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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. Today I have come with a CHURAN  – a Digestive Powder. It was very important for Holi, it came to my mind so I made it. There is a lot of problem after eating Heavy Food. Even my patients were tensed as they are on a Diet, so how to stick to it, plus, they did not want to miss the festival either. So whenever you eat a heavy food, it is very important that it gets digested immediately.

So the Digestive Powder that I am going to discuss, will have a Magical result. Keep in mind that as you consume it, you will start feeling hungry. So as you eat this powder, your digestion starts and you have a very good feeling. The taste of this powder is very good and you like eating it as your body feels very light. If you eat something unhealthy after which you get Water Retention, then this  saves you from all that too and you have a healthy digestion.

There are no age restrictions for this Digestive Powder. Any age people and any gender can consume it. This has been made from very simple ingredients, everything present in your kitchen. But it is Awesome.


So the first ingredient for this Digestive Powder that I am using here is CUMIN. The normal one that you use for seasoning, this is the same, nothing special. It must be available at your home, Whole Cumin. It is very important to keep your stomach cool. It improves your Digestion and your Intestine a lot. Cumin is very helpful in curing any type of infection in the intestine. If you get Gas or have over eaten, in all such situations Cumin is very helpful.

I have already made a video on Cumin, you can watch it for extreme details. I am explaining here lightly. If you are consuming sugar in any festivals, like Holi, then it is very important for you to stay in touch with things like Cumin. It keeps your taste bud active in itself.

And the biggest thing, the ingredient in this Weight Loss Powder that I am using like Cumin, it activates the Bile juice. So the 2 types of things, Cumin and Fennel Seeds, both of these make the Bile Juice very active. And when there is excess saliva formation in the mouth and Digestive juices are formed, then many a times gaseous things get digested.

Next ingredient of this Digestive Powder is FENNEL SEEDS, as I told you that to get things digested easily, it improves your digestion. Plus, when the stomach gets hot, in any of our festivals we tend to eat a lot of oily and spicy things, so these make the stomach hot from inside, in such a situation Fennel Seeds are very important to keep your Intestine Cool. So you do not Bloat. After eating lots of spices, if you Bloat or get Constipation, then Fennel seed will be your savior from all these things and will digest everything for you.

You are aware that after food even restaurants serve Fennel Seeds. And if you use Roasted Fennel Seeds, then it is very good for digestion. This Digestive Powder has been made in such a way that if are feeling heavy or not but you want your food to get digested easily, then you can use Fennel seeds there. The work of Fennel Seeds is also to reduce the Intestinal Allergy. So people with a lot of problems of indigestion, many people complain that whatever they eat, they get Gas, so in such a situation this helps a lot.

Here I am Roasting these on a very slow flame. If I do it on high flame and it burns, then the taste will spoil. So we need to roast slowly on a slow flame. Keep in mind that you cannot skip any one of these 2 simple ingredients. They will show a magic in their combination and it is not like if I am saying that they will cool your stomach, then they will cause cough.

Making your stomach cool is a different thing altogether. If you think that if you eat Ice cubes, then your stomach will become cool, but this is not a fact. I always tell this to everyone that Ice or Ice Creams keep your stomach warm. After eating them, there are grave chances of getting Pimples. You can try it yourself. So it is good for external use, that if you apply or lick, then you get a cool feeling, but inside the body it gets warm.

So I have switched off the flame and will allow it to cool under the fan for 30 minutes. If you change the vessel, then it is much better. And its oil will be released. When it is slight crunchy, you can check by pressing it by hands, then we need to grind it. Do not add in the grinder when hot. It should be very slight warm. If we grind it when hot, then instead of forming a powder it will remain granulated as its oil is released a lot. Keep in mind that it does not burn. We will grind and make a powder of it.

