Increase Height Naturally – Simple & Natural Way | Height Increase Fast Naturally after 35years

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. Today I have come with NATURAL HOME REMEDIES FOR INCREASE HEIGHT, INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT AFTER 35. People below that age group will have an increase in their height but your height can increase after 35 to 40 years too. Also when you Increase Height then  you’ll get problem of Weight gain because anything that aids in Increase of Height, will lead to weight gain.


LET’S KNOW THE INGREDIENTS fto Increase Height::


1) Ashwagandha / Indian Ginseng to Increase Height:

The first ingredient is ASHWAGANDHA / INDIAN GINSENG for the Increase Height Naturally. As everyone is aware that Ashwagandha works on the Tissues, Cells and is full of Calcium. It helps a lot in body growth be it Hair, Bone or Blood. So whenever growth of anything is required, then Ashwagandha is used for sure either for Brain Tonic or for Blood. So it has a high value for Increasing Height. But do not use more of Ashwagandha else it will create problems. It will make you gain weight.


 2) White Sesame Seeds for Height Increase:

The second ingredient is WHITE SESAME SEEDS for the Increase Height Naturally. It is very high in Calcium and Zinc. It also contains Phosphorus. Phosphorus straightaway affects the bones; you all are aware of this. Bone is Phosphorus only. So whenever its support is taken, the bones become very strong. So overage people, whose height increase is impossible, will get a very good kick from Phosphorus.


3) Mucuna Seeds to Increase Height:

Next comes the turn of a magical ingredient for the Increase Height Naturally. I have discussed the 2 common ingredients. This ingredient is magical in itself. It is known as MUCUNA SEEDS / VELVET SEEDS. In early days’ people use to have a problem of Bone Density after 30 years of age whereas in today’s date due to the eating habits or use of chemicals people get this problem in 23 or 25 years only. There is a lot of pain in the bones and therefore in such a situation Mucuna is very helpful.


This is such a type of herb or seed powder which works very well on your Testosterone as well as Estrogen. So you can be clear that if it works on Testosterone, then it will aid in increase of Sperm count and will make the sperms thick. And since it works on Estrogen, then it will delay the onset of Menopause. Apart from this people with PCOS and PCOD problem will be cured. Hormonal problems will get cured along with Period problems.


All these whole sole problems are a hindrance in Height Increase. So when we work on these problems, the Height will get a very good boost. And such a thing which will easily help you in weight loss. While your Height will increase due to its intake, it will make you lose weight alongside. Along with all this, it works very well on your Brain. It is very beneficial for people with Migraine problem or those who are sleepless.


I would like to show you all something, that is why I have put a lot of print screens. The supplements of Mucuna seeds are available in the market. The cost of this is 12000/-. This a capsule of 400-500mg, which is sold by the name of 5HTP. You can search it on Google. This aids in getting good sleep. This is sold as an amino acid so help you get a sound sleep. This is available in India at the rate of 400 for ½ kg, which you can easily consume and save yourself from a lot of diseases. So there are many supplements that you can get cheap in India.


I have ½ kg of this. I always keep it as it relieves the mind, keeps the brain cool and the body strong. If we consume 1 teaspoon of it, it will be around 5gms which means 5000mg which we can easily consume and that too at a very cheap rate. So there are many supplements out there which are not required to be bought the costly one. Those who are available outside and will have a good effect, about them I will definitely inform you. But do not buy this 5HTP. Those capsules are filled by Mucuna powder only, which when you consume it directly, you will save yourself from a lot of problems.


Since here we are talking about Height Increase, so I am taking this in a good amount.


4) Camel Milk to Increase Height:

The next ingredient is the SHOWSTOPPER; this is CAMEL MILK. Initially too when I had spoken about Height Increase, then I had mentioned that my height had increased because of Camel Milk after pregnancy. I had consumed this during my pregnancy. The Powder that I am discussing today can be taken by Breast Feeding Mothers and also by the Pregnant ladies, everyone can take it, there will not be any problem. All the ingredients are in your favor. Only you will have to skip Ashwagandha if you are Pregnant. Keep in mind that you can take this after 3 months.


I am talking about Camel Milk. Camel Milk is very high in Calcium. This is allergy free. Milk is very high in Lactose. This does not have that problem. Behind this packet the description says that Calcium is very high, bones will get stronger. But it has not been mentioned that this also helps in weight loss. Camel Milk helps in easily losing weight. Behind the packet it has also not been mentioned that it helps in Height Increase. I had bought this 200gm packet, the result of which was very good for me so then later I purchased the second batch of 500gms. It is very costly, but is value for money. It is a very good product.


