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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a very lengthy topic and that is, SESAME SEEDS. Many people were asking me to talk about Sesame seeds as winters are arriving. But I was quiet because during summers it may be a problem if Sesame seeds are consumed. So it should be consumed only during winters. The meaning of winters is that the temperature should be below 25 degrees. And only then Sesame seeds will provide a lot of benefits.

So Sesame seeds are of 2 types. So I am showing the photographs. One is White and the other is Black. So first of all I will let you the the benefits of Sesame seeds. There are lots of benefits. It does help in Weight Loss but along with this you can get rid of various problems of your life by using Sesame seeds. Exactly similar to the way I had explained about Flax seeds and Chia seeds. Sesame seeds works similarly magical.

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Now let us talk about today’s TOPIC.


Sesame seeds helps a lot in the Health Growth of the babies. When your child is infant, if he is below 3 years then Sesame Tea can be given to the child. Just keep in mind that the child should not be below 6 months. After completing 6 months Sesame Tea can be prepared and given to the child. You get a lot of help. Due to this they have a lot of benefit in Body Growth and Cell Development and Bones.

Apart from this it help a lot in Height Growth. So during the video of Height Growth I had explained the process of using Sesame seeds. So do watch the video of Height Growth. You will get the link in the description box.

People with Respiratory disorder like Asthma or Bronchitis benefit a lot from Sesame seeds. But here the Black one will help a lot to those who have Respiratory diseases.

If you eat the combination of Black and White, then your Heart Health will be very fit.  Cholesterol is not formed and Heart remains very strong. People with Heart problem already should definitely add the White Sesame seeds in their life. It is not costly.

Here I am showing you, this is a 200 gms packet and it costs around 49 or 47 rupees. So it is not very costly, you get Sesame seeds at an affordable rate. And you can very easily consume it, it just should be kept in mind that the temperature should not exceed 25 degrees else Sesame seeds will create heat in your body. Apart from this these seeds are magical during winters for you.

Sesame seeds are very good for people with Hormone related problems. It is very good for people with Post- Menopause. Those who get Hot Flashes, even though it is hot in nature still it helps you during Hot flashes. It helps in Fatty Liver too. Those who have low Sexual Hormones, deficiency of Testosterone or Estrogen, in these situation too they are very helpful.

Sesame seeds stabilize your Blood pressure. They will not allow the B.P to be very high nor very low. So it is compulsory to add them in your pantry.

Sesame seed is a magical food for Pregnant ladies. Those who are already pregnant, I am not talking about 2 months pregnant. The body is very sophisticated during that time. So I am not talking about that duration. But after that you can add Sesame seeds to your life. In fact, if you add them to your life then the baby growth inside your womb will be very good. You will not gain weight and there will be no Water Retention.

So I am showing you the recipe as to how you should store Sesame seeds in your pantry. You cannot eat thems raw. So you should FRY Sesame seeds before consumption.

Sesame seeds is very good for Weight Loss. Basically if you do not have any disease, then you will lose weight.

Sesame seeds works very well for the Brain. It gives a very good signal to your Mind and Nervous system so that you can understand everything, think properly and after that it can give a signal to your body on how to do the right work at the right time.

Sesame seeds are rich in CALCIUM which is very good for Bones. So the 2 things that I discussed above that when a lady is pregnant, the the growth of the baby inside her is very good plus, Height will increase very well. Also when Calcium is high in something, then it raises the Metabolic rate. So whatever functions are going on in the body gets a high Metabolism.

Sesame seeds have very high quantity of IRON.

FIBER too is present, that you are already aware of, so Sesame seed is good for Digestion.

MAGNESIUM is also there. So the job of Magnesium too is to raise the Metabolic Rate of your body. And Magnesium saves you a lot from Citric Allergy.

The presence of PHOSPHORUS will help in your Bone Growth and prevent Skin diseases. People who have the problem of Eczema should eat Sesame seeds. They should add Sesame seeds in their life.

POTASSIUM is present, which will lower the Water retention. Potassium balances the water in your body.  It always keeps the body fit. And all the extra water as well as your lethargic feeling are taken care by Potassium. It is a very beneficial thing for the Swelling in your body, the puffy eyes. It means that if Potassium is high then Sesame seeds should be consumed at night before sleep. Whatever is high in Potassium, should definitely be consumed at night.

Sesame seeds contain COPPER. I have discussed many times about Copper, that the deficiency of Copper will lead to deficiency of Hemoglobin. Your RBC count and Hemoglobin both will be low. So in such a situation whatever Copper rich food you eat in your day to day life, will help a lot in the rise of Hemoglobin.  In a way Copper is such a staff of your body which makes your body active. And in such a situation your Immune system tightens.

Sesame seeds contain MANGANESE, which will block the absorption of sugar in the body. Manganese works like an editor in the body. It keeps your body in such a way that whatever does not suit your body will not be allowed to enter it.  It raises all types of your Metabolic Rate. And saves the body from different problems.

Here I have ROASTED the Sesame seed on medium flame. Now I will allow the seeds to cool down and then will GRIND them.

I was talking about the health benefits, so Sesame seeds are good for Digestion. So prepare this powder and keep it with you. Here I am showing you the second Sesame seeds, the Black one. Black and White both are good for digestion. Both are always present in my pantry. This Black Sesame seed is Digestive Protein. All the Black things are high in Protein. Sesame seeds are Plant protein, so by the consumption of these seeds there will be no reaction just as in happens with Animal Protein or even people avoid Soya due to presence of GMO.

