SLIMMING POWDER – Rapid Inch Loss | Lose more than 8 inches Quickly

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 See below the article to know about the Ingredients, Do’s & Don’ts and Dosage.

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopath. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with the most wanted SLIMMING POWDER which you have been demanding for a long time but I have been busy. So today I have come with Slimming Powder.


This Slimming Powder has been made from 4 powerful extra ingredients which will Detox your body a lot, help you in Inch loss, will fight with your Fat, will make your Bones strong, will cure your problem of Constipation, Acidity, Hormonal Disbalance. This can be consumed by PCOS patients, PCOD patients, people with Menopause, females going through Periods, it can also be taken during the initial 40 days after Pregnancy. There are some ingredients that I will mention you to skip it during that period. Rest all you can take. This can be consumed by  people suffering from Diabetes, High B.P, Thyroid, Arthritis.


There are no restrictions on anyone from consuming this Slimming Powder. During Pregnancy there are somethings that you cannot take and Pregnant woman is not required to get slim. She requires Weight management but that is a very different aspect.


You can easily reduce 7-8 kgs from this Slimming Powder, it helps in fast Inch loss. You will notice a difference of 2-3 inches within 7 days. Body looks slim and so does the face. People start commenting you. Try it once and see that this is such a high Detox that you will feel very good after consuming it as inch loss is more than the weight loss.




The first ingredient of this Slimming Powder is FLAX SEEDS. You need to Roast it lightly. This is the biggest source of Omega 3. But the problem is that it is hot in nature. So further I will be discussing some ingredients to cut its hot nature. It is high in Laxative. Laxative is that which is found in Psyllium Husk, which removes your Constipation. It has the strength to trap and remove the impurities from your stomach. It is so rich in fiber that due to it your Gut gets Detoxed. If something is trapped in your Intestine which accumulates by eating Protein or Carb gluten, all of that is removed by Flax Seeds. Apart from this it is a good source of oil to your body.


When I had made the video on Flax Seeds, I had mentioned that people with B group cannot take Flax Seeds oil, I never said that they cannot take Flax Seeds. So always concentrate to what I am saying and what importance it has.


So Flax Seeds are very beneficial for people who have a lot of pain or strain in their body be it people with Arthritis or those with Hormonal Disbalance. It is considered very good for Weight Reduction because it saves you from all types of infections and diseases along with being a good Laxative. So it is obvious that if your Intestine and Colon are clear, then you will reduce Weight very fast. You will have a lot of Inch Loss and there will be no Bloating.


So I have made a powder of it.


Next ingredient of this Slimming Powder is WHITE SESAME SEEDS. This too is a little hot in nature, so you must be thinking that initially I am discussing only the hot natured things. But at the end I will be discussing, what to take along with this so that everything gets equal. This also needs to be roasted lightly. It contains Zinc. Zinc is very effective in getting rid of Stagnate Weight. So this is full of natural Zinc. You must have noticed that Mexicans or people of Saudi consume a lot of Tahini Paste which is made from Sesame Seeds because it takes care of Stagnate Weight and when you consume this in a paste or powder form with water without the combination of sugar, then its hot nature reduces.


So after roasting it we will prepare its powder. Though it does not contain Laxative but the presence of Zinc makes it very good product for your Weight Loss and it makes you very strong. It is full of Calcium. So it is very good for your bones. Most of the time when you have pain and strain in the body which makes you swell first, bloat and eventually makes you fat.


The next ingredient of this Slimming Powder will have to be bought from the market. This is PUNARNAVA POWDER. This is a herb which has been powdered. I will provide the link in the description box and pin post. You can buy from there or if you get it in any local herbal shop or Baidyanath shop, then you can buy from there too.


What does this Punarnava do? This works is like magic. It takes out the extra water from your body. Males or Females have this problem that extra exertion fills the body with water. In such a situation Punarnava helps a lot. Water retention does not only occur due to Cough that if you have a lot of cough or Mucous, you will get Water retention.


You will get Water Retention even if your Stomach is very Hot or Cold. If you Exert a lot, still you will get water retention. And if you take Mental Tension, you will get water retention. This means that whenever the body gets tired and starts feeling Dehydrated, it will pull water into its cell from the environment outside. This is a survival system that body does for sustaining its life but the side reaction is that it makes the body Bloat.


So Punarnava helps a lot is such a situation. It pulls out all the water from the cells inside the body and makes you pass it through Urine. So the extra water comes out of the Urine. So keep in mind that you need to take ample amount of water, juices, detox water, while consuming this Slimming Powder. All the recipes are available on my channel. So whatever I have explained, take them equally so that you do not get dehydrated and your body keeps getting washed.


All the measurements are available on my Website and the link will be in description box and pin post.


Next ingredient of this Slimming Powder is CURRY LEAVES. It can easily be dried at home. If you cover and dry it with a thin cloth then it will retain its color after drying also. Prepare its powder.


