IMMUNE DRINK : Rapid Weight loss, Immune Booster | सौ बीमारी का एक इलाज

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with most committed drink, from a long time I had said around 1 month back that I will prepare IMMUNE DRINK, DRINK TO BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM. So today I have come with that juice. Though this is a fruit juice but it has been processed at home and the taste is marvelous.

This Immune Drink helps in curing all types of diseases and boosting your Immune system. Secondly this Immune Drink kills Citric Allergy. If people with Citric Allergy consume this Immune Drink then they can fight with their Allergy. Plus this Immune Drink fights with Gluten Allergy and increases your Protein resistance. This Immune Drink is very good for Diabetic patients and for their insulin. Immune Drink is good for people with Uric Acid, B.P, Thyroid, PCOS and PCOD. Breast feeding mothers as well as pregnant ladies can drink this Immune Drink. So any one in the world, even toddlers, 3-6 months old babies can all take this Immune Drink. The aged too can take. This Immune Drink can be taken any time; morning, evening or noon.

But the dose of Immune Drink will be 50ml one time because body has this funda that it cannot absorb any liquid more than 50 ml. In a day this Immune Drink can be had around 300ml.

This Immune Drink is very delicious and full of Vitamins and Minerals. Immune drink has been made by taking Potassium under consideration. Immune Drink is very high in minerals. Immune drink is SUPER BIO FOOD.  So Immune Drink has a lot of absorbants.

The life of Immune Drink outside fridge is 7 days and inside fridge is 1 month. So you can easily prepare around 2 liters and keep. And here I will be telling the measures of making 2 liters.



The first ingredient that I have taken is easily available in this season. It is optional but if you have it wiyh you then do take it. I have taken 3 ORANGES here. Approximately the Oranges will be around 300-400gms. Orange is very important. All the seasonal fruits are very important. I have taken Oranges because I want to raise the levels of Vitamin C of people. People deficient in Vitamin C have a very bad Immune System. And Vitamin C is the only thing that gives strength to fight diseases. It is Anti Wrinkle that saves you from Wrinkles, saves you from old age which means it provides you with a lot of flexibility.

Here I am peeling the Oranges. If you have a juicer then you can use it or if you want to squeeze from the cloth then cut it into pieces. Vitamin C makes you look young. Orange is rich in Anti oxidant. Some quantity of Vitamin A is also present so eyes too get benefitted. So basically when the weather changes then we must consume things that are able to fight diseases which is found in Oranges. I always discourage people with Citric Allergy not to eat Oranges. But here if it is a little sour then you can go ahead as we will reduce its sourness by processing it. Due to which it will not harm you only benefit you.

So here I am using a juicer. This was gifted to me by Suman Singh during meet and greet. During that time I did not know its value but then I liked this juicer a lot as there is no hard work in it and the juice comes out properly. Keep in mind not to grind it in the mixy jar because Orange will become bitter. Either use a cloth to squeeze the juice or use the plastic juicer in which you can cut into half and squeeze out the juice. Here I have taken out 300 ml juice. This means that the juice is exactly the same as the measure of oranges and the rest is roughage. And this is clean and clear juice.

Since I am making Immune juice so I am taking out the juice of the fruits. This contains Copper. So I always tell you that Copper is very good for people with Hemoglobin deficiency. And copper is the thing which helps in making RBC or Hemoglobin from whatever you eat. So directly it does not have Iron and such things but due to the presence of Copper you will benefit a lot. Plus it has Potassium, as I was telling you that I am making potassium drink. The presence of Potassium helps you to get rid of Water retention and Bloating. And since Calcium too is present so during winters when you get body cramps or your muscles pull or you have pain in the bones, all that is taken care of.

Next ingredient is POMEGRANATE. Since this is my all time favorite so I will add it. I have taken 300gms of Pomegranate. This too has to be juiced. Actually it is 350gms. This will relieve you from undetected disease. I always recommend you to eat Pomegranate.  The fever that is undetected even after visiting the doctor or undergoing tests, Pomegranate takes you out of it. So during this season you will always have pain and pull in your body. So Pomegranate juice is very important. So do take it. And from this too I have extracted 350ml juice.

