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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and today again I have come in front. Actually the topic that I have come with today has been troubling a lot of people, so I thought of doing it first. I have been continuously receiving messages that they have Depression, please discuss about Depression. One message I read 2 days back which said that “ma’am if you do not get 200 comments, then will you not make video a video? I am very much in trouble”. So that is not the case. I have already received 200 comments within 3-4 months for Depression. But I was busy with other priorities. But now I think that I should take it as a priority, so today I will be talking about DEPRESSION.

I will be discussing 2-3 types of Depression. Apart from that I will also be discussing ways to control . If you take it any supplement or follow any treatment or do some home remedies but if you do not change your thinking, then you will face problems in curing Depression. Medicines can control the chemical secretion inside you but if you keep on secreting it, then as long as you take the medicines it will be under control but as you discontinue it, the problem will increase. I have read a lot of comments related to it where people say that as long as they take the medicine of Depression, they are fine but as they stop the medicine, the problem comes back.

The chemicals can give you 2 types of diseases. First will be Fat as that disbalances your Hormones. And the second thing will be the problem of Orgasm. If females are Depressed, then Orgasm is a very bad problem. That is a sexual problem wherein whatever you do, you will always feel like having sex. And that problem will be felt in extreme. So these things happen due to the reaction of medications of Depression. Orgasm will not always be due to that reason but this too is a symptom that if you keep eating medicines for Depression, you might face this problem.

So the first medicine that I am suggesting, I will be doing only the thing I am authorized to do. I am a Naturopath and I can talk things related to my subject.


So the first thing is RESCUE OF BACH FLOWER THERAPY. Earlier too many times I have discussed about Rescue. You will get Rescue locally in Homeopathic shops, though it is not a homeopathic medicine. It is a Flower extract. Rescue has a very good result. I will provide the link in the description box, but that will be bit costly. You will get it cheap locally. You will get its Dosage on my Website.

The next homeopathic medicine that you will get in the same shop is KALI PHOS 6X. This directly does not reduce Depression. When you get Depression, then your Sugar cravings increases. Glucose starts burning fast and your brain gets numb, and then you get Depression. In such a situation some medicines and solutions are very important that can save us from Depression. So there should be something that should restrict your thought from going towards glucose and not start burning it. So Kali Phos is a very good medicine that will restrict your sugar cravings. If you have sugar craving and eat Kali Phos for 1 ½ month, then that craving will stop. Then you will not have attraction to sweets because you always crave for sweets whenever glucose burns.

Now I will be discussing some THOUGHTS.

Q & A:

There is one question which says that there is fear of studies. They know that they will get good marks but get Depressed and then everything goes wrong.

This is basic with students that they start fearing. This is called exam phobia. So whether you fear or not you have to answer the paper. And the same goes for marks that whether you fear or not you will get the same marks. So why not have a thinking to do as much as possible. Never dream of what you will do in the future. This becomes a reason for Depression that gives you a fear of exams. If you focus on what you are doing, then that will be much better.

Next question is that there is no happiness in my life.

How did you come to know that there is no happiness in your life? You must have fed this in your brain that there is no happiness in your life. Never do this. In life whatever you think, you get. If you think that there is no happiness in life, then you will always feel the same. Whenever you have a problem and you start crying, the problem will not be solved. When you remain happy only then you will get a solution to it. Whatever you think, increases. Once I had read that God has not given me anything. This is not true. Never complain.

Now let’s talk about supplements again. When you have a lot of problem of Depression, then MAGNESIUM helps you a lot. The supplement of Magnesium is available in 400-500-600mg. You can have that. If you are a student and have an uneasy feeling form inside, then you should take Magnesium. That will help you rapidly. You can take it either after breakfast or after lunch.

Next question is that when there is only negativity in life how can we think positively? You had said this in your video.

This comment is related to the video of women’s day. It is not possible that there will be no negativity in anyone’s life. It gets tough that time because both your Heart and Soul are not ready to believe that anything will change. But we need to work on it. The biggest problem starts when something wrong happens with you and you start investigating about it.

