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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. Today I have come with WATER MELON DETOX SMOOTHIE. And this time it is set of 2. Since Water melon has 2 colors, your smoothie too will have 2 colors.


This Smoothie is actually a part of my Detox Plan. I am going to start my Detox from next week and you all had said that you will be following it with me. That is why I am discussing the lengthy recipes so that it gets easier for you to follow the Detox plan. And this Smoothie can get rid of 5lbs in 5days. This Smoothie can be taken by anyone, Pregnant Ladies and also those who are Breast Feeding. So this time I have considered the ingredient with everyone’s point of view so that no one faces a problem. 





So here I have washed and cleaned WATER MELON properly. First I had washed it with the help of a brush as I will be using the complete Water Melon. I need the Skin too, so it is very important to clean it properly because lots of fertilizers and pesticides are left on the skin and we need to be alert that nothing of this sort enters our body.


First we will cut the Water Melon into slices. I will be making the first part of Water Melon which is red. I am giving priority to the red pigment as this will be your first drink of the day. The red part of Water Melon is very good for your Blood. The entire Water Melon is good for the body. But the red part works very well for your Iron and Hemoglobin.


I had made a video on Water Melon earlier too. It brings magic to your life. It is very good for the secretion of your Adrenaline. So whoever has a problem of Hormonal Disbalance, those who go on Hot Flashes during Menopause, I have read a lot of comments that say ma’am tell us something about Hot Flashes, so for them this thing is very good, also those who have burning sensation under their foot. It is equally good for PCOS and Thyroid.


It must be visible to you that I am not separating the seeds of Water Melon because we will not be mixing any extra oil in the juice. But the juice will already have Iron in it so to make it soluble, seed oil will be helpful. The Seed of Water Melon makes your Bones strong and helps you a lot in Breathing. Water Melon Seed is very important in curing Body Pain.


Then I am taking TOMATO. It is very good for your health, just keep in mind to deseed it. I would have made it skinless but it is of no use as I will be straining it later. So skin will be removed but if you leave the seed then the inside of the seed will dissolve in the juice. So I am deseeding it.


Tomato is very good for the Refreshment of your body. It is equally good for Detox. So do add it. And in this Vitamin A and Vitamin C are in active mode. When something is in active mode, then as you intake it, it starts working on your body immediately.


Next is the basic ingredient, RAW TURMERIC. I always have fresh Turmeric. So whenever you think that it should be added to any juice, do add it because it is very important tool for Detoxifyng your body. Raw Turmeric always makes your stomach cool. It will strengthen the bones and will relieve from any type of pain.


We will add all the ingredients in the Blender. First add the Raw Turmeric and then the Water Melon pieces as I will not be adding any water to it. Spread a cloth over the strainer and squeeze the juice properly. There will be nothing left behind in the cloth. A little bit of Tomato skin and skin of Water Melon seeds will be left.


Now I am taking ½ TSP BASIL SEEDS and ½ TSP CHIA SEEDS. We will mix both the seeds and soak them in little water. When they absorb the water and thicken, then add it to the jar from which you will be drinking the juice. If you are only using Chia Seeds, then you need to soak it overnight. But with Basil Seeds the soaking happens quickly. Both have separate time of expanding.


Then I am pouring the Juice. The combination will bring miracle. If someone has the problem of Constipation, that starts getting cured by 3-4 hours because this full combination starts working on your body. And the Mind and Soul of the Body gets Detoxed.


Next is Green Juice, it is bit like a Smoothie as it is not totally dilute.




Here I am using SKIN OF WATER MELON . The biggest benefit of the skin is that it contains Chlorophyll. All the Dark Green things are abundant in Chlorophyll, light green colored too have Chlorophyll but dark green is very rich in it. So never throw them.


It helps you a lot in Hot Flashes. You can prepare anything from it and consume it. It is high in Vitamin A. It is very good for people with problem of Eye Sight. It is also good for them who have worms in their stomach.


Then I am using GREEN TOMATO . You will get it at the vegetable vendor, sometimes it is white too.


Some people had commented in my video that tomato contains Solanine and it is poisonous. But Solanine is not a poison. It is a type of flatulant. Whichever vegetable is flatulant, that are Solanine rich, they have been given a category, Night Shadow. It is present in many types of vegetable like Blue Berry, Apple, Cherry, Beet Root, Ladies Finger, Potato, Eggplant, Tomato and Pine Apple, that can cause rashes to you. If you eat Raw Pineapple, it may cause scratches inside your throat. So Solanine is present in all these things. So it is not that poisonous.


