Cure 50% Asthma & Bronchitis within 30 days

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a topic due to which many people are troubled and many children too are suffering because of it. And since the winters have started so during this period the problem of ASTHMA and BRONCHITIS grows a lot. So I have come with this topic so that I can solve your problems.


 But before that I want to convey a message to pregnant females. Those who are crossing the 5th or 6th month of their pregnancy to them I want to tell that as you are aware that your delivery can be due in either 4 or 3 or 2 or even 1 month so do not try to copy the filmy style of pushing because if you give load on you cervix then the contraction will increase and as you can see in the picture the below portion will become tight and that might lead to a C-section, many of my patients have had this problem. The picture I am showing you is showing that the patient has Copper-T, but I want to tell you all something else when the pressure increases then in that situation the contraction increases. And if the contraction increases then your upper portion will reduce in size and the chances of C-section will definitely increase. So do not copy the filmy style if you are pregnant for the first time that if you apply pressure then you will have a normal delivery. So keep this in mind.


Now let’s come back to the topic ASTHMA AND BRONCHITIS. Before sharing the treatment I would like to tell you the systems of Asthma, as to what is asthma exactly. The defect of passing of air into the lungs is called Asthma. In this condition when you breathe in the air it goes inside but is not exhaled properly due to some allergy or cough or cold or deficiency of blood or, people suffering from anemia or deficiency of hemoglobin develop allergy, and lungs tend to swell and due to the swelling the lung gets irritated so exhalation is a problem. This is called ASTHMA. And asthma is the problem of the lungs so when we use inhaler the steroids lower the effect of allergy and then we are able to breathe properly within 2-3 seconds. So people strongly support the use of inhalers but that is not a 100% best option.


When the allergy of asthma is acute wherein the bones of the ribs feel gripped it is BRONCHITIS, you will not find it mentioned anywhere the literature about it, when you develop arthritis in your ribs then it is known as BRONCHITIS. But in Bronchitis only intakes will not be of much help, application is very important. If you are suffering from Asthma only then taking something might help but if Asthma is accompanied with Bronchitis then application is a must.



The first ingredient is RAW TURMERIC/ POWDER is the most important ingredient as it removes the infections of Asthma and gives strength to fight against the disease. People with asthma suffering from heart burn or acidity must use raw turmeric. But if you feel very cold and get a lot of mucous when you cough small balls of cough come out then you should use turmeric powder. Also for Bronchitis you should use turmeric powder.  The method of detecting Bronchitis is that when you speak rapidly or laugh aloud then you get an attack of Asthma, then in that case you are suffering from Bronchitis whether your doctor tells you or not. Then that grip gets active very fast.  Is such situation turmeric oil is very useful and by its application the pain fades.


Next ingredient is ASAFETIDA which is also equally very important. You should consume it if it is within your reach. In India everyone can have it whereas outside India you will get it in Asian or Indian grocery stores. You just need to take a pinch of asafetida and add few drops of water and mix it and then apply to your navel. This is mostly used to terminate the problems of the stomach of people suffering from acidity, gas or even children who are very restless. This treatment gives very good results in Asthma and makes your body very active through your navel and also in generating hemoglobin and developing RBC in the body. All the measures that I am talking about can be used for babies of 2 months onwards.


The next ingredient is CAROM SEEDS. It is easily available in grocery stores all around the world.  Its intake is very important in any form. If you want then I will let you know the powder for Asthma and also a tea, but for that I would require atleast 200 comments. If I get 200 comments then definitely I will share it below that it is not possible. When there is no demand then what should I share? So do add carom seeds in your life and it benefits a lot in Asthma.


Next ingredient is GOOSEBERRY. Gooseberry can be taken in any form except its candy or its sweet, other than that gooseberry in any form will benefit you.


The next ingredient is FENNEL SEEDS. Here I am showing you 2 types of fennel seeds, one is bigger in size which we use for tempering and the other is smaller in size which we get to eat when we dine in hotels and ask for the bill. Both these fennel seeds are different; we will not use the bigger one. When I made the video on fennel seeds many people were confused that the bigger one is not available, rather it is easily available. The small fennel seeds help in curing Asthma, the bigger one in not helpful in curing Asthma. So you must intake the smaller fennel seeds minimum of 3-5 gms. If  a child is below 12 years then he should be given 3 gms and above that age group 5 gm should be given. And if you are 25 plus then you must consume 10 gms. This should be used daily.


Next ingredient is the leaves of HOLY BASIL. You will have to know properly how to use it. You can prepare tea of its green leaves. Dry basil leaves can be used as powder. But people suffering from acute asthma and bronchitis too have to get holy basil which has lots of seeds on top and they can have its tea or eat its dry powder or can also prepare its chutney/dip. But if you have only Allergy Asthma then they can have the green leafy one and not the seed one as it might dry their cough. Keep in mind the type of your body before consuming anything. The basil with seeds is very hot and those with leaves are comparatively less hot.


