UnderArms Pack : How to Lighten & get rid of Dark UnderArms permanently

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with UNDERARMS WHITENING PACK. This has a very good result. You notice the result after the first application onwards and that too a marvelous one.

Only one thing has to be kept in mind while preparing this Underarms Pack that if you are going to apply this pack to children below 10 years of age, then you have to skip the Essential Oil that I will be mentioning further to add in this Pack. This Pack can be applied to all age children. This can be used on 6 months child too. Sometimes there are patches on the skin of children, many people complain that their children get Itching in the body or get something like Eczema, all of them can be applied this Pack.

So let’s start knowing the ingredients:


The first ingredient of this Underarm Pack is CORIANDER LEAVES WITH STEM. The more it is green the better it will be. Wash and chop them. The biggest property of Coriander Leaves is that it gets rid of any type of blackness. If we use only the leaves, then many a times it lightens the Mole. So regular application of Coriander Leaves is always best because it is rich in Vitamin E & C which improves the skin. Even when you consume Coriander leaves, I always recommend in my diet plans to eat Coriander Leaves at night because it has high Repairing System.

Next ingredient that I am using in this Underarm Pack is high in Astringent. It is a very good thing to close open pores. This is CUCUMBER. I had this green one, Zucchini, but you can use any Cucumber that is easily available to you.

Always keep this in mind for all the ingredients, not to remove their skin. And also do not remove the bitterness of Cucumber.

Next ingredient of this Underarm Pack is LEMON. It is very important. If you want to get rid of blackness, then make it a point to use Lemon with Zest. Never throw the Zest because if Lemon juice has the strength to cut the effects of anything then the Zest has high repairing system. So do give credit to Lemon Zest. Even if you extract the Juice from the Lemon, then dry and store the zest.

Another ingredient of the Underarm Pack is ORANGE. Orange too is very important. I am using the Nagpur Orange but you can use any type of Orange. I use this specially because its skin is orange in color and has a very strong fragrance. I like it.

This also will be chopped with skin as we need the juice too. Its juice is very important as it contains Vitamin C & A plus, Zinc too is present. Whatever things are rich in Zinc or Potassium or Phosphorus, that will improve your skin a lot. Even if you intake it, then your bones get very strong and there is no swelling in the body. But here Zinc is very important for application.

Next ingredient of this Underarm Pack is POTATO. The starch of Potato is very important.

Next we will use APPLE in this Underarm Pack. I am using the Green Apple but you are free to use any Apple. It is high in Vitamin A which improves your skin.

Next I will add PUMPKIN in this Underarm Pack. Pumpkin is considered a magical product for Beauty. So the use of Pumpkin helps in getting rid of any type of dark patches.  It is very important as it removes any type of infections.

Now we will cut all the ingredients of this Underarm Pack. It is important to chop them. I edited the video as it was getting too lengthy. So I am explaining in short that you need to chop them and then BLEND them in the mixy.

So we will add all the ingredients together in the mixy jar. I am showing you in 1 batch only but do not take this much as I had to prepare in 2 batches. It should be ground very fine. Do give it the support of WATER. So I had added around 150ml Water.

Now the next step is to take a bowl and keep a strainer over it and over the strainer spread a muslin cloth and then strain the Blended Paste. I am Straining this because if we store the juice with the pulp, then it will rot. Do keep this in mind. It will last for 6 months in the freezer, if kept in ice trays. In a new fridge it will last for 1 ½ months but in an old one it will last only for a week. So different fridges have different cooling capacities, that is why I am mentioning it. So you can keep a little amount outside and the rest can be stored in a bottle around 1 liter. I have prepared around 400ml.

You can dry the Pulp and use in in any Scrub. Do not throw it as it is a very good Exfoliator if you rub it after mixing it in Cleansing Milk and since it is natural product so you will not get any rashes.

I had this ready around 400ml and that I am filling in a soda bottle, the one I had used while making the Soda Orange Drink, if you have not watched the Slimming Drink which tastes just like the store bought soft drink which gets rid of stones and several other diseases. So the link will be in the description box and pin post, if you desire you can watch it.

I have filled this in the bottle. The quantity that I have mentioned will make 400ml, you can increase the quantity.

Now I will be discussing the BASE POWDER of this Underarm Pack.

So I am using the KAOLIN CLAY. Kaolin clay is very good as it spreads easily on the face. It balances the oil too.

The next one is LICORICE. It is important to add Licorice as there tends to be a lot of infections in the Underarms. And when infections increases, then it gives rise to blackness, rashes, there are cuts and also the area starts having burning sensation. Infections also occur due to lot of waxing. It gives blackness as the skin becomes dead.

