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Hi everyone, I am Dr Shalini and I am a naturopath (MD in naturopathy). Naturopath always treats their patients with natural ingredients. So today also I have got a most wanted topic. Since people were asking me for this from many days but I kept it pending for the reason that it is more valuable in winters. Winters have arrived so you need Nigella Seeds very much. So I would like to tell you that Nigella Seeds in winters just creates magic in your life and definitely changes your life. You not only lose weight but also stay away from many diseases. So I’ll discuss it all in this video that how exactly it repairs your body, change your body, how beneficial it is for your body and how to take it. Before explaining the details, I would like to share some information. Whoever needs written information, may visit my website www.drshalini.com for written articles after 2 days of the upload of video. You can get the link in the description box so definitely see that if you need complete written details.

Lets start to know How could Nigella Seeds Change your life 

Nigella Seeds (Kalaunji), I refer this as MASTER REPAIR BOOSTER in my words. I say this since its such a seed that can repair every problem of your body whether its internal or external. It’s highly beneficial for you in both ways, whether applied or consumed. This green bulb which you are seeing is the bulb of Nigella Seeds. This plant is available everywhere in India and is highly cultivated in India but you won’t see it raw in the normal market. May be after the release of this video or it awareness, it gets available in market. Finding it fresh green with you, is just like you have got gold. It has a very high benefit if you are able to have it fresh green vegetable. Normally they dry it completely in the sun and use its seeds. But if you get this dried bulb then, its skin is very beneficial in case if impotency or infertility so try to arrange its skin or fresh green from your nearby village, if possible. Intake of green Nigella rewinds your age if applied or consumed. Its bulb is said to be very beneficial in case of severe skin disease. So if people make many videos on this or spread awareness, then, it may be possible to find it in the market.

You must consume its tea if you get the skin since it’s very high in potassium. But if you get the seeds present inside the bulb, called Kalaunji or Nigella Seeds which we keep normally in our kitchen, helps a lot to lose weight. Don’t make spate rules for whatever you consume in your day to day life just like people ask me for how to take nigella seed. You can take it in any form like you can add into you curry or parantha. People add it to poori/kachori since it improves the digestion and fights with the greasiness. It contains high amount of good cholesterol (good fat) and high protein (present in the form of amino acid). It is very high in potassium being very good for those who suffer from water imbalance, bloating or water retention and swelling in the winter season. Since application is also beneficial, so you can apply the ground Nigella Seeds paste on the wound as it reduces the swelling.

Nigella Seeds  contains Calcium, the deficiency of which may lead to weight gain. With proper intake of calcium, you wont gain weight or wont suffer from bone pain. You should add Nigella seeds in your day to day life so that you don’t feel pain in bones in the winter season. I’ll share the recipe also in my next video but till then, am explaining the benefits of Nigella Seeds.

Nigella Seeds  compensates hemoglobin or iron deficiency also to a certain level. It’s a very big problem in winters that you may suffer severe sneezing (starts while you wake up), snoring or sinus problem, if you are hemoglobin or iron deficient. Some patients write in the comment box below that their husband snore very much while sleeping so in such situation, they must consume nigella seed as it may almost vanish this problem. It’s highly helpful in case of high bp, cholesterol problem, blockage in heart or Triglyceride problem. In asthma, iron or haemoglobin deficiency may provoke your asthma and you’ll get all types of allergies like dust allergy or pollen allergy so nigella seed protects you from this.

Sometimes you keep on taking medicines but they don’t affect your body so if you take Nigella Seeds  in such situation, it helps in their absorption thereby, protecting you from a major problem. You should have heard that some people, in spite of having all the vitamins or minerals, don’t get any benefits since the body gets lethargic at a certain point and stops absorbing all the things. So in such situation nigella seed helps you a lot and hence its intake is very important. Since it’s a bit hot in nature so if consumed in summers, you may have chances of nose bleeding or piles so its form of consumption needs to be changed. Why it is hot? It’s hot as it contains 15 types of amino acid and anything that contains Amino acid except Chia Seed, is hot in nature as amino acids is basically protein and protein is hot always. So always keep it in mind. Though highly rich in protein, it also contains fiber (fiber is not normally present in protein).

