Anti Tan Spotless Pack: 10 मिनट में चेहरे को गोरा कर देगा, असरदार घरेलु नुस्खा

10 मिनट  में चेहरे को गोरा कर देगा, असरदार घरेलु नुस्खा, Fairness Tips, Desi nuskhe, Anti Tan Spotless Pack

Measurements for the Ingredients:

Face PACK Powder:

  1. Yeast(Baking yeast):- 1tsp/5gm
  2. Kaolin Clay:- 1tbsp/20gm
  3. Sandalwood Powder:- 1tsp/7-8gm
  4. Mulethi / Liquorice :- 1tsp/5-6gm

Rose Water

  1. Water:- 100ml
  2. Rose petals:- 25gm
  3. Vitamin C:- 1 Tablet(you can also use sugar-free orange table or 1/4 pinch of ascorbic acid

Green Fairness Anti-wrinkle Juice

  1. Lauki / Bottle Gourd: 100gm
  2. Pumpkin:- 100gm
  3. lemon:- 3gm
  4. Aloe vera juice:- 50-60 ml


NOTE: – for best results use 3 times in a week

Rose Water Video link CLICK HERE

Full Lauki juice recipe video CLICK HERE

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