then it will be the cause of many dreadly diseases.

You might end up having nausea, unable to concentrate on anything along with problem of acidity, heart burn and Constipation. You will not be able to understand why you are unable to loose weight despite not eating anything as your metabolic rate too will shoot down. In such a situation you will have to follow some specific rules.


Now let us discuss what food should be taken by us in order to live life to its fullest:

There are many things in food and grain which help to get rid of Constipation. But our old myths that exist or the old books that we have read and know till now all of them say the same things that I keep telling you that by eating all these stuffs you can relieve yourself of Constipation, or you may loose weight or for that matter your immune system will be healthy.

Nowadays the blogs that I have read state a number of items that should not be taken in order to avoid Constipation. First of all comes RICE. If you consume rice in regular form then it might cause problem for a day or two but after that you will notice that your Constipation has vanished. Rice very easily gets rid of Constipation.

Then there is RED BEANS, do not confuse it with kidney beans even though it resemble kidney beans. It is widely available in all grocery stores just like kidney beans but a smaller version. It will rid you of Constipation.

Then come WHITE BEANS, it is not easily available in India, but if you are based in some other country in any part of the world then you will be able to get it easily. Since it is rich in fiber hence it is a very good thing for your Constipation.

Then there is OATS which clears your Constipation to a large extent but do not have it regularly as it is the cause of water retention in your body in spite of providing roughage to your body as well as clearing your Constipation. So this is a very peculiar situation, there are many people who have oats allergy, due to which they are unable to loose weight. They will keep feeling thirsty and passing urine and as a result their stool will tighten. You will keep feeling that despite drinking abundant water and passing a lot of urine, you are unable to loose weight even after taking in such a lot of dietary fibre. But this is a fact that oats does not suit everyone.

Apart from this I have often spoken about CHIA SEEDS, FLAX SEEDS AND FENNEL SEEDS. They are a part of my diet because they help get rid of Constipation along with clearing the intestine. But I always ask you to refrain from flax seed oil as it provides a lot of heat, so I ask people of B+ve blood group not to take flax seed oil. I have never said that B+ve cannot consume flax seeds. So be clear on that.

If we go to the root cause then people who are suffering from acute Constipation will be greatly helped by BOILED POTATO, BOILED CARROT. BOILED COLACASIA AND BOILED SWEET POTATO. Therefore your Colacasia, your Yam, your Potato, Tapioca (sometimes) and your Carrot form a very big part in your weight loss. They help you to easily loose weight by removing the Constipation from your body and rising the levels of Potassium.

So these starches remove the roughage from your body and water gets controlled as the potassium level you benefit from both sides, you will not face any problems, your stomach will always be clear and you will have a great weight loss and your tummy will be toned because people intaking starch never have a loose body.

You need to understand this very well that people who consume a diet of starch and protein never have a loose body. People who do not take carbs will have a loose body. So if you prepare notes taking into consideration all these conditions then you are going to loose weight beautifully and you will be fit. There are many things that you will have to keep in mind as it is difficult for me to write down all the answers to the questions as I can explain them most of the time and for that you have to wait for long, so it is a waste of time for both of us and I am not satisfied that I was not able to deliver to you what I wanted to despite of slogging for so long. So please prepare some notes and co-operate with me.

Now Let Us Talk About NUTS, what are the nuts that can help you a lot? ALMONDS, I always name almonds as a part of my diet. Know why almonds help you? It is very rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. And due to the deficiency of Vitamin D, E or A there will always be a problem of Constipation as pancreatic juice will not be generated. In such a situation you take that form of almond where in you soak it in water or prepare almond milk and drink it. In any of this way there will be no Constipation.

In such situation I have told you to have 200ml almond milk with chia seeds. And many people have benefitted. It is unbelievable that I have expected people to loose around 5kgs in a month where as they have lost around 15kgs in 2 months, so the results are very good.

Then comes DATES which contains a lot of fibre which provides roughage along with positive potassium. It also provides Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. The deficiency of Vitamin C sometimes is a cause of acute Constipation. Actually the Bile juice and the pancreatic juices are activated by Vitamin C. and bile juice and pancreatic juice have a very strong relationship with your Constipation.