Here I am showing you how easy it is to operate this juicer. If you do not have this then you can use normal mixy jar. Grind it in that then strain it through a cloth. But since this is very useful so thank you very much Sumanji for gifting me something new. And it is so good that now it has become my all time favorite. All the seeds have separated which I am keeping aside. Do not throw these seeds. You need to dry these seeds and they can be used in multi purpose things. And if you want to buy this juicer then the link will be in the description box. There are very nice manual juicers and they function very I will be providing the link in the description box if you want you can buy from there.

So as you can see I have dried the seeds of Pomegranate. It dries in 5-6 days. Then we can use it in multi purpose ways. We can use it in a variety of ways; breast tightening, wrinkle pack, slimming powder, it can be added to anything. So do not throw it. This time I am showing you because every time you are clueless about the qualities of roughage.

Then I am taking GOOSEBERRY. I have taken 100gms of Gooseberry which I had kept under the sun for some time so that it can easily be chopped. You can take fresh Gooseberry as well. The biggest benefit of Gooseberry is that it saves you from Citric Allergy, this I have told you many times. Since this is the season of Gooseberries so do eat it. It is very good for Immune System. It protects you from any type of Allergies. It is very important for people with Kidney Stones or any problem of Kidney or even problem of Creatinine. It works very well against Asthma, Bronchitis and Arthritis. Regular consumption of Gooseberry works as Anti Wrinkle so it will save you from wrinkles too. Plus your hair will be black. Gooseberry is very beneficial in Diabetes. You can keep the extra aside. And you can add the seed part in your food so its sourness will get mixed in the food and it will not be wasted.

Next I am adding 20gms of GINGER. If there is lot of cough at home then 25-50 gms of ginger can also be taken. This is young ginger so there are no fibers.

The next ingredient after it is PINEAPPLE. I always advocate Pomegranate and Pineapple to be present in your diet. And this tropical food is beneficial for your muscles be it male or female. So do consume it. But it should be ripe, buy raw from the market and allow it to ripen at home. When it ripens at home then you can peel it yourself. Remember to separate its eyes. Its eyes are very dangerous. If it goes into your stomach, it may cause Ulcer. It can cause any type of Allergy. If you can take it out then take the Pineapple Protein shake which I always talk about, is very helpful in any type of muscle cramps and Arthritis. If you have Bronchitis then Pineapple will help you a lot. So watch the link given in the description box to know about the benefits of Pineapple.  I am reminding you all the time that its eyes should not be used. Otherwise people complain that they are having tooth ache.  The reason of tooth ache is its eyes.  You might get soar throat and boils may occur inside your throat and it will be very painful.

It is very important to add it in the drink because it will protect you from muscle cramps during winters. So I have cleaned and washed it. Now I will cut it, separating the inner hard part. We will keep that hard part aside and not throw it. You can add it to any vegetable whose taste you want to be sweet and sour. Do not eat raw else it will cause Allergy. Intestine cannot digest it raw. So you can cut it into small cubes and add to any vegetable of your choice. It is beneficial for you. It should not be over ripe. When you have finished cooking the vegetable and are about to remove from gas then just 2 minutes before you can add it.

Here I am taking Pineapple for Immune Drink but first I am removing the hard part because I will boil it and if you are using raw then do not use it as it will cause allergy of stomach. You might end up with loose motions, bloating or pain in the stomach all of a sudden.


Pineapple helps in making any body muscle or brain flexible. It is full of Potassium. So it reduces any type of allergy. So you cannot skip it, it is not optional.

So I am taking Gooseberry, Ginger and Pineapple in a mixy jar. Remember to grind it separately in a mixy jar. You cannot juice them in that juicer as it is made of plastic. So you cannot put such things in that. You can take out Pineapple juice in that but not the others. So grind it to a fine paste and then strain it. In this I have added 300ml of WATER. We can squeeze it out and its roughage is also very magical.

Do not throw its roughage as that too is the roughage of Pineapple plus Gooseberry and Ginger are added to it. You can dry them and then powder it and keep it in an air tight container. You can use it in any vegetable. You can make a lot of recipes out of it; if you want then I will tell you the recipes of Pomegranate seed or this mixture. But I would like more than 200 comments. As you can see this is completely dry and it took just 5-6 days. Now this is ready for a number of my recipes. I never throw these things. I always dry them. So if you have an option, then do dry them. I have all types od dried flowers or other things. And then I use it later.

