Dill Leaves | Lose 8 kg & 10 inch in 1month | Cure Citric Allergy

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I am explaining about a dish that you can have 1 bowl in dinner or in lunch. This will help you to lose 8 kgs in a month. Within 1 month it will help you lose 10-13 inches from the whole body. The biggest thing is that I will be explaining the logic behind it as to how it will initiate weight loss. It is beneficial for the people who keep complaining me to suggest what to eat when they have a particular problem or if they are the breastfeeding mother or even when they are pregnant. In such a situation this 1 bowl  dill leaves dish is for everyone and for all types of people.

Females who are pregnant can eat this dill leaves dish. This dill leaves dish is very good for breast feeding mothers. The quality of their milk will be improved. Patients of THYROID, PCOS, PCOD, DIABETES, ARTHRITIS, and ASTHMA can all eat this dill leaves dish. Also people who suffer from asthma and who has bronchitis can also eat it. Technically, during asthma you suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, it is called Bronchitis. So BRONCHITIS patients too can eat Dill Leaves to be safe and cure from the problem. People who get bloating or swelling in the tummy can eat this dill leaves dish. People having fat can eat this dill leaves dish. People suffering from cancer can eat too. If this dill leaves dish is taken during chemotherapy then it speed up the recovery. If there is any problem of liver, still this dill leaves dish can be consumed. This dill leaves dish can be eaten by all people, people with fatty liver or people during menopause etc.  Since this dill leaves dish is made of very beneficial ingredients, people suffering from any type of disease can eat it. There is no such reaction seen if one takes dill leaves dish.

This dill leaves dish is very delicious and you will always crave for it. Whatever ingredients have been used, in that you cannot avoid any of them. Especially this is a micro bio food kept in a cup and which affects your body instantly.

So the basic master ingredient is Dill leaves which is also known as soya leaf or sowa leaf. This dill leaf saves you from a very big thing, citric allergy. Very soon I will be sharing a drink/ recipe for citric allergy.



The basic ingredient of this dill leaves dish is that I have used lots of greens. In these the basic is dill leaves about which I would like to explain to you how it will fight your fat.


Dill leaves contains calcium. Whenever there is calcium in the body, it will fight with the fat. It makes the body strong.


Dill leaves also contains iron. If there is deficiency of iron in the body then your weight will be stagnate. You cannot lose weight if there is deficiency of iron. So it is very important to eat iron rich food. People do take supplements but it is better to opt for natural things.


Dill leaves contains manganese. It helps to absorb iron and hemoglobin from whatever you intake. So it is vital to eat direct things, if you eat capsule and it is not absorbed then that will create a problem.


Dill leaves has zinc. This is a very important thing; zinc eradicates the fat and water from the body. It makes you active. So I always call zinc by the name of magic mineral. Whichever food has zinc it will make you slim beautifully. It is not like if you eat zinc rich food you will become slim but not look good. So do select such things.


Vitamin E is present in Dill leaves, so it will make you slim by keeping the muscles intact.

Here I have cut dill into 3 parts. I will let you know why I have cut dill into 3 parts, for its benefit. So let’s start. Separate the dill leaves. Keep aside the thin long leaves which have a very good appearance. Do not throw the stem. You can remove the extra dirty parts from below. If you are able to get the roots then do not throw it, it is very important. I did not get the roots.


Dill has Vitamin B1 which is thiamine. This is very important for the growth of the brain. It is very beneficial for pregnant ladies or breast feeding mothers. The brain growth of their kids is very good. The students or the people having late night job, if they consume this then the tiredness will never be there.

I consume a lot of dill leaves. This is the reason that at this age I can easily read. I don’t face any problems otherwise in my age it gets difficult to read as it is very boring because there is no grasping power. So dill leaves has thiamine which increases your metabolic rate and keeps your heart healthy. It also boosts all types of metabolism. Meaning to say that something that does not work for your body, it has gone dead, your weight goes stagnate and there is no weight loss that is promoted a lot.


