Quick Weight loss with CURRY LEAVES & 22 Health Benefits

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Hi everyone, I am Dr.shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy, Naturopaths treat always treat their patients with NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Today I bring to you CURRY LEAVES. You all had requested me to tell you about the benefits of CURRY LEAF and its health benefits. How it helps in WEIGHT LOSS and how to keep skin and hair healthy. So in this video I will be discussing on these matters only.


CURRY LEAVES works as an ANTI DEPRESSANT. So if you are under some Tension and you chew 2-3 CURRY LEAVES just as you chew betel leaves then very soon you will be relieved of the tension and you will feel fresh.  There are ANTI OXIDANT properties too in CURRY LEAF. In that case if you eat CURRY LEAVES the blood circulation is very smooth in your body, you are able to breathe properly, the flow of oxygen is good and so the depression vanishes form your mind and body.


CURRY LEAF contains VITAMIN C whose function is to cure your body of any hidden fever, it acts as an antibiotic. If you consume CURRY LEAVES with either pomegranate juice or with the fruit itself then the undetected fever that you get, that even the doctors are unable to detect and you keep feeling feverish, goes down quickly. Thus the combination of POMOGRANATE pearl along with 5-6 CURRY LEAVES if consumed in breakfast helps you to feel good within 10-15 minutes. You don’t get fever.


Actually CURRY LEAVES tightens your IMMUNE SYSTEM. CURRY LEAVES tightens the capacity of your body to fight with the diseases, so that you are to fight with the weather conditions, situations in your life as well as the exertions in your day to day life. If on a regular basis you consume CURRY LEAVES either as tea, chutney, powder or raw then these leaves act as anti ageing. Consumption of CURRY LEAF gives a good texture to your skin, hair and there is a good flow of blood in your body. So CURRY LEAF acts as an important ingredient in your everyday food.


“Whenever I tell you the importance of any ingredient, it always means that whatever food you are intaking daily; the said ingredient must be added to the food. It does not imply that you only have to eat that particular ingredient. You will have numerous benefit if you do not ignore it rather add it to your food.”


CURRY LEAF contains water soluble Vitamin E even though Vitamin E is an oil soluble ingredient and mixes only in oil, this means that the juice of CURRY Leaf contains Vitamin E. This Vitamin E saves the skin from any infection as well as gives a glow to the skin. There will be dramatic change in your skin as it will wipe out any type of infections.


CURRY LEAVES play a big role in hair growth. CURRY LEAVES gives a good improvement to your hair growth. When your hair starts greying if that time you apply oil made of infused CURRY LEAVES, which is prepared by a different process, then you will have a lot of benefits. Your grey hairs start turning black. It is a lengthy process and a different one too. I have made a video on oil, you can see in that the process of infusing the oil, you will find the LINK in the description box.


This is a FACE PACK of CURRY LEAVES, the link of which will be in the description box, you can see there how you can get benefit out of it.


CURRY LEAVES is very beneficial for people suffering from DIABETES. Such people as well as people who want to lose weight should consume CURRY LEAVES regularly.


When you get up in the morning then before brushing your teeth wash around 10-15 fresh CURRY LEAVES and chew and eat it as you chew the betel leaves. You will find good effects on your health if you start your day with CURRY LEAVES. These CURRY LEAVES will mix with the saliva of your mouth and will be very beneficial for diabetics. CURRY LEAVES help in controlling the sugar just like FENUGREEK. You can eat fenugreek seeds after eating CURRY LEAVES or even before eating CURRY LEAVES. As I have told you that you have to swallow soaked fenugreek with water. In order to get real benefit of CURRY LEAVES it is advisable to eat CURRY LEAVES before fenugreek seeds as saliva is required.


 If you do not have fresh CURRY LEAVES, you can wash the CURRY LEAVES and leave it either on your counter top or table or anywhere and it will dry itself. CURRY LEAVES dry themselves so keep in mind that CURRY LEAVES should not be exposed to sunlight. You can also wrap them in either newspaper or brown paper and keep it in the fridge for a fridge dried CURRY LEAVES. CURRY LEAVES dries very well and can be kept for long. You can see that these CURRY LEAVES are very dry and I have not exposed them to sunlight. These CURRY LEAVES provide the same benefits as the fresh ones either you infuse them and prepare tea or as a face pack or in any other way. So those of you who are unable to get fresh CURRY LEAVES try finding the dried CURRY LEAVES. You will find them in any Indian Grocery Store.


I always have CURRY LEAVES powder with me and I try to incorporate it in all the dishes even though fresh CURRY LEAVES are available to me. But dry powders have their own taste and benefits and can be used regularly.


CURRY LEAVES contains VITAMIN B which is very important to fight diseases, to stay healthy and to look beautiful.


But CURRY LEAVES contains a lot of FOLIC ACID, which means all the females having problems in their pregnancy for them, CURRY LEAVES is very helpful. If there is no egg formation or the uterus is loose or even if there is infection in the vagina due to you are unable to perform sex in such a case you should regularly take CURRY LEAVES tea. The infused tea is very easy to make.