Next ingredient is BAY LEAF. This too is an important ingredient so it is better to add it to your lifestyle. I am not giving any formula for it. If it is in your lifestyle then it is much better rather than using its leaf as sometimes it might make the nose very dry. Even during winters when you get up in the morning you might feel a burning sensation in the nose. This might be a big problem with bay leaf. So it is better to add it while preparing food. It is very helpful in curing Bronchitis.


Next ingredient is SPRING ONION. Here you have to be careful while choosing the variety of spring onion. There are 2 types one has red onions and the other has white onions. So the ones you should use is the red one as shown in the picture. And this will cure Asthma. You can drink its juice or fry it and add it to the vegetables or you can prepare its dips, you can infuse it and have its oil. So there are many ways of taking it. If you demand then surely I will share its recipes but the condition is the same that the comments should be around 200 only then will I make the video.


Next ingredient is GINGER. But keep in mind that people suffering from piles or leucorrhea cannot use ginger. And those who do not have these problems can also use dry ginger powder, which has a very fast effect on people with mild cough but for hard cough the dry ginger powder will dry the cough more. So people with dry cough or those having lots of hotness in the body should use ginger juice. There is another form of ginger too that is ginger candy. If you can take it then it is very good solution. Because as you consume it especially the children, when they keep it in their mouth then slowly its juice secretes into the mouth throughout the day and they are not even aware that the treatment is taking place.


Next ingredient is GARLIC. For garlic I always tell you all not to use the Chinese variety.  You have to use the cheaper one with very tiny capsules. You just need to add it to any vegetable and use it easily. You can infuse it or prepare a dip and if you are using during winters then it has no reaction unlike ginger. There is no problem with it, anyone can consume it and will get awesome result.


Now let’s talk about some HERBS. Some herbs are very important for Asthma, Bronchitis or allergy of any kind.  This is PUNARNAVA WOOD.  The branch that you are seeing in the picture is punarnava. The link for it will be given in the description box so that you can buy it online.  This has a very good effect. It works very well in making the lungs flexible, removing its swelling, removing the infections inside, removing the itching and felling of griping, fighting the mucous and makes your breathe cool to a large extent.


2 herbs help a lot in decreasing the swelling. One of them is AGAR WOOD. You will get this agar wood in puja shops. I have given the online link of agar wood oil. If you use it, you will get lots of benefits. This also increases the flexibilities and removes swelling. If you need its decoy recipe then do let me know. I will share it with you.


Next ingredient is ASHOK CHAAL (BARK). This is also an important ingredient and has multi purpose usage. It cures diseases like arthritis, asthma, bronchitis. Its function is not exactly to increase the flexibility or decrease the suffocation but it reduces the infection at a high speed. So when you get asthma then the infection gets so high that the mucous starts to generate, all the lubricants start to thicken and they become mucous. This mucous is controlled by Ashok chaal so that the lungs do not swell and you don’t feel suffocated when you breathe. Ashok chaal blocks the inhaler, it works like an inhaler.


Next herb is LICORICE. This should be present in your pantry whether you have Asthma or not. This is an anti infection herb. Licorice works very well in situations like mouth cancer, ulcer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer or any type of infection in the intestine. So Asthma is also a type of allergy and hence whoever gets an allergy can keep its root in the mouth even if you are unable to sleep at night or if your kids are suffering because of suffocation. For these entire situations just scrape the brown part (as it is bitter in taste) and bash it with something heavy and take a small part of it and keep it in the mouth and it will work exactly as Vicks. It will remove the infection along with that through the night the juice of it will remove the cough and reduce the swelling too.


Next ingredient is COCOA NIBS OR COCOA POWDER. In today’s date people following me will be having it in their pantry. If you do not have it then see the link in the description box and buy it. This cocoa nib improves the deficiency of hemoglobin and iron in the body and strengthens the RBC. So it fights very well with the chances of Asthma as well as cures it. Therefore it is an important thing. If you are able to get cocoa nib then nothing like it but in case you are unable to get it then opt for cocoa powder. But at the same time find out whether it is pure or not as in the market nowadays a lot of impure powders are available. That is why I insist on nib as it is more beneficial.


Next fresh ingredient is CELERY which works like magic on Asthma patients. You can have it in any form be it juice, salad, soup and is very important so do not ignore it.


 This is a small series that I have made which is related to Asthma because there are lots of ingredients and herbs, so this is a small file which you can start and it will provide benefits to you. In case you need its series then do write in the description box because it will have a lengthy series which I have been making from last 8 days. So I will be continuing with that too. But I must get comments more than 200.


View this video carefully and whatever problems you are going through do take care of that as I have told you that if something is hot in nature and your body is hot too then how you can avoid it.


I would like to remind you again that the keep in mind the nature of holy basil, bay leaves, ginger and dry ginger powder, because these things can cause reaction in different ways. It might be possible that it provides more than required heat to you or your child then it might cause dry nose, acidity or heart burn. So determine the type of your body before using them. If you have a cold body type then you can use all of them. Follow this video, watch and listen it carefully.


And if you liked my video and information then hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share my video so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


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