Anti oxidant is also there in dill leaves. Whichever things either greens or those containing high minerals and vitamins are anti oxidants. All anti oxidant foods help you to breathe easily. They also give a signal to your nervous system so that your entire body works properly. A nice office is formed. Your brain manages your body very well.


Dill leaves has anti viral qualities. If something is anti viral or is repairing your body then it means that it is full of Vitamin C. and if you consume something rich in Vitamin C either in winter season or summer season then those things will help you a lot in fighting diseases. Vitamin C is required more in winter season than in summer season.  So I have taken out the hard portion and kept it aside.

Now the second part will be the leaves, wash them properly and then divide it in 2 parts.


Dill leaves contains abundant amount of digestive fibers. So no matter whatever problems of intestine you go through be it constipation or gas, it relieves you from that.

The hard stem that I had cut, I am adding that because it contains very high amount of vitamins and minerals. Whatever is there in the leaf that is very highly absorbent but whatever is there in the stem, if you cook and eat then it has a long stay, it stops in the body.


Dill leaves has negative calories. Negative calories are those things that require more calorie from the body to be digested than the calories they supply after something is eaten. Therefore dill leaves are called negative calorie food, which is very good in fighting with high triglycerides. So those of you who have the problem of cholesterol and high triglyceride for them this dill leaves dish is very good as it will not only help you to lose weight but will also make your heart healthy. So dill leaves should not be ignored and it should be prepared in the way I am explaining. So these dill leaves have been cut and I will keep the remaining for next cutting.


Dill leaves make the brain very strong. As I told you earlier dill leaves contains B1, thiamine which works a lot on brain and nervous system. So the main source of your body on whose signal your body remains healthy if it keeps giving you proper signal then you will always be fit and healthy and the body will be able to understand exactly what work it is supposed to do. I will not talk about slimming only. If your brain gives proper signal to your body then you will not suffer from any type of diseases.

This is the 3rd part, the delicate leaves. I have separated it and kept. Since dill leaves are very easily absorbed so it will be used at the end in cooking. The dill leaves will give you instant result whereas the stem will give good result in the long run. So as you can see, it is the stem part. This is the one that will give you result in the long run. Then comes the middle part and then the leaves.

This I am telling you because many times I have explained this to my patients but still they cook dill leaves in the wrong way. So keep the dill leaves after cutting in 3 separate bowls

The next ingredient that I have taken is onion. I have used red onion. Those of you, who have deficiency of hemoglobin just like me, must use red onion. But those who don’t have a deficiency of hemoglobin, if they use white onion then it will be very beneficial. Onion in itself is full of Vitamin C which gives the body caliber to fight diseases. Onions boosts the immune system a lot.

” I have committed to you all that I will be sharing lots of drinks and dishes that will make your immune system strong. So in that series this dill leaves dish is the first one which will not only make you slim if you eat in the entire winter season but it will also make you very strong.”


Onion balances your sugar. So the people having diabetes and those who don’t have but eat recklessly so that their sugar spikes and could cause diabetes are helped by onions a lot. Onion removes infection from your body as well as the swelling. That is why keep asking you to add onions.

Here I am adding 2 tbsp mustard oil. It is compulsory to use mustard oil in this dill leaves dish. Because if you use any refined oil or any vegetable oil or any other oil then that will contain a lot of calories. Mustard oil is digestive oil in itself. It boosts good fat and good cholesterol. So this is the correct oil to use.

Then I am adding 1tbsp chopped ginger, a little more than 1 inch and 1 tbsp chopped garlic. If you want, you can make a paste of it. But I did not have this facility so I have chopped and added. We will keep frying till the time it starts giving aroma from the oil. But do not fry on high flame as both garlic and ginger will burn on high flame and we will not be able to get what we want from them.

Now I am adding the hard stem of dill leaves. I am not adding any onion here.  I would like to tell you the reason why I have added dill leaves first is that if we add onion directly in oil then its sugar gets active. The meaning of active sugar is that you must have seen that the onion gets brown very soon; this is because of the presence of sugar. And if sugar gets active then it will be converted into fat.