I would like to inform you that in India Soya is mostly GMO free. There is a slight problem outside India. To produce it in abundance the use of fertilizers is increased and in such a situation GMO is added. But where there is less consumption, there chances of GMO presence are very minute. So this is also a type of fertilizer and chemical. But here I am talking about Protein. So Sesame seed is a Digestive Protein and is very good for your Health. It is good for your Muscles and Brain. These seeds are good in many ways.

The black Sesame seeds are very good for your Hair and Scalp. Very soon I will be sharing with you on how to use Sesame seeds?

Arthritis patients who have pain in their knees and waist, in fact, Arthritis occurs in all your joints not only in your knees, in such a situation this Black Sesame seeds is a boon for you. Sesame seed is such a medicine that will cure you very fast. So the consumption of Sesame seeds is a must. This too has the same formula, that we will roast the Black Sesame seed and keep it with us. And add it to your day to day life. I will surely be sharing the extra recipe.

This I will suggest for Students Health too. I was talking about the Brain, that the Brain gets strong by Sesame oil. Whenever you will consume it then the oil will directly go into your body. So they very effective for the students.  So such people who study till late in the night, should have Roasted Black and White Sesame seeds with them. But do not forget the Black seeds, this is a must for the students. And also with them, who experience a lot of Body pain.

I am sorry, I am using my mobile to record this, so my maid who is cooking, is also coming in the video. The frame of mobile is quite big, so please excuse me.

Black Sesame seed is very good for Eye Health too. Actually till now I have never spoken about Eye health, except when I made the Carrot video I spoke about the eyes. So Black Sesame seed is very important for eyes. If you prepare and drink the Tea of Black Sesame seed and Carrot seed, then it will be very beneficial. Your power decreases slowly, because I am using it and I myself wear spects. The results that I have seen is that within 2-3 months the power decreases in points. So the glasses do not get removed very fast but there are results of sesame seeds. And for the rest of the things I am not aware, presently I am researching about it on myself.

But I have noticed that Sesame seeds are seriously beneficial for the Eyes, you get a clarity. I have cylindrical problem as well. So people with cylindrical problem will benefit a lot. Axis will be rectified. Those who have a problem with the Axis as well as problem of Plus, like we all have Minus problem, so for Plus problem black Sesame seeds is very beneficial. When their veins get lose, the problem of Eyes arises only when the veins get lose, then the black Sesame seeds tighten them and so they will get cured faster whereas the the people with Minus problem, who have problem of far sightedness will take some time. So do add Carrot seed and Sesame Seeds Tea, it is very important. In future I will surely share the recipe.

Presently I have had a big loss. My 64 Gb card got washed due to my mistake as I formatted it and after formatting I got so nervous that I tried doing something on it and so it has been totally corrupted. So Weight Loss Challenge is not possible now. That will take a month’s time. I am making it again.

But here I am preparing you before hand for that, so that you are prepared for that challenge. So I had to make the video on the mobile as I am unable to understand the process of the new 7 D camera.

So here I will prepare the powder of the Roasted Sesame Seeds, half of it. Since I have taken 100 gms, so I will powder 50 gms and the other 50 gms of whole seeds I will store and use in anything. Both powder and the whole seeds are very important. So I have par grounded her, do not make a complete powder, let it be granulated. So as you can see, there are granules in this powder. So it is very important to be with you.

Apart from this I will prepare the powder of the Black seeds too. And that too I will follow the same procedure, Half I will powder and half I will keep the whole seeds. But keep in mind that you cannot eat Sesame seeds raw. If you eat raw, you will get Stomach ache and you will get Acidity. And since winter are arriving, so they will be very cheap in India, so it should be present in your pantry.

Though you will get Sesame seeds at your local grocery store, still I will provide you with the links for Black and White Sesame seeds.

This is the 2nd one that I had roasted. Allow it to cool before grinding, if you gring it when hot, then the grinder cap will throw out. The biggest problem is that gas starts forming inside. So I will grind this too. This should be granulated because the fiber of Sesame seeds is very important, that is why I ma mentioning it. If the Sesame seeds are granulated and they enter your body, the people with people with high problem of Constipation will be cured if they eat the combination of White and Black Sesame.

And the Black Sesame seed highly raises your Hemoglobin. It contains a high amount of Iron.  Always keep one thing in mind whether you use Black Sesame Seeds or Black Soya bean or Black Colored Rice, all of these will be very rich in Protein. And all these things will raise your Hemoglobin.

So I am filling all these powders in boxes as you cannot keep them outside as Sesame seed is full of oil so they will get spoilt.

So I store it in fridge. Apart from this there is always ½ kg of Roasted Peanuts in my fridge. And this is Roasted Flax seeds. Some I powder and some I keep as whole. So this is for daily use. So this is just an idea for you, try to follow it.

So this winter use Sesame seeds, Flax seeds as well as Chia seeds. Since they are very important for your life, so they must be in your fridge. They spoil if kept outside. So prepare and store Sesame seeds so that you can sprinkle over anything and consume them. There is no single rule to be followed like a tablet. Whenever you are eating, do add Sesame seeds . The video has become lengthy as I had to describe everything about Sesame seeds which was not possible in a short video.

SO if you liked this information on Sesame seeds then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share my video so that others too benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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