Cure ‘Leucorrhoea’ just in 3 days | White Discharge Problem

Click here to read video translation of Leucorrhoea treatment  in next 48 hrs | Cure ‘Leucorrhoea’ just in 3days | White Discharge Problem


Lotus Stem (Kamal kakdi): 30 gm

Raw Banana Skin (Kachche Kele ka Chhilka) : 35 gm

Banana Blossom (Kele ka Phool): 25 gm

Onion (Pyaaz): 20 gm

Garlic (Lahsun): 10gm

Star Anise (Chakri Phool): 1 pc

Green Cardamom (Chhoti Elaichi): 2 pcs

How to Take (Dosage):

  • You can drink this mixture always after Breakfast & Lunch both.
  • The Quantity will be 50 ml each time.
  • Aapko yeh mixture Naste ke baad aur Dopahar ke khane ke baad lena hai. Din mein 2 baar lena hai.
  • 50 ml aapko har baar lena hai, dono time par.


  • For Best result, minimum aapko lagataar 15 dino tak lena hoga
  • For the best result, you shall have to take this minimum for 15 days continuously.
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8 thoughts on “Cure ‘Leucorrhoea’ just in 3 days | White Discharge Problem

  1. Mam, I am Moumita. last 2-3 months sexual excitement bahat kam ho gea hai. I am 30 years old and married for 6 months. My husband and I both are worried about it. Please suggest me some remedy.

  2. Hello mam,

    I love you so much… Mam meine Kai baar comment kiya but apka reply nahi Mila mein mein apki hur video dekhti hu or logo ko batati hu apke wajah se bahut logo help kur payi hu.. mam mujhe endomatriosis hai. Or tummy bhi reduce nahi ho raha hai Please is per bhi video banaiye. I hope is baar aap mujhe reply karenge …

  3. Hi mam…ye mai kal se try karne wali hu. Is ratio se kitna extract niklega or Kya zyda hai to ye store karke dusre din le sakte hai.
    Plz reply muze ye problem bhot saalose hai.

  4. Thank you Ma’m for sharing such valuable remedy for Leucorrhea .

    I have been suffering from Leucorrhea for past 9 months. I have used allopathic medicine with doctor consultation. But it could temporarily benefited me even after repeated use of medicine. It happened again with discontinuation of those allopathic medicine.

    I have been taking your recommended medicine for past one month. I am also taking all precaution regarding diet. Till now I do not have any issue and this medicine is working fine. However, I have few question, kindly reply.

    1. How many days I have to take this medicine to completely cure Leucorrhea.
    2. Should I have to avoid food like tomato and brinjal after completing the course of this medicine.
    3. What other steps should I take to ensure complete cure and avoid reoccurance of Leucorrhea .

    With best regards

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