Hi, I am Dr. Shalini and today I will be sharing with you a small experience of my MEDITATION. This is a Spiritual experience which will take you to another world and relieves you of all your Tensions. In today’s date whatever trouble or burden is in your heart, mind and soul, you will be relieved of it. It will help you in concentrating on your studies, help you in taking correct decisions, will help you move ahead in life, will make your soul very light and cool so that whatever you are planning to do in your future, you should be able to do it with full positive energy


This Meditation is not at all hard. This does not follow any rule. It is simply about what you can do and think? This is my small effort made for these thoughts. So let’s start the Meditation.




Before starting the Meditation, wash your hands, legs and eyes properly. Then lie down. I am not asking you to sit, as this is for beginners. Lie down, you can have any posture. You can lie either on your back or on your stomach. Take deep breathes around 8-9 times. Breathe in and Breathe out. Before going into Meditation or Hypnotism, you will have to Breathe in and out 9 times. Then you will reach a stage where you can start your Meditation.


The first rule of Mind and Soul Detox is to have a look at the pits of your life. How deep is the ditch of problems of your life, you need to have a look at it, to think about it and to understand it and to keep in minds the different problems of your life. How never ending your life is? How many problems are there? You need to think deeply about the obstructions and difficulties that you are facing in your life. All the Tensions should be in your mind. All the shortcomings too should be in your mind.


While beginning the Meditation, we should keep all our problems in our minds. What all is burning in your life? Who is burning them? Who are the people creating problems in your life? What are the situations in your life that you are unable to tolerate its heat? Why are you in Tension? What you cannot achieve? Where you do not want to go? What is being left behind? What is getting destroyed? What has dried? What is over?


You need to remember all these things. See all the troubles in the form of black smoke and to release from your mind. Try to feel that from you mind and your body, all your physical and mental troubles are getting released just like the black smoke. And slowly it is becoming light. Its color is getting clearer and clearer. It is reaching the sky and getting clearer. From black it is converting into white. Just like white cloud. It is keeps on changing.


All your troubles are coming out of your body and changing their color in the sky. All your hardships are ending. Slowly that cloud is changing its color. And it is clearing in the sky too. It is diminishing. Slowly the sky is getting clearer. Clouds are reducing just like your troubles. And now the sky is completely clear just like you want your problems to reduce.


With the shining sky now we will walk on the path of charging our positive energy and take our Meditation to the next step. SECOND STAGE. Here we will start to heal the positive energy. Now we will start increasing the light for which now we are ready. The dot shaped light should slowly start increasing through your third eye. You need to expand it; you have to give power to it. And that light will slowly grow, big enough to cover your entire body. It will bathe you with its light and make you pure and happy. It will bring a different type of wave in your body and whatever you need in your life, it will activate that ideology.


Whatever you want to achieve and you haven’t been able to so far, wherever you want to go and have been unable to go, whom you want to meet and how you want to live, peace of mind & soul, achievements, try to frame all these in your mind because we have to think and make a sketch and need to go to another world with all these positive energies. We need to go to that place where our dreams are waiting for us.


And we will reach there by crossing a wooden bridge. We need to think of a wooden bridge which is covered with fog. And when we go through it, then our dreams will be waiting for us on the other side and when we reach there we will get all those things that we desire. We need to keep this in our minds. We need to walk very slowly on this bridge of positive energy.


We need to keep walking and making a graph that we will get those things about which we desire that has been unreachable for us till date. That is waiting for us on the other side to meet us. Our success, our peace of mind, our peace of soul, pleasure of our body, body devoid of diseases, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul, life full of happiness, whatever we want, we will slowly step towards it, taking baby steps and heart filled with happiness and a faith in our heart that where we are going, we will get everything.


Observe clearly, all the clouds of miseries have gone and everything is clearly visible. Imagine that you have reached to your new world where the rainbow is waiting for you with its 7 colors to fulfill your new dreams. There is greenery everywhere. Everything seems to be very happy. There are waterfalls, greenery and happiness everywhere.


Imagine and try to listen to the sound of waterfall. Try filling this sound in your soul. And imagine that all your dreams will come true. All your wants and desires are going to be fulfilled. And everything will be complete.


Now take deep breathes in and out. Do this 5-6 times. Then try to feel that you have reached a garden full of flowers. All your dreams have come true. The dreams have been fulfilled in the present. You have got all that you wanted. All your happiness. Be happy and fill your heart with lots of happiness. Imagine that no one is luckier than you.


Now we come to the last part of our Meditation. THIRD PART. Where we will seal all our happiness. We will visualize it like a blue light, which we will close inside us so that no one is able to snatch our fulfilled dreams. So it will be sealed inside our body and soul and will remain where you want it to be, within you, within your mind and soul, within your body and in your life.


Now feel like a winner. You got what you wanted. And with open hands you are thanking the universe. Thank for whatever you have received. Fill a lot of positive energy in your mind. You should have such a feeling that there is double amount of oxygen inside you. You are able to feel your body, your mind and your freedom. You are able to feel how happy you are. You are bale to feel that you have no troubles left. You are able to feel that you are healthy and happy.


There is nothing negative inside you. Let the waves of you mind flow and slowly open your eyes. And take 2 deep breathes. Then drink atleast 200ml water and only then start any work. Do sit and think as to what you have done and what are its benefits? And if possible, then try to do this thrice a week. Believe me, this practice will change your life. It will take you on a new path and will take you towards a very quiet and peaceful life. You will be very happy and quiet and you will be very satisfied with your life.


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