CORIANDER ROOT – Super Bio-food for Weight-Loss

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with the recipe of CORIANDER ROOT again as almost the same recipe I had made for Erectile Dysfunction. But today’s recipe is very easy and will solve a lot of problems. And you can use it in a multipurpose way.  So first I would like to tell you about where all it will work.



The first thing that I talk about in my video is Weight loss and Inch loss. But apart from this, this soup will fight with 9 different diseases. Anyone facing any of these problems can use this like Blood Pressure, if there is problem in digestion, it is Anti ageing, Anti fungal, Hormonal problem, Infertility problem. If there is Erectile dysfunction, if males have face problems then and if you want to fight with your age, so for Anti ageing this is very good.


First of all we will talk about Weight Loss. Coriander Root makes your digestion perfect. Wherever there is problem of digestion and pancreatic juice there this Histadine named, here I have used Coriander and Dill roots, both these roots generate Histadine which is a type of Digestive Amino Acid which activates your pancreatic juice. And due to which there is fast Weight loss. So this is a very good point that such things should be added in our meals like Fennel, Dill, seeds, roots, leaf or Coriander. You must consume all these things in your day to day life.


Then let’s talk about Blood Pressure. So these coriander roots balance the Blood pressure be it High or Low. It is always said that the green leafy vegetables are very high in Sodium. But if taken in a proper way then there is no problem. So if you add this soup in your life then it is going to benefit you even if your blood pressure is high or low.


Coriander root contains Vitamin C.  This is the reason it is called Anti bacterial and Anti fungal. And the presence of Vitamin C gives strength to fight diseases, as I have told you before also. This root is Anti Ageing too. So who ever has problem in their Immune or those who do not have the strength to fight diseases, in such situation Coriander or Dill are very important. Since this is the season of Dill so I am pressurizing to have the roots of both and use it.


In this bowl I have taken both the roots (Coriander & Dill). I am using 2 bunches of them. Simply what you get in the market bring those bunches and cut the roots from them, those that are at the end and after separating them keep them properly. And remember that the roots have a lot of mud attached to them. So it is very important to wash the roots properly.


So soak the roots in water and leave for an hour. After 1 hour its mud gets dissolved in water, so do not rub the leaves in the first water. Throw the first water just like that and in the second water you can rub the roots. If you rub the roots in first water then the mud will get into the leaves. This is my personal experience, so do keep this in mind.


Dill leaves or Dill roots are most beneficial for Infertility. They are very helpful. I have spoken about Dill seeds and Dill roots earlier too. Bathua leaves and Dill leaves are very important for females/ ladies/ or those who give birth as it is very beneficial for their uterus or is good for such Hormone disbalance which are related to uterus.


So keep in mind that since this is the season when Dill is widely available so you can improve your problems. It is very important to add this in your lifestyle, you cannot ignore it. Whoever has any problem of uterus or intestine and I would like to say about the males who smoke, for all of them Dill is very beneficial. And Coriander roots and Dill takes you out of the habit of smoking to a great extent. So do not ignore it.


Second is that this Coriander Root cures the Erectile dysfunction. If you do not have erection at the right time or are unable to stay and ejaculate very fast then is such situation Coriander roots provide a lot of support. I had made a decoy/ tea earlier I had shown you, the link will be in the description box (On YouTube below video). So have a look at it and take the benefits of it.



This Soup is multi purpose so it does not have many ingredients. I have used only 2 ingredients so that it merges with any vegetable or soup or taste bud. So I have washed the Coriander roots with three waters. If you do not wash the roots properly then the formula will be mine but you will get Stones as free gift. There are great chances of Gall Bladder stones, so stone patients are asked to refrain from spinach and such things as they are unable to tolerate the gas of its mud. So remember that Coriander roots should be very well cleared. The brown color that you are seeing is the color of the root; it does not have any mud now.