Nigella Seeds  contains Copper. Copper is such a thing that actually aids in the conversion of anything you consume, to haemoglobin in your body so always keep this in your mind. Am not talking about metal but people are asked to drink water in copper vessels for this purpose only. In situation of headache due to haemoglobin deficiency or migraine, you should definitely consume nigella seed. You can simply add its powder to anything you eat like chapatti, parantha or curry so you’ll not have to follow a special rule to add it in the form of a specific recipe since that may be tough to follow. You can easily use it in your day to day life if followed like this.

In winters what happens is, people suffer from cough, sore throat (like raw or sour pineapple may cause sore throat), toxicity in the body, throat infection or citric allergy so Nigella Seeds  protects you from all this. What you actually need to do is, just grind the nigella seed and slightly boil it then, apply the lukewarm paste on the neck and tie with a cloth. In such situation it will also be helpful to add it to anything you eat. In case of throat infection, carom seed and nigella seed will be very helpful for intake and nigella seed with limestone for application. Just boil the nigella seed, make a paste and add limestone. Apply it over the throat and within 10 minutes your voice will be clear. Do keep this in mind as it will be needed in the coming winter season.

As I said in the beginning that Nigella Seeds is a master repair booster since it repairs the damaged cells of your brain. People ask me about the precautions to be taken during chemotherapy, so if you are going through chemotherapy then, you must consume nigella seed because nigella seed, Fennel and Astafoetida keeps the repair system of your body very high and green cardamom keeps the cell development very high. So always keep these things in your mind that the components which helps in the cell development, increase heamoglobin, rbc (red blood corpuscles), wbc (tendency to fight against infection), and increase every type of cells in your body, they fight highly against any type of cancer in your body, whether it is breast cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer or like I said in sore throat. If you are suffering from first stage cancer, since I told you I do have such patients, nigella seed is highly required to control it to a certain extent.

Liquorice, Nigella Seeds, Green Cardamom, Fennel or 4-5 such things actually help a lot in first stage cancer, say it breast cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer or any other cancer since they repair the cells and protect from the harmful effects of radiation. If you are at the first stage of cancer then, you’ll recover very soon but if it’s at the late stages then, you’ll stay protected from the harmful effects or reactions of chemotherapy. So always remember that some things are master blaster in your life which repairs the body in such a short span, in which even an antibiotic won’t affect.

Now let’s talk about muscles. Those who suffer from arthritis or any muscular problem or cramps in winters, have to make an oil in such situation. You’ll add one teaspoon Nigella Seeds, one teaspoon carom seed, 50gm garlic (if you get local garlic that’s the best one; the one which looks very cheap is most beneficial) and make it at a very low flame keeping in mind that it does not produce smoke. It will slowly release its complete extract within 15-20 minutes so just strain it. You can also add half teaspoon Methi seeds if you don’t have skin allergy. Now you can massage with this oil (it would be very beneficial to do massage of an infant with this oil), you won’t suffer muscular cramps, and it’s highly effective in arthritis and repairs very fast.

The most interesting thing about this oil is that you can do massage as well as you can also add this oil to your salad since it will provide you benefits in both the ways.  In winters, a very delicious curry is made of potato, carom seed, Nigella Seeds and this oil, to stay fit so I’ll definitely share the recipe if you ask. It causes good weight loss in a good way and it’s very tangy and tasty. It contains Gooseberry also so very tangy in taste. So I’ll definitely share the recipe in coming days. But till then, you have to increase the consumption of nigella seeds in winters and incorporate it into you day to day life by adding into curry or chappati or prantha or anything you eat. There is no hard and fast rule or any high recipe so you can easily do this.

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