“So I will let you know the RECIPE of tea and along with it I will keep explaining its benefits so that the length gets a little short. “


CURRY LEAF contains VITAMIN A which is very good for anemic people. When they consume CURRY LEAVES tea they will have a lot of advantage. The work of CURRY LEAVES is that it gives the power of absorbing iron to the body from whatever food you intake. Whatever food you consume if it contains iron then this CURRY LEAVES tea selects it from your food by itself. So you do not have anemia. And due to this you will not have HEART DISEASE OR CHOLESTEROL OR FAT. And if the food contains anti oxidant then there will be a very good flow of blood and sufficient oxygen will be present in the body so there will be no cholesterol.


Also if you do not have anemia, you will not suffer from cold & cough as your immune system will be healthy.




Here I am boiling 300ml of WATER with CURRY LEAVES. And if you have to drink it immediately then I am straining it to show you. I have boiled this for 5 minutes. For immediate consumption the tea can be had like this. But I prefer that anemic people or people suffering from different problems or even those who want to loose weight should not strain the tea. You can prepare around 1-1 and ½ liters of tea and store it in a big jar and then you can have it throughout the day. This CURRY LEAF does not create a problem even when it gets cold. It will cure your cough and keep your intestine clear. So you can have this tea hot or cold.


You just have to keep in mind that you will not remove the CURRY LEAVES from the tea and let it infuse while consuming it. You can even eat the leaves while having the tea. So this is very important that this CURRY LEAVES should be strained only when you want to consume it immediately after preparing else it should be left it in the tea itself to reap the benefits.


Even after cooking process is over the leaf does not spoil as there is always some extract left in it. CURRY LEAVES are some herbs that even after infusion remain as they are. So you can have this CURRY LEAVES tea whenever you want and you can add the strained part in any vegetable or chutney. But if it is in a bottle then leave the CURRY LEAVES in the bottle till you finish drinking the water.


This CURRY LEAVES water can also be given to young kids who are 3-4 years old. This water is very beneficial in treating their loose motions or diarrhoea, vomiting or indigestion.


CURRY LEAVES TEA is also very good in treating the reactions caused due to CHEMOTHERAPY.  It is good even if you eat it as betel leaves but people who want to loose weight or those who want to be safe from the reactions of chemotherapy should consume the CURRY LEAVES chutney which I have prepared and which is a very good thing. I have mixed a lot of things in the chutney which is very beneficial for you and it is very tasty too.



Here I am using PEANUTS. I am not telling you any accurate proportion you can take the things as per your taste. Then I am adding GARLIC and ½ inch GINGER. Then I am adding 1 green chilly, since this is Mumbai chilly so it is very spicy at other places you do not get such spicy chilies so you can add 2-3 of them. Then I have added ½ tsp BLACK SALT. Then as I had explained in my last video how to prepare roasted flax seeds powder, I am adding that too. Then I am adding homemade garam masala. I have prepared this by adding many types of masalas. If you want its recipe then do let me know. I will definitely make a video on it but there should be around 200 comments in the comment box only then it will be possible for me to make that video. I cannot make a video for 1-2 comments.


Then I am adding around 1 bowl of CURRY LEAVES. Then I am going to grind it in the mixy. This powder should be kept very safely as it gets infected very easily. We do not have to add water in it. This is a dry powder.


You will see that the peanuts have released oil. But it is very good and tasty too. If you want you can add lemon juice or Malabar Tamarind in the chutney. But this is not for everyone. I keep telling you time and again and also I keep getting request to talk about citric allergy, so very soon I will be making a video on it. So if you have citric allergy then do not add lemon / tamarind, even if your body swells or you get cough or your get sick after eating sour. You can add 3-4 drops of lemon.


I am taking this out in a container and will be keeping it in the fridge where it has a shelf life of 1 month. Just keep in mind that it should not come in contact with water. This speeds the process of slimming because it contains flax seeds as well as peanuts which help in slimming. Peanuts help in weight loss, so if you need a video on it do let me know, I will tell you about its benefits too.


The chutney also contains ginger and garlic which also help in slimming as well as balancing the body. Do keep in mind that slim does not mean under weight. Many people ask me to help them reduce weight from 55 kgs to 50 kgs when their height is 5’3”- 5’4”. But this not in the hands of a naturopath to make you 50 from 55. This is not possible. A balance health is that where your body gets slim as much as it can. You cannot be made under weightUnder weight is caused due to starvation or skipping meals or even making your self sick. If you want to remain healthy then the ideal weight should be as per the list and can be 1-2 kgs up or down.


 So take advantage of CURRY LEAVES and watch this video carefully and if you are unable to understand it then watch it 3-4 times. For different disease there are different processes. In whichever way you consume CURRY LEAVES, it will help in weight loss. And along with weight loss you will have a beautiful glow on your face. CURRY LEAVES will help you in a number of ways. You will have a good a good textured hair. There will be no hairfall, skin will be healthy and if you are getting pimples will stop as the blood will be purified. So just follow whatever I have explained and get the benefits of CURRY LEAVES.


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So this is it for today. I shall see you again with any RECIPE or information on skin care or hair care. Till then  BYE.

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