DrumSticks – Fast & Easy Weight-loss with MORINGA

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with DRUMSTICKS and its benefits. We will also discuss here how to LOSE WEIGHT and how to keep Immune system fit and how to take the benefits from DRUMSTICKS. Also you will come to know how you can Concieve by using Drumsticks as well as how to cure Erectile Dysfunction. Basically Drumsticks is not available throughout the year so where you will get the leaves of Drum Stick which is more beneficial than the Drumsticks itself and to use it. All this will be discussed today. So let’s see the benefits of Drumsticks First.



The basic problems of people nowadays are Water Retention, Inflammation or Bloating. The benefits from Drumsticks are that whoever consumes Drumsticks on a regular basis does not get Inflammation as well as Water Retention. When you get swelling in your whole body then you come to know of Water Retention. And you know that there is water in the body because when you burp then you will feel that there is water. Bloating is that when you eat your food and you have taken 1 ½ chappatis or little rice, you start feeling full and you get lots of burps and you feel like body is full of water and you feel that your body is tight. So in such situation Drumsticks are very helpful. If you take soup of Drumsticks or curry of Drumsticks then there will be lot of changes in your lifeand you are saved from the trouble.

The healing time is very small for those who eat Drumsticks or its leaves. Like if you get fever or have body ache or have met with any accident or have cancer, in any of these problem if Drum Stick is consumed in any form then it is very beneficial. I mostly prefer the leaves of Drumsticks, vegetable too is an option but that is a tough topic to prepare it and eat it. Leaves are available as supplements in the market and can be easily consumed. It is very beneficial for people going through Chemo, they can easily recover from its reactions. If you had an accident or any type of cut or have pimples or acne or any typres of burn in all such situation the leaves of Drumsticks, direct Drumsticks and the flowers of Drumsticks benefit you a lot.

You can prepare Tea from flowers. You can dissolve the leaves in water and take. Drum stick is available as vegetable so you can prepare cuury of it or soup and have it.


Drumsticks not only helps you during Chemo but also saves you from Free Radicals. Free redicals give rise to Cancer. Drum Stick saves you from such radicals. Normally you cannot save yourself from such radicals. In your surroundings you have TV, cable, mobile, internet and you can’t run away from all these things so it is better to consume such things that things do not react with our bodies. Free Radical does not give rise to Cancer only but Acidity, Indigestion, Migraine, and Insomnia all these things are connected somewhere, so if your magnetic field seperates then too there might be a problem  or if you are in between the free radicals. In all such situations Drumsticks/ Moringa helps a lot.

There should be regular consumption of Drumsticks and when you are eating it, it shows in your wholesole body. You must have noticed that the South Indians who mostly consume Drumsticks in sambhar, have a lot of strength and when you watch their movies you are surprised to see that they apply a lot of strength and are able to do it easily. So if they eat something that is beneficial then there is no harm in copying it.  So do copy it and add Drumsticks to your lifestyle. I know that Drum Stick is not very tasty, I like Drumsticks very much but many people don’t. But if you consume Drum Stick then there will be a major change in your life.


Drumsticks works very well on the symptoms of Diabetes and even on Diabetes.  Drumsticks works on both Type 1 and Type2.  And if you are not able to take the soup of Drumsticks then you can opt for the leaves of Drumsticks which is called Moringa. Moringa is easily available. You can take Moringa in Diabetes. But as per my personal experience or even that of my patients Drumsticks gives a very good relief in Diabetes.

Your Cholesterol, Heart beat and Triglyceride are all related to the Cardio Vascular activity. In all these cases if you eat Drumsticks and vegetables like Bitter guards, Bottle guard, Ridge guard and Parwal (which is a very ignored vegetable), then you will benefit a lot.