It creates Body pain. So in order to fight them, the best way is to fight with their flatulant property. If you are able to digest them, then these things will make your Intestine very strong. That is why if you consume Blue Berries during cold, it increases because the flatulant starts working and it creates a problem. So even Arthritis people who have any such problem have nothing to fear because as I am removing the seeds here so everything will be fine. The same thing happens with Eggplant, if you remove its stalk everything bad is gone.

Here I am cutting the CUCUMBER and then I will BLEND them all. We will run the mixy with everything in the mixer jar. This is the first part. Now we will strain it. Squeeze and take out its Juice.


Dry the roughage and later you can use it as Body Scrub. Take it out in a plate and let it dry.


Then the next ingredients  are, CHIVES, SPINACH and DILL LEAVES.  We do not have to strain them so I have taken them separately. If you do not have Chives which is Green Garlic, then you can use the normal Garlic.


You will get all the measurements on my Website and the links are in the description box and pin comment.


We will chop all the leaves and BLEND them. So I have cut and removed their stem and now the leaves are ready to be prepared into a Smoothie.


The next ingredient is CURRY LEAVES. Curry leaves is very important and I make it a point to add it whenever we talk about Detox.


We are mostly Allergic either due to Gluten or something sour, which we call Citric Allergy or are unable to digest Protein, when you eat Lentils you get Acidity, in such a situation do add GOOSEBERRY. You can add either Raw or Dry or Powder, whatever you get. I am using the fresh ones here. Gooseberry Detoxfies your body very well. It makes you strong from inside and provides you the strength to fight diseases.


I am not adding water here. The water that I had strained from Water Melon skin, I am using the same water. When you drink this Smoothie, then you will feel slight fibers inside it but do not strain it. The same fiber will Detox your Intestine. And this will also aid in Weight Loss.


Since I have added Gooseberry in it so I am also adding LEMON JUICE. Those of you who are highly allergic to Lemon Juice, do not add it. And if you have lots of problems, then warm it and add it.


Then I have added PINK SALT, you can also add BLACK SALT. But high B.P patients cannot eat Black Salt so I have made this drink suitable for everyone. Pink Salt is very good for your health. Someday I will discuss its benefits. Pink Salt not only gives you health benefits but it enhances the flavor of the juice.


This Juice will make the consistency of milk of Breast Feeding mothers thick and will also provide strength to the child if taken regularly. So you are Detoxifying your body, you are losing Weight too and your Child too is becoming Healthy.


Both these drinks are the dose for a single day. I will share one more drink when I start the Detox plan. I will try to stretch this Detox for 5 days. This is not a plan for 5 days but we will do it for 5 days.


This drink will be taken one after the other. You will get all the Do’s & Don’ts on the website. It will make your body very healthy. Your body will glow and you will look beautiful.


So follow this recipe and prepare these Smoothies and add them to your life from now on till we start the Detox plan. If you liked my video recipe, then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.



Watermelon whole 1 kg
This smoothie recipe is divided into two segments- Part 1 & Part 2 for better understanding and also see the Video recipe too.

•Red Detox Smoothie:

PART – 1:

Watermelon Pulp with Seeds : 500 gm
Tomatoes without seeds : 150 gm
Turmeric Raw : 15 gm

PART – 2:

Chia seeds : Half tsp/5gm
Basil Seeds : Half tsp/5gm
Water : 100 ml ( For shakes)

•Green Detox Smoothie:

PART – 1

Watermelon Skin : 500gm
Green Tomatoes without seeds : 150gm (optional)
Cucumber : 150 gm

PART – 2

Dill/Soya Leaves : 100 gm
Spanich/Palak : 100 gm
Chives/Garlic Leaves/ Lahsun : 50gm (if garlic 2gm)
Curry leaves : 5 gm
Gooseberry/ Amla : 20 gm
Ginger/Adrakh : 10gm


•) Red watermelon Detox smoothie 300-400ml in the morning before breakfast
•) Green watermelon smoothie 300-400ml in between 12 noon to 1:30 pm before lunch
•) Yellow smoothie 300-400ml before sleep (If u want the complete recipe of yellow smoothie comment on YouTube in
same video comment section 200*comment required)


1) Do at least 5 days
2) Combination is must. Combine Red, green and yellow for magical results.
1) Don’t put any kind of sweetener in Red Detox Smoothie
2) Honey not allowed
3) Don’t put chaat masala on GREEN SMOOTHIE


1) Don’t put any kind of sweetener in Red Detox Smoothie
2) Honey not allowed
3) Don’t put chat masala on GREEN SMOOTHIE

Note :- Complete day DETOX PLAN is coming soon! If needed, then comment on YouTube video and help in reaching 200 comments.



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