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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with VITAMIN E. In the last video you all had requested for details on Vitamin E. Many people have spoken about the Beauty benefits but no one has spoken about its Health Benefits. And you must be wanting to know the Health Benefits from me as Beauty benefits are already available. So I have come with TOP 5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF VITAMIN E and you will come to know how your life changes with Vitamin E and it works like miracle in your life.




So the first problem that I want to discuss is HIDDEN PAIN. You get such a type of pain in the body that it does not get detected by blood tests. Blood test do not reveal presence of any pain and the doctors are of the opinion that it is just an imagination and will be gone with some exercises.


In such a situation Vitamin E is very important for the body to recover from that Hidden Pain which can occur anywhere in the body, either in the knees or muscles or head or hands or legs.


Next disease or symptom is MENOPAUSE. Menopause often occurs when the age increases in the females and their periods stop. Due to that the Tension increases, there is acute Nausea, they get Psychological problems. They also have problems of Hot Flashes, Mental Tension and Sleepliness. And a lot of other symptoms start erupting in the body due to Hormonal changes. In such a situation either 200mg or 400iu whatever is available of Vitamin E is consumed and they get a lot of relief during Menopause.


The Mental Stretch is gone. Vitamin E helps a lot during Hormonal Imbalance occurring in the body. But be sure I am showing the photograph of the Vitamin E capsules that are available with me. But for good results eat Vitamin E of good quality. If good quality Vitamin E is consumed, then even 200mg will give results.


This Vitamin E will play a good role for Beauty. But it does not have such good results on intake as I have seen on my various patients. If you are unable to afford the pure Vitamin E only then opt for this one as this is available at a very cheap rate. And the good quality one of which I have seen the results, for that I will be providing the link in the description box and pin comment. So do try it once, as my patients do.


Next disease is ASTHMA/ BRONCHITIS OR HEART DISEASES, in which Vitamin E plays a very good role. The basic reason behind it is that as I explained that Vitamin E reduces the Stretch and Stress of the Muscles. It increases the Flexibilities. So you don’t face a problem in Bronchitis wherein things harden in your Bronchioles. In Asthma, Vitamin A and Iron are required a lot and Vitamin E plays an important role in indirect absorption of Vitamin A.


It becomes very important for the Heart Patients because whatever is related to Bronchioles, Lungs, Heart Veins or Trachea, for that oil is required, be it Vitamin A or Vitamin E. This is very important and it has to be present. And let me tell you a basic thing. Whenever you consume a capsule, suppose you take Vitamin E, so when it goes into the intestine, if it is not pure or is not in dilute form, then only 60-80 mg is absorbed and the rest is excreted through your stool. So always keep in mind that the quality should be very good. There should not be things mixed in it as they do not give results to you.


Next is ARTHRITIS. You must consume Vitamin E if you suffer from any type of Arthritis. Always keep in mind the quantity, if you are below 25 years. Always take as per your age. Vitamin E mobilizes the Stretch of Bones, Veins and Flesh. Mainly Arthritis creates problems in the bones. The Greasiness is gone. If there are any other disease where you the greasiness of the bones are not there and you feel that your bones are rubbing against each other, there are many such problems, in all that Vitamin E plays an important role.


But if you have taken Vitamin E for 3 months and still the Weight is Stagnate, and you continue taking it, then Weight will start increasing, you will feel sleepy and there will be other reactions as well. So a GAP is very important. So if you have taken it for 3 months then maintain a long gap of 2- 2 ½ months and if you have taken for 1 month then a gap of 1 month is enough.


VARICOSE VEINS, nowadays I get a lot of questions on this topic in the comment box to give a treatment for it. So basically in this Clots are formed. Clots are formed inside the veins and due to that they are sometimes visible from outside as well. Blue colored veins are visible above the skin. Sometimes if they are less, then they are not visible but are very painful. If Vitamin E is in good quantity inside your body, then the clots will not form.


So a good quality Vitamin E makes your veins Flexible and will not allow the blood to Clot. And the same thing if taken in excess that people often do in order to get Slim, then that might lead to getting Varicose Veins if taken for a period of 6 months to 1 year regularly. But this green capsule will not do anything as it does not have the power to react you. But in varicose veins you will have to keep in mind that whatever age group you belong 25 or 30 or 40, you will have to take 400iu minimum and that too the pure one which is around 268mg. And you will have to take it twice a day daily. One after Breakfast and one after Dinner.


When you go to sleep and your repair system starts after 1 ½ hours, then Vitamin E starts its work. And when you take one Vitamin E in your Breakfast, then as the day starts and the Metabolic Rate is high and body absorbs it and after that any time you take, it is useless. Metabolic Rate is the lowest during Lunch. So that time if you take anything good is absorbed the least.


So if you eat it for Beauty or Health, these are the timings. I had mentioned earlier too that people below 25 should take 200 mg. And people above 25 and around 40, for them 400 mg is suitable and for 40 plus to 80 years, 600 mg is recommended. But these green capsules can be taken by 25 years too as its 200 mg does not have any power. But the 40 plus will have to look for its 600 mg capsules. This is actually yellow in color. Only the cap is green, inside the oil is yellow.


Apart from this, if for Beauty you cut and mix this capsules in any hair oil or apply it to your lips or apply it under eye or mix it in any cream or even mix it in any gel, in whatever it is incorporated, it will give a good moisture and effect. You will get results.


So keep in mind to eat it in a balanced way because excess of Vitamin E will destroy Vitamin K, will create extra Clotting, make you gain Weight, your Veins will not be Flexible, you will feel sleepy all the time and you may have heart problem. So Vitamin E is very good at one level only.


For the list of food, you can search on Google. All Seeds contain Vitamin E. SUNFLOWER SEEDS, PUMPKIN SEEDS, NUTS, all types of Dry Fruits, all these contain ample amount of Vitamin E. But Greens have the most amount of Vitamin E like Kale, Spinach and Coriander Leaves. So if you are unable to apply capsules, then grind and apply Coriander Leaves and you will have a very good effect of Vitamin E on your face. But use the leaf and not the stem. Leaves have more effect.


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