Infact Brain Activity rises due to Drumsticks. There are 3-4 things that raise the Brain Activity and they are Drumsticks, Jackfruit and Mustard. Many of the parents who are my patients complain about their children that they are very alert while playing but go to sleep when they sit for studies. As they open their books they start feeling sleepy. So this brain activity, which when stressed gets sleepy and the brain goes into sleep mode, to such kids if you give Drumsticks or Leaves if Drumsticks and add it to their life style along with Mustard oil and Mustard powder, here I am diverting from track, but this is a complete package that you prepare Drum Stick in Mustard Oil with Mustard powder or feed them vegetable of Jackfruit, in all this they are benefitted a lot and within 2-3 weeks if you are giving them regularly then you will notice that children start concentrating in their studies. Here I would like to tell you that it is not easy to study in my age.

You can definitely go for entertainment but as you open the books you start feeling sleepy or you will start remembering things that have happened in life or there mignt be depression. Even then if I can study and concentrate because of the presence of GREEN BIO SUPER FOOD in my life that help me to concentrate in studies else who wants to study. Even I don’t like studies but I do it as I am able to concentrate. And whatever words or sentence we are reading gets inked in our minds. Only then people are able to study otherwise no one will be able to do so even if they are scientists. So if you want to make your Brain Activity good then you must add all these things.


Drumsticks make the Liver function very good and you do not face any problems. Whoever has the problem of Liver failure or weak liver or Fatty Liver, many people have the problem of fatty liver and they have commented in the comment box, in such situations too adding Drumsticks to their life will be very beneficial.

Simply if you want to make the soup then it has a very easy recipe. You just need to take Drumsticks and with it add chopped onion, ginger, garlic and if you like spicy then add slight salt and then steam it in cooker and it is ready.

If you eat non-veg then you can add mutton, chicken or fish. I mostly ask to refrain from mutton but you can add fish and it is very delicious.  If you want you can add Drumsticks to sambhar too. And you can make a simple soup and have it. And it gets ready in 1-2 whistles and it is very delicious. And with Drum Stick health benefit is the free gift. If you do this on a regular basis then make in sufficient quantity try to take it 2-3 times in a week or give it to your children. There will be a lot of improvement from Drumsticks.

Now I will talk about Drum Stick flower which is very important for those who are unable to conceive or for the males who have sexual problems. In these cases the flower helps you a lot. It increase your sperm count or in the females it makes the uterus very healthy so that they are able to conceive. If there is problem of the eggs, for eggs it has been seen that so many injections are written that seriously even I don’t know about them and even after taking them they are not able to conceive.

In such a case you shoud try to take Drum Stick flower, Pumpkin flower, bottle guard flower, Hibiscus flower, fennel flower which is very important.  Take all these and dry and keep them. Even online these flowers are available. Take these and dry and keep them and prepare their tea and have them twice a day. Take 50ml hot water in a cup just as you do for green tea. Add 1tsp of mixed flower and cover it. When it has infused, strain and drink it. Take it twice a day either morning or evening, before or after meal, ther is no rule for it. And you will see the changes within 1-2 months and probably you may conceive if you have a problem. And if you want to go for ultrasound then there too you will see the changes.

And males should boil and drink the flowers of Drum Stick, flower of Fennel and Banana blossom then there will lot of changes in the testosterone. Sexual attractions increase and the flow of sex increases. What happens in weeks and month starts happening frequently. So do try this and see. And you will start noticing the change in 1 or 2 cups or 1 or 2 days. It is not that you have to drink it for 1 month for the sexual feeling to arise. As you start taking it within 1 or days there will be changes in your feelings. And you will be motivated to take this Tea. Then you will not require to be told. So try this flower of Drumsticks which is very goos for Erectile dysfunction. If you want to mix Ladies finger in soup or tea then it is a very good thing. You can mix ladies finger but do not cut its top bud as that has the maximum power. Just slit from the middle and do not open it. Boil it with Banana blossom and Drum Stick flower and Fenel flower and you will benefit from it.

Now I will talk about Moringa leaf, which is the leaf of Drum stick. The leaf of Drum Stick contains a high level of Vitamin A which is good for your eyes. It also contains VitaminC which is Anti biotic and Anti Bacterial that will totally change your body. It is Anti wrinkle. I have spoken a lot about Anti Wrinkle and Anti Ageing, this does not mean that you will only appear beautiful it also means that whatever is inside your boy, your body mass, your tissues, your cells and your bones will all recover and make you young from inside. This means that your body will behave young too.