I am taking the roots in the jar and adding very little water. I have made this chutney in 2 batches. I have added around 50 ml of water not more than that. And very fast it will become a paste. If there are some hard wooden roots of Coriander even that is ground in that paste and there is no problem in it as you have to strain it later.


As you can see that the coriander root I had used were not very healthy still when I grind them in the mixy it becomes the chutney like this and even the wood has been cut. So the extract in the wood has mixed in the paste. Now we will boil ½ liter of water and then add this paste to it. No need to over boil.


I will prepare the chutney of the second batch too. And as you can see that the roots are not very healthy. But the Coriander root is there with little stem with them. So I am grinding them. The total weight when I had measured the Coriander root is 325 gms. So you will have to see the weight and add water accordingly. But remember that the water should be double in quantity.


Now I will allow the Coriander root Soup to boil once only. And it is not on high flame so that its boiling system starts. So it needs to be boiled slightly for 2-3 minutes and here I am stirring it. Then switch off the gas. We will put the lid on and switch off the flame and allow this soup to come to room temperature. It should not be given temperature attack by keeping it in fridge or anywhere else.


As I had said that Pink Tea works as Anti ageing similarly this juice works the same way. If people having fine lines, wrinkles or spots regularly consume this then it acts very fast. And this is the season where it will definitely suit you.


Secondly since it is boiled so whether it is Pink tea or this Coriander root Soup, you will not catch cold or cough. So now I am straining it through this cloth because as I told you before that it contained some wooden roots or fiber, so you will not be able to consume it. And there should not be anything that gets irritating. So I will squeeze it completely and the water collected below has to be used.


Apart from this, this Coriander root Soup is good for those who have Menstrual disorder or have a problem in Monthly cycle or have some Hormonal problem or have a problem of PCOS or PCOD or even Thyroid. The thyroid patients are asked not to eat this but since it is boiled so they can easily consume this. But yes raw Coriander leaves are completely restricted. So do not take it but this is boiled and extracted so you can consume this.


This Coriander root is rich in Vitamins. Especially B9, folic acid is in abundant quantity. So for getting Pregnant presence of Folic acid is very important plus if there is a problem of Water Retention then in that situation too if you consume this soup, it is very helpful.


I have squeezed it completely and the water that is below is your Coriander root Soup. Now I would like to tell you how to use it. This water gets spoilt very fast. I want to tell this before hand. It is very beneficial for you because it is Green Protein; it has become Micro Bio which is highly effective. So keep in mind to store it in bottle in the fridge be it winters or summers. Actually so many times it is being touched by hand that it will spoil very fast, this is my personal experience.


How to drink it? You can take 50ml in a cup and drink it. When you prepare a vegetable then before switching off the flame you can add it. If you are making any soup then you can add 50ml of it. In an entire day you have to consume it around 100-150ml in any way. There is no rule that you have to drink it as tea. And you can take it any time either 50ml or 100ml or 150ml. it has to go into your body anyway you take it. And this will benefit you. Sometimes you make such big rules that you are not able to follow them and you do not get the required result. So keep this in mind, this is multi purpose and flavorless. It has a very good fragrance. It increases the flavor of any food. So whatever you eat will have a very pleasant smell of Coriander root, Coriander leaves and Dill and it will be very appetizing. So you feel a lot of hunger and if you are eating high carb and high protein then it will digest very fast. And preparation is very easy. You only need 2 ingredients. If you have only Coriander root or only Dill then in that case too you can prepare this decoy/ tea/ soup whatever you call it, prepare it and add it to your life and please do not do this whatever you write in the comment box that my coriander root is kept in the freezer, how to use it?  Simply prepare its tea and use it in any thing, use it for kneading flour, in any way it will provide benefits.


So do add it in your life and do prepare its tea. Do not ignore it. You can call it whatever you want Coriander root Soup or tea; it will surely give you benefits and do send me your reviews.


If you want its written recipe then log on to my website,, there you will get its written recipe and information. So do visit the site and read it. And if you have any questions related to the video then do ask in the comment box. I will try my best to answer them.


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