If Bile Juice Or Saliva is not generated in your mouth which is collected in your mouth while you are asleep and you spit it out in the morning, it is a vital medicine which you will not be able to get anywhere in the world. Many a time you must have heard your elders asking you to drink water first thing in the morning, this does not mean that you brush your teeth and then have water but if as you wake up and have water then it is very beneficial. But sometimes even that water does not help you because there is deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

It is very important for you to consume things which are loaded with anti- oxidant and vitamin C so that when you swallow the saliva/ bile juice, it should make your stomach and intestine strong and get rid of all the diseases.

I always talk about PEANUTS. This should also be consumed but with a clause that if you have it with sugar then mucus will be generated which will tighten the stool and cause Constipation. Also if you take it with salt then this will cause water formation in your body and in such a situation when water comes out in excess then that too will cause Constipation.

Sometimes what happens that I have seen in a lot of my patients that they go to their gynae during menopause and they are given a medicine to reduce the water retention by the doctor so that the water balances. These patients take those medicines and pass a lot of urine and they think that the water level in their body is balanced. But this is not the fact, as the rapidly the water goes out of the body in the same way it comes back into it not by drinking through mouth but by absorbing from the environment. Is such a situation when that water is absorbed then you will have a problem of bloating and if your body is so strong that it does not absorb water or cause water retention then you will end up having Constipation.

Stool requires water to loosen up, so keep in mind not to consume such things that causes water to be absorbed or mucus to be generated. So do eat peanuts but have them roasted without salt or sugar and if you want to have them with salt then do not have them directly, have them with some chaat as a support, then the problem will not be as grave.

Apart from this is BLACK RAISINS. To treat Constipation you require a high amount of anti- oxidant and I have always maintained that black raisins are full of anti – oxidant. Its seeds contain a lot of anti- oxidants and there is a lot of roughage inside it which helps you a lot.

Then comes the fruit PINE- APPLE which helps you a lot during Constipation. But do keep in mind that the Ppine apple should either be over ripe or it should be pressure cooked, never have it uncooked if you get raw pineapple, as this will rid you of Constipation and provide you with pancreatic juice as well.

Then comes ORANGE ZEST, the layer above the skin of the orange is very helpful in curing Constipation. If you want I will show you how to prepare its tea, it is very flavorful and tasty and those of you whose weight has become stagnant due to Constipation can be cured by it. In the coming days I will tell you about ORANGE INFUSED TEA as I have told you about Yellow Tea, orange tea, so that people who complain that they are unable to loose weight even after such a lot of effort can benefit from it. There are some fruits which you need to see carefully.

Normally fruits and vegetables contain a lot of FIBRE AND VITAMIN C which activates your pancreatic juice and bile juice so that there is no Constipation due to roughage, I am not talking about this, meaning to say that it will be cured if you take into consideration all these things then the Constipation that is troubling you sine childhood might be cured. And if you have Constipation and you want to consume fibre then there are a lot of high fibre vegetables,

Someday I will provide you with a list of it:

First comes Kiwi and Gooseberry.

GOOSEBERRY is available locally but in case you are unable to get it then use its powder. You can have 3gm of that powder with Luke warm water any time of the day. You can have all the berries, gooseberry too is a berry, and you can search the net.

You can have SPINACH but nowadays it is since it is the shravan month going do not consume it otherwise you will get bloating and water retention.

BROCCOLI as well as CURRY LEAVES, which I always keep telling is a very beneficial thing. Either have it infused in water or use it as a seasoning in vegetables, you may have curry leaves in any way to reap its benefits.

Then there is ALOE VERA which is very good for Constipation and is equally effective for all the parts of the body but it should be kept in mind that it suits only 3 out of 100 people. It is a very highly allergic thing so I do not make a video on it, but someday I will surely do so to tell you the problems in it. Then I will talk about Healthy fat which you can consume it as oil which has a lot of importance in Constipation. You not only require water and roughage but you certainly require oil too that will take your stool easily slipping it through the intestine and pass through the rectum and comes out of the anus.