Plus Moringa contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E not only works on your hair and skin but also on your muscles. So those who have started ageing and are 30 plus, slowly the Vitamins and Minerals start depleting from their body in such a situation the presence of Vitamin E increases the absorption. Whatever you eat it tries to extract from it, so that you need not take it from outside and face any problems because the deficiency of Vitamin E causes a lot of muscle cramps. So those whom face this problem for them Moringa leaf is very important. It is easily available on Amazon or Ebay. It is not very costly; you can get 250gms for 300 to 400 rupees. Many people seel the ½ kg at the same price. So you do take it and it is beneficial.

Those who have deficiency of Calcium, please instead of taking 500mg or 100mg calcium opt for Chia seeds, Moringa leaf. Those who can eat nuts should go on dry fruits. This is the best way to take calcium. You can take Cardamom. So that there is sufficient quantity of calcium in your body for all those who are deficient. Consumption of direct calcium is very tough, sometime it may be the reason for Stones, Constipation and Fatty liver. And the real work of your intestine is of Pancreatic juice, calcium is the main culprit behind blocking it. If you want to go on natural calcium then that is a very good way. You can take ¼ tsp of real lime stone which is available in beetle shop, dissolve it in water, then leave and then drink the water from the top. This is sufficient for those who have been asked to take 100mg of calcium. They are not required to take more than that. So keep in mind that if calcium is available from natural things then it is much better.

Moringa leaf is rich in Potassium. For the problem of Water Retention and Bloating the balance is essential. Here I would like to point out one thing. Those who have high Creatinine that is because of high Potassium and then the doctors ask to stay away from things high in Potassium as it may lead to Kidney failure and that might end up in Dialysis. But here Moringa leaf comes to the rescue as it has balanced potassium and if there is extra in the body due to which your kidney is not working properly then in such a situation Drum Stick or the leaf of Drum stick is very helpful.

As I told you in the beginning that I work on Micro Bio Super Food because nowadays no one has the time to cook proper food 3 times in a day and eat it. Either they have to look after their children or they are into their careers or many people tell me that they work in night shifts and have to stay awake at night then there has to be a problem in that. For such people all the Micro Bio Super Food and aal the high protein vegetable work wonders. Such supplement or dried powder consumption helps. And supplement does not mean chemical. Many people have this confusion that supplement means chemical.

So Moringa leaf is high in Protein. And all the leaves that are high in protein will be very helpful in your life. They help in your body building as well as they are easily digestive. So you do not require roughage. Like somedays back I was telling you about Soya bean so I had told that day that when you eat seeds then to digest them roughage is required.

So all the Green Micro Bio like powders of Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfa Alfa, Moringa leaf, Spirulina, Broccoli, Beetroot and Carrrots are all available in the market. And all of them are high in protein and sufficient amount of carb. They are full of Vitamins and Minerals so you do not have a problem in digesting them. So you do not have to thin as to how you will digest them or how they will react in your body or be a reason for constipation. This does not constipate you and is easily digested. And it develops your muscles. Also it is absorbed in the body vey fast and has a good result.

Now lets’s talk about how it should be consumed?  First of all you can buy it easily online as it is difficult to get it in the market. You have to take it twice a day. At a time you shoud take 1tsp or 5 gm, this cannot be weighed. Mix it in 100 ml water and then leave it for 30 minutes. Because all the dry ingredients should infuse properly and its extract should dissolve in water so that it easily dilutes in your body. Once in dilute form then the absorption is very high. So this should be taken in dilute form. You have to take it twice a day. In the afternoon around 11 am and in the evening around 4 pm. Remember not to take it at night. You cannot take Green Protein after 4 pm and after 6pm if it is summer. And before 8 am you cannot take it. Remember that even though it is protein but since it is Green Protein, it should be consumed during day time. So that it’s reaction in the body does not occur. And the biggest thing is that after using for 3-5 days you will start noticing the inch loss and ther are high chances of weight loss too. Weight loss is very fast as it raises the metabolic rate.

So do try this and if you liked my information on DrumStick and Moringa leaf then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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