I have not discussed the method of preparing the powder. I am just mentioning here how to dry Curry leaves and Mint Leaves. Pluck them from the stem and wash and spread on a plate or paper and cover with a muslin or cotton cloth and allow it to dry. Keep mixing it every day. Within a day or too it will dry very well and the color will remain intact. Its color does not fade but do not keep under direct sunlight. So this method of drying can be useful for drying Curry leaves, Mint and Rose petals. Rest others cannot be dried like this. Since I am unable to make a video on it, so I am just mentioning it here so that you can do it. My leaves are still drying. So I will make a video if I am able to get the desired result, for the time being you can use this method.  


Now we will mix all the ingredients. And your powder is ready now. To know about its dosage and it Do’s & Don’ts you will have to check my Website. But the biggest question is that since this powder is very hot in nature so how to make it normal so that it remains digestive. You must be remembering that during Holi I had discussed the recipe of Digestive Powder which is very good for the Intestine. It will cut all types of Flatulents and will cut all the Hot Natures of the ingredients and then I had spoken about the Slimming Powder. So if you merge this powder with that Detox Powder, then you will get very good results.


People who suffer with a lot of Acidity or hotness in the stomach, for them this Slimming Powder is very good. This will double the result. So just mix the Holi Digestive Powder to the Slimming Powder, if you have not made that Detox powder or are not aware of it, then you will get the link in the description box and pin post. I did not show this powder again as the video is already available and this video will become very lengthy.


The Slimming Powder that I have discussed today is very good in curing Constipation. It is very natural but a little hot in nature which when you mix the Digestive Powder will become a marvelous powder. But there is a slight problem in this, when you eat it, you get a satisfying burp and you start feeling hungry as it easily digests your food.


Here I am showing you the plastic brown jar which I always suggest that if you have this or the Glass jar which is much better, for storing any type of Powders like these to increase their shelf life. And if possible keep it in the fridge or in a dark place because since it is very hot nowadays and all the ingredients have oil in them like Sesame seeds & Flax seeds, so if oil starts releasing, then we all are aware that oil spoils very fast. So if Slimming Powder is stored in the fridge, it will have much better result else oil starts to rot within 15 days. And the Dose that I am discussing and the measurements that you will find on the Website are for 1 month.


Also I would like to inform you all that those of you who are searching for Navratri Diet can find it uploaded on the Website in English and Hindi both, the link is in the description box and pin post. You can easily reduce 4.5-5 kgs within 9 days.


Also what you need to take along with this Slimming Powder is mentioned on the Website. You can take the summer Detox Water, people with Acidity problem should not take garlic detox water as it will not suit you now. If you ask, then I will prepare a new detox water for summers from the fruits that are easily available. Actually I make it from Kiwi but many people have a problem in getting Kiwi. So if you need anything like this then do let me know in the comment box regarding the Detox Water.


Very soon I will be sharing the YELLOW SMOOTHIE. The video is ready but editing is to be done. So please do not get disheartened and you question me as to how many times you will have to ask me. This is such a discouraging line that I feel bad as it feels like you are ordering me because I am working regularly, so why you have written such a line for me. So I am unable to answer. And when it feels like threatening, then I do not answer. So have some patience, I am working regularly to fulfill all your demands as much as I can.


And people with minor diseases whose list I will be sharing either today or tomorrow, I am unable to make a video for them, like Arthritis, Osteoporosis or Psoriasis. You will get the articles for all of them on the Website for which I will provide some ideas on the video but the rest you will find on the WEBSITE. So I will try to do that as soon as possible so that your problems are solved.


So do follow this recipe of Slimming Powder and give me the feedback after taking it. And if you liked my information, then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it with your friends & family and on your social media so that more people can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.




Flax Seeds : 2 tbsp or 30 gm

Sesame  Seeds :  2 tbsp or 30 gm

Curry  Leaves powder :  2 tbsp or 25 gm

Punarnawa  Powder  : 2 tbsp or 35 gm


How to prepare and mix these powders, please see VIDEO above or go to my YouTube Channel : “Recipe with Dr Shalini



Add Holi Digestive Powder in it (To know, How & Where to find HOLI CHURAN, Click here to see the details)




  • 3 gm or Half tsp for those who are below 14 years after three Main meals that is Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  •  5 gms or 1tsp for adults after three Main meals that is Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Have Detox Tea (Yellow Tea, Orange tea, Pink tea, Immune drink – ANY ONE TEA) at least 1 litre in a day 


NOTE (Meaning of 1 litre):

Tea (Yellow Tea/Orange tea/Pink Tea) 300 ml in a day.

Immune Drink200 ml in a day 

Juice (Green Part-1 / Green Juice Part 2) 200 ml

Waterlemon (Red/Green) Smoothie / Juice 300ml

TOTAL: 1litre



  • Breakfast ( High protein in breakfast)
  • Fruits (2 times in a day before 4 pm)
  • Almond milk (switch your Animal milk to almond milk)




  • Dinner (No carb in dinner strictly)
  • No milk (You can have Milk Tea but no direct milk)


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