Next is SANDALWOOD POWDER. This Sandalwood Powder is of very good quality. I had discussed about this earlier too. There are many types of Sandalwood Powder available in the market but the cheaper ones are useless. Sandalwood Powder is very costly. If you are getting a cheaper variety, then it will have no result as you will be buying it for your satisfaction only. I will be providing the link in the description box and pin post for the Sandalwood Powder. The one that I am using was very costly as you can eat it too.

The link that I will be providing will be for the application only as I had purchased directly from a herbal shop, so it has very good result. That Sandalwood Powder too has very good result, I have recommended to many of my patients. Always use fresh and good quality Sandalwood Powder if you want to get results. This cost me around 450-545 rupees for 25gms, but the quality is very good. So if you want to buy this please go ahead.

These are the 3 ingredients and they will last long as I have made it in a good quantity. You will get all the measurements on my Website and the link will be in the description box and pin post. We will mix all the powders. I often mention on my videos that you will get all the measurements, Do’s & Don’ts on my Website, so you should visit the site to know about them, you get confused most of the times. Link is always provided in the description box and in the first comment of the pin post.

So after mixing all these powders, fill them in an air tight jar. I have made less in quantity but if you are making in large quantity, then you can multiply accordingly. The Jar should always be dark in color. If you can get it from your local crockery store, then you can buy it from there else I will be providing a link for it, if you want you can buy it from there. If you have a dark jar of plastic, you can use it too. I am using the glass jar. It is better if the color is brown or blue. The powder will last long with results.

Now I will let you know the procedure of preparing the paste of Underarms Pack. We will take a small amount of the pack and over it pour the Juice that we made earlier. This Juice is multipurpose. Like here it is being added to the pack, but in case if you come from outside and are not in a mood to apply the Pack, then simply you can rub this in your Underarms or below the Thighs, the area that blackens, with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it, you will get the desired results.

To increase the quality of this Underarms Pack, I will add ESSENTIAL OILS to it. I am not adding them but you can use 2-3 types of Essential oils. I will be mentioning all the names on the Website.

Here I am adding the ORANGE EXTRACT, the one I had made by Infusing Oranges. Those who can add it, do add it. Things improve due to it, though I will be letting you know the Non-Alcoholic ones too. But they do not have very good results. The results of the Alcohol one is very good.

Then MIX all of them and APPLY it. Wipe your Underarms or Under Thighs with a damp cloth and then apply this Underarms Pack. Leave it for 10 minutes. The consistency of the paste should be like this only; it should not be very thick. Apply it and when it dries within 2-3 minutes then apply it again with the brush. Apply it for 2-3 times and when it dries completely, then after 10 minutes WASH it off. Immediately you will see a very good results.

You can prepare this paste in abundant quantity and store it in a bottle in the fridge so that you can apply this Underarms Pack later too. If you prepare for 2-3 days and store it in the fridge, then there is no problem, it won’t rot but more than that it will ferment.

And the remaining waste product of this Pack can be dried and also of the other packs that I share for the face which is prepared by grinding the vegetables, all can be dried. For all these Cleansing Milk is very good. But no one has demanded me for the Cleansing Milk till now. So if you require the recipe of Cleansing Milk, since it is very hot and there is a lot of sweat and there are lots of things happening in the skin, so if you want it, then do let me know in the comment box. And comments are more than 200 whereas I prefer more than 500 as I do not understand the concept of 200, so if I get good number of comments, then I will definitely make a video of Cleansing Milk, so that you get a support with that roughage and you can Exfoliate your body before bath. And it is very cheap.

Do use this Underarms Pack on your Underarms and Under your Thighs, you will get very good results. And if you liked my video information, then do like my video. Give it a Thumbs up. Share it on your social media, friends & family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates to uploads.

And do press the Bell button so that you get the notifications timely. And the details that you are unable to get here, for that you need to visit the Website, www.drshalini.com, the link is in the description box. The products that are not visible here will have their link in the description box and my first comment in the pin comment, so do click there. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

Home-made Most Effective UNDER-ARM PACK to remove BLACKNESS of Under-Arms



Kaolin Clay : 2tbsp or 25 gm

Mulethi / Liquorice :  1.5tbsp or 20 gm

Chandal / Sandalwood : 1tsp or 5gm


Potatoes : 1 medium or 75 gm

Pumpkin : 100gm

Lemon (with skin) : 10gm

Orange (with skin) : 100gm

Cucumber (with skin) : 100gm

Apple (Red/Green) : 75gm

Coriander Stem + Leaves : 75 gm

Water : 150 ml


Lavender Oil : 2 drops

OR Rosemary Oil

OR TeaTree Oil

Note: 2 drops any of them

Orange Infuse Serum: 5 drops (optional)

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