So it is for this reason that you can have PURE GHEE which is a very good thing but it should be hot, do not heat it on gas or oven rather have it in hot vegetable or hot cooked pulses only then it will be effective. Almond oil too should be consumed by just taking 1/2 tsp. of it.

Prepare food in MUSTARD OIL. In case you have very acute Constipation then in that case have 5GM OF COCONUT OIL before you sleep. Since Probiotics strengthens your intestine so in the morning when you wake up have 25gms Of Curd without salt or sugar before breakfast. So in this condition too you will be relieved. And if all these things do not help you and you need roughage then the best thing for you is the ROOT VEGETABLES. Potato, Carrot or even Spinach that I told you earlier, you can have them boiled.

Even the Grains that I explained above should all be there with you. Dish them out in a plate and spread 1 tsp. of Ghee over it and have it. If you follow this for 2-3 days in breakfast and not in dinner then you will surely get good results.

Apart from this people who skip breakfast either male or female will definitely have Constipation. If you skip breakfast and directly go for lunch then you will have Constipation because the intestine is confused as to when it will receive high acids so that it can secrete pancreatic juice in order to digest the food.

There are somethings that I would like to inform the males, those of you who are high smokers and need to come out of Constipation then you should boil 100ml water with whole Coriander seeds and reduce it to 100ml and drink it. People consuming Alcohol, Nicotine or coffee cannot benefit from the above things they need only Coriander water to come out of Constipation. Though I am telling you this but do not take it for granted. Try to get your life rid of smoke and alcohol which is good for both your life and body. Nothing should be in excess.

I have spoken a number of time about the basic ingredient Water, as to how much it should be taken, my video came under a lot of controversy and people became very upset but still I would like to tell you that a person irrespective of the blood group, you should definitely watch the description box where I have explained how much and why you should drink water. You cannot consume water above 4 litre. In a day it should be 4ltr be it soup, dal, juice, tea or plain water. If you have more than that then your kidneys will be affected and getting your kidneys to do extra work is worthless. So you can do only the things which are meant for specific functions and keeping in mind the quantity of it too. So excess of water can lead you to dialysis.

If you consume excess water then it will be removed in excess quantity and that will cause to harden the stool, this is one reason but you can make your kidneys over work if you are told to run for a full day then probably you might run for 2-3 or 4 days and if asked to run 100km in a day instead 5km then you will die similarly if kidneys are told that to have 6l or 10l of water in a day then it too might die i.e., it will go for dialysis and it will cease to function.

So remember that you need to drink only that amount of water that is required to maintain the pH value of your body, that will cleanse your stomach rest can be taken in the form of roughage, oil and many other things along with sleep which will relax your body and reduce the effects of Constipation and keep your body fit. This video has definitely become lengthy but I wanted to tell you all the possible reasons from A-Z about the possible reasons behind Constipation and therefore you should listen to this video very carefully so that in future you do not have to face the problem of Constipation.

Constipation also gives rise to a very big reason and that is Brain, it becomes lethargic, your nervous system stops working, so whoever has this problem of Constipation cannot do work related with mind. So keep in mind that during your student life you must keep almond milk with you, it is very important. It is more important than your costly books. It should be available with you so that you can have ½ tsp. at night and your stomach will be clear.

If possible try to have PROTEIN LADDU. In order to avoid the problems you must have BLACK RAISINS so that stomach is clear, mind will be clutter free and your body will be rich in anti- oxidant. It might feel like you have only not passed stool but your entire body is based on that which may cause a lot of problems. So do not consider this video as boring rather take it as a good advice and apply it in your life then you will see a lot of changes in your life because a student must remain fresh and active and the biggest reason of bloating is Constipation, when your stomach is not clear and you keep drinking water and still the stomach does not get cleared.

So do follow this video and do press the like button if you liked the information in this video, give a thumbs up to it. Do share it so that others too benefit out of it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later on. Subscribe to my channel so that you are updated about future uploads. So I shall see you in my next video with some recipe, Information, skin care or hair care. Till then bye.

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