Now I am adding onion to the cooking dill leaves. This can get boiled now but not fried. Now you will see that when I mix it, it will not turn brown. It will become transparent- translucent in its own color but will not turn brown.  You can see that it has become soggy. I has released its juice after cooking but has not turned brown.

So now I will be adding tomatoes in this cooking dill leaves dish. This is ready, in a way the onion has been fried. So always keep in mind even if you are using red onion to prepare any curry and if you have not added onion then first add tomatoes and then add red onions because if red onion comes in contact with the oil and gets fried then it will be the reason of your weight gain, as our elders keep telling us that if we eat food rich in masalas then we will get fat.

You can see that the onions are cooked but they have turned transparent –translucent, so it has not been fried and hence its fructose and glucose are not active. Even after being cooked it remains like that.

I am telling you all this because I want you all to know that however important it is for me to let you know that you should consume dill leaves and reap its benefits, it is all the more important to inform you that how you should cook dill leaves that dill leaves does not create problems for you.

Here now I am adding iodized salt. I have made this video at night. But if you prepare this dill leaves dish at night add rock salt for good results. Try to eat iodized salt atleast 3-4 times in a week and the rest of the days you can have sea salt. I will let you know about sea salt, it is very high in minerals.

Now I am adding the 2nd dill leaves which I had separated. Till now the first batch of dill leaves should have been fried. And slowly these dill leaves too will dissolve in the dish. Dill leaves are a boon during monthly cycle. If you eat dill leaves dish during your periods then you will have very fast weight loss more than the normal days. So keep this in mind.

In this dill leaves I have added 100gms potatoes. But remember that people having liver problem should not add potatoes. They can add mushrooms. Normal people too can add mushrooms or soyabean too can be added. So do not add potatoes.

Next I am adding home made masala. It is better to eat home made masala as the masalas available in the market contains lots of preservatives and other things which you cannot ignore. If you eat home made masala it will be very beneficial for the body. Very soon I will share the home made masala.

Now this dill leaves dish is ready. I am switching off the flame. It is very important to switch off the flame. After switching off the flame I will add the final part of dill leaves, the top leaves which I had kept. This part of dill leaves does not require cooking. This dill leaves will cook itself in the hot dish. Remember this.


Spring onion is an important part. It should be added during winters. Someday I will let you know its benefits. I had green garlic so I have added it is very good for your health. Though it is optional but if you get it do add it.

Finally your dill leaves dish is ready. This should be consumed about 150gms. 150 gms will be a small plate or a cup full which you will eat. If you are eating it in your lunch then you can have chickpea, rajma, chicken fish, soya bean nuggets or tofu. But if you are eating this dill leaves dish as your dinner then you must eat only this dill leaves dish. If you are taking yellow tea, orange tea or pink tea then you need to have those teas as per their rules. This dinner digests very fast. The maximum time to eat this dill leaves dish is 9pm. It will not cause water retention. So you can eat by 9pm. After that if you are up late night and feel hungry then almond milk or chia seeds is a good option. Protein laddu too is a good option as well. And if you are awake till 11pm then you can have 50 gms of ice cream. Since winters are here you will not catch cold. Ice creams make you fat in summers. But during winters ice cream helps in weight loss and raises the metabolic rate. But keep in mind the ingredients of ice cream. Simple ice cream is the best. Also you cannot have it daily, once a week is fine.

Those of you who want this recipe in English or Hindi/Hinglish then log on to my website www.drshalini.com after 48 hours of the video published. So do have a look at it and follow it. Follow this video with your heart. It will give you very good results so watch this video carefully. It helps in Inch-loss as I have a lot of reviews on it. Since it is winters then all the ingredients used will be available in the market easily. So do not ignore it, enjoy this season and make yourself slim, healthy and fit.

If you liked this information on dill and the slimming recipe then do hit the Like button. Give a thumbs up to it. Share my video so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to you playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. So I shall see you again with some recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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