Whichever religion you belong to, try to get help from the Mythological books of your religion. It makes a lot of difference. When you get to know that a particular situation cannot change, then move from it. And be ready to own up your mistakes. Keep distance from people with negativity. If you stay with them, then your problems will only increase as this is human nature.

There is another supplement, if you can afford it, GLUTAMINE. Glutamine too reduces the Sugar Craving and Strengthens your body. It reduces the Strain from your body. I will provide the link in the description box. If you get it locally, then do take it. You will get it in supplement shops only. You will get its Dosages on my Website.

Next question is that my in laws make fun of me. I have been unable to conceive. And whatever I talk about my family members, later I get to hear that people were laughing at me.

This is very simple, you should never think that whatever you say people will believe it and will not make fun of it. SO the best thing is to avoid it. If you are unable to conceive, then I have made many videos related to that topic. In future too I will make more. Presently follow Curry Leaves and be Positive. Many times due to Depression, your physical life does not remain active so you are unable to conceive. And whereas making fun of you is concerned, then do not think about it.

Let’s see the next question, “ma’am I am very Depressed as my Rahu is going on and everything is going wrong for me.

You are not Depressed because of Rahu. Rahu is an assistant of the judge, Shani. Whatever wrong takes place in your life is because of his judgement. So you cannot blame that if you have fallen, it is Rahu’s fault or if something goes wrong in your life, it is Rahu’s fault. You can be sorry for; you must have committed some mistake that all this is happening to you. Rahu only gives you the fruits of your sins.

There is one more question, “ma’am there are some people in my office that do a lot of drama, they cry and gain sympathy from people. And due to this they get promotions as well as best wishes and people commend them for being good human being. And people like us who do not speak much, do not get anything. So we get Depressed, how to come out of it?

I am getting a feeling that this is being said about me. Many people are of the opinion that I cry and gain sympathy. But this is not a cash that if you cry, you will get it and you will benefit from it. Don’t be afraid that someone is gaining sympathy. Even if he is taking it, it will remain here only because the judge sitting in heaven will only bless when someone is true. Judgement takes place there only, so how much ever you fool people here, you will get only if you are true. God only rewards the deserving because dharma and karma go side by side. So if you have done good, then you will get its fruit. Whatever is yours and whatever has been written for you, you will get it. So do not get depressed by the drama people do at office and get increment. Secondly money does not stay with people who are not sincere. So if you are working with a clean heart, you are bound to get its fruit.

You should do MEDITATION. You can find it on You tube and follow it.

Apart from this there is a Tea. I will be posting its recipe with all its Do’s & Don’ts on my Website. That is a very easy Tea and it will help get rid of Migraine which is caused due to Depression.

Learn to stay happy. Try to find happiness around you. Keep yourself engaged.

So I have discussed somethings with you. You will get all the list in the description box. Whatever I have discussed with you, you should take them, you will definitely see a difference. The Tea will also show results. And you will be fine very soon. This is not a monthly dose. I have 1-2 patients who are always under Depression due to some or the other reason. So I always advice not to live in the past.  Sometimes you become the reason for enjoyment for others. Stay Positive and Happy.

After following all the things do give me a review in the comment box as to how you are feeling.

If you liked my video, then do like it. Give it a thumbs up. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


Here, I am mentioning multiple solutions for the treatment and cure of Deep Depression & Anxiety problem. You can
follow any two out of below mentioned solutions and any point of time.

Glutamine :-1 tsp early in the morning

Kali Phos 6x :- 4 drops or 4pills (whichever is available)

Note :- Avoid raw onions n garlic

Magnesium: 400mg to 600 mg after lunch

RESCUE (BACH FLOWER THERAPY): 2 drops 4 time in a day for 6 days


Marigold: – 1 flower
Dalchini :- 2 inches (Avoid in pregnancy)
Bhringraj:- 2gm
Saffron:- 1 pinch
Water :- 500ml


50 ml twice a day

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