The next ingredient for this Digestive Powder, that I am going to add, for that I would recommend that either you purchase it locally or from the link that I will be providing below as I will be sharing a lot of things about it in future. This is HARAD. This has numerous names. This is very beneficial for your Digestive System. It balances your Pancreatic Juice because if Pitta Dosha gets higher then there are chances of Jaundice. Meaning to say that your Pancreatic juice keeps secreting and it is of no use, or you do not intake so much or consume acidic things like cold drinks, chips or sauces, which are full of chemicals, then it takes you towards Jaundice. And this problem is grave during summers.

So keep this with you and keep reminding me. I will be sharing a lot of measures of it and will be making a video especially for it. It heals your Digestion. So Harad should be in your pantry. It tastes very good. It is slightly bitter but is very sour. It fights with your Citric Allergy. It increases your Protein, Carb and Sugar Metabolism. So even if you eat some sweets, they will be taken care by breaking them.

It takes you out of acute Constipation too. So whatever Churan you get from the market that will clear your stomach, then Harad is present in it for sure. It makes your Immune System very strong. SO people with lot of Immunity Problems, like cough, cold, etc in all such problems this will be very helpful. It Detoxes the body as it does not allow you to Bloat. If there is extra water in the body, then it gets washed, you may get urine. And if there is Constipation then the stomach will get cleared.

And when you do not have any such problems, your stomach is clear, you are not bloating, then it helps you a lot in fighting the problem of Piles, even the bleeding piles. Also in your Headache, Migraine that is cause due to increased Acidity, in all these it is very useful because the basic thing is that it gets rid of all the problems of the stomach and as it is natural, it will heal the entire body.

So I am adding it after opening the jar.

You will get all the measurements on my Website and the link will be in the description box and pin comment.

Next ingredient of this Digestive Powder is ASAFOETIDA. The one I am using here is very strong, it is the local one. But if you use the normal one then you can increase the quantity. Asafoetida improves your Digestion. The main thing is that if Digestion is intact, then the Digestive system will work properly and Weight loss will be easy.

The next ingredient for the Digestive Powder is BLACK SALT. It might be appearing pink but it is not pink salt. Black Salt too improves your Digestion.

If you suffer from high B.P, then is such a situation use Black salt and not the Normal Salt.

I am adding that too here. After making the powder, these things are being added.

The next ingredient of this Digestive Powder after that is TURMERIC. I have praised Turmeric a number of times. You all are aware that it Detoxes your body. You feel very good after in taking Turmeric. Turmeric has a very big hand in curing any type of aches be it Stomach ache, Head ache or any such ache. So I am adding Turmeric in this.

After adding all these we will run the mixy once again. And all this will get mixed and our Digestive Powder is ready.

If you want a Powder for Weight Loss or Slimming, then do let me know in the comment box. This will get rid of Bloating, Fat Loss, Inch Loss, Weight Loss, all things. I will definitely make. I require 200 comments for it. Do write in the comment box. That too has a very good result. I have given it to lot of my patients.

So from simple ingredients that are present in your homes, you can make delicious and beneficial Digestive Powders from them. And you can enjoy the festivals even after eating heavy food, if you have this Digestive Powder. So do make it at your home and for the measurements and Do’s & Don’ts log on to my Website. You will get the links in the description box and pin post.

And if you liked this recipe then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it on your social media and with your friends and family so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.



Jeera/ Cumin : 1 tbsp/ 20gm
Saunf/Fennel : 1 tbsp/ 20gm
Hing/Asafoetida : 1pinch
Harar/Haritaki : 1tbsp 20 gm
Haldi/Turmeric : 1 tsp 5gm
Kala Namak/Black Salt : 1/2tsp or 2gm

3-5 gm after every meal
For best result, take this Digestive Powder with LUKEWARM Water


No carbohydrates in dinner

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Best of luck.!

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  1. Your one weight lost orange juice I am already taking regularly. May I use this Sliming powder (holi churan) in parallel with that. Please tell me one more thing, I hope so it will not effect the male sexual power.

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