To this water of Ginger and Gooseberry I am adding Pomegranate juice and Orange juice. Now this juice is around 800ml. to this 1 ½ liters of water has to be added. Now I will boil the water because it will be prepared in dilute form following the formula of the tetra pack juice. There is no difference.

So I have kept 1500ml of water to boil. Now the water has started boiling. To it I will add 1 tbsp STEVIA. Stevia is a substitute of sugar but it is natural sugar. So if you want to buy it then you will get in in any medical store or you can check the link in the description box. When the water boils then I will add the juice to it. And I will keep it on high flame till it boils once.

To this I am adding ½ tsp PINK SALT. Not more than that. This I am adding just for a support so that it becomes tasty. You cannot add Normal Salt, Sea Salt, Black Salt or Rock Salt. We will add only Pink Himalayan Salt as it is different.

Allow it to boil on high flame. When it starts boiling cover it and leave it for 10-15 minutes on very low flame. And let it boil. Then you will see foam forming in it which is a proof that it is ready. Now remove from fire and separate the foam after that it is ready for consumption. And allow it to cool by itself.

Now what is the formula to drink this Immune Drink? So at a time you can take 50ml. you can drink the Immune Drink in the morning, however early you wake up. Then you can take after Breakfast, after Lunch. This Immune Drink is a filler snack so you can take it anytime between 4-6 pm. You can also take the Immune Drink after Dinner, since it has no cooling effect so you will not get cough.

This Immune Drink tastes like the mixed fruit juice of tetra pack. So I always make around 2 liters. And it lasts for long and everyone at my place likes the Immune Drink. For me the Immune Drink is like a filler snack, like a beverage and delicious too.

So you too add the Immune Drink to your lifestyle. And anyone can drink the Immune Drink. You can give the Immune Drink to your kids before going to school and after coming back from school. And if you child is in hostel then they can keep it for atleast a week in winters. It will not spoil.

Also the 70 plus people can consume the Immune Drink easily. They can be fearless there should be no doubt that you are taking the Immune Drink during winters so you will catch cold. People with high cough should boil the Immune Drink before consuming and they will get rid of the cough. Cough will go slowly. If you are able to get LONG PEPPER then add it to the drink and boil it. And that will reduce a lot of your cough with this Immune Drink. So do believe it.

 For me it is very delicious. I had uploaded this video when I had made this drink. I was enjoying the drink. Then I had uploaded it on Facebook just to tease people and they got teased so badly. And since this Immune Drink is so tasty so do try it and enjoy it and believe in it.

If you want to add any other fruit then do add it. One more fruit can come in it and that will be GUAVA. You can add it but its process is a bit high.

So do try my Immune Drink. Prepare it and if you liked this video then hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE

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  1. Dear Ma’am, have bought all the ingredients to make Immunity drink….Will prepare soon n update u about the taste. Thank you 😘😘

  2. Dear Ma’am.Thanks so much for sharing this Receipe.
    My Daughter has Casin Allergy. is this drink is good for her?
    Kindly suggest some remedies to cure the food allergy.

  3. Ma’am fresh Amla not available ? Can we use dry ones and please tell me how much ?as mentioned in video it’s 100 gms of fresh amla so dry one should be same?

  4. Hello mam. Mujhe green tea yellow tea se kafi fayda huaa he.. me aaj apni mummy ki health problems share karna chhati hu.. unko kafi time se back problem he.. isse unhe chalne me khade regen me baithne me kafi pereshani hoti he.. ghutno me pain bhi bahut salo se he.. sari davaiya try kar chuki par ku6 farak nahi padta. Unko nind bhi nahi aati he to ku6 solution bataiye pls.. thanks in adv

  5. Hi mam,
    Recently came across ur videos, it’s amazing,. Ur rendering ur valuable service to society we r very great full to u thanks for that.
    Now, Want to know in this drink can we add honey before drinking instead of natural sugar. Thanks in advance.

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