I was discussing the benefits of Camel Milk. It strengthens the Auto Immune. The chances of getting Cancer increases if your Auto Immune level is low. And also you will be under the grasp of various diseases. Apart from this it saves you from Diabetes. But if you already suffer from Diabetes, then you should consume this, 1tsp in 100ml water early in the morning empty stomach. It also keeps your Blood Circulation intact.


It also keeps the Hair and Tissues of the body very healthy. It saves you from any type of allergy. The biggest thing is that any type of milk increases the allergy, that is why I always recommend to change the form of milk. And that is why I said that you can have Tea or curd but for drinking I had made you switch over to Almond Milk. But Camel Milk is allergy free, lactose free, so this is the best thing. It is present but in very less quantity. It will not increase your cough or give rise to any type of flatulence in your body.


It is way ahead in increasing height as it is very high in Bone Density and Calcium. And since this is in powder from, so it has been saturated a lot. It has been totally dried and prepared in such a way that it has a lot of benefit. I am discussing about the Powder here but you can consume the Milk too. You can take 1tbsp in 200ml water early in the morning or before going to sleep or if you are giving to 10-12 years’ child, then you can give 1tsp in 100ml water. Another thing you can use cold water, as much as you can tolerate, either from fridge or normal, if you take 1 tsp in 100ml water, then it cures the problem of Acidity. Whereas we know that milk increase the Acidity. So this too is a very good property which is apt for your Intestine.





Now we will MIX all the powders and be ready to Increase Height fast. First I have taken Ashwagandha and in it I will mix the magical powder, Mucuna seeds which cannot be ignored. It will increase the height in a healthy, tight and a painless way, where you will not have a feeling that you are having weakness. We will mix them properly. And now we will mix the Milk Powder. It has a healthy level of protein. Till now Goat’s milk was considered to be very high in protein but this is considered to be a digestive and a very beneficial protein which is very good in increasing the height.


People who are Anemic and if your height does not increase, then you face a lot of problems. You will suffer from continuous pain in the body and also the bones, you will have a lot of deficiencies in which Anemia too comes. If you are always deficient of Hemoglobin, then your Height will not increase. So Camel Milk gives a very good boost to an Anemic person. Therefore, even if you do not want to Increase Height still you can have this Camel Milk, 1tbsp in 200ml water.


If you want this milk, then the link is in the description box and in my first comment of the YouTube video in the link of which is given here.  So you can click there to purchase it. You will also get the link for Mucuna Seeds. In fact, I will be providing the for all the ingredients in the description box and pin comment. If you can purchase it locally, then do buy it.


I am mixing the powders and storing them in this jar. Do but this dark color jar even if it is of plastic. I always recommend to store the dry powders in dark jars as they remain cool. This jar is suitable for dry products. You will get the link for this jar too in the description box.. If it is available locally, then do get it.


This powder can be consumed by 12 to 40 years old, who can have an Height Increase need. Above that age group, people can have different benefits but their height will not increase. There are some problems to increase height above 40years of AGE.


For people in the age group of 12-15 years for then the dose is 1tsp/ 5gms and for people above that, 1 ½ tsp that means 8-9-10gms. And for people from 22-40 years can have 1tbsp twice a day (see details below)


Just keep in mind that during its consumption you cannot have cow or buffalo’s milk. You can have tea but not milk as you will gain weight. And if you do not do this, then you will lose weight and if your weight is normal, then it will remain the same as Naturopathy will not increase or decrease weight in excess. So do not fear that if your weight is normal, then it will decrease more. This will not happen.


Do use this formula. You will get remarkable results. You will start noticing the result in coming 45 days. And they will be amazing. So use this formula. And if you liked this powder recipe of mine then do like my video. Do give it a Thumbs up. Share it with your friends and family and also on your social media so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

INGREDIENTS to Increase Height: 

  • Ashwagandha:– 1tbsp/12gm
  • White Sesame Seeds Powder (Roasted) :- 2tbsp/25gm
  • Kaunch ka Beej Powder/mucuna pruriens powder/velvet seeds:- 50gm/4full tbsp
  • Camel Milk (Most important):- 10 full tbsp/75-50gm(according to ur age)

Also Follow another video to Increase Height with Laddu Recipe. CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube 



  • Twice a day Morning after breakfast with water & before dinner with water/
  • For *30+ age group, thrice a day 30mins after breakfast, lunch & Dinner with water as stated above.
  • Patients age group (12-15 years) : 1tsp/5gm
  • Patients age group (16-23 years) : 1.5tsp/8-10gm
  • Patients age group (24-65 years) : 1tbsp/15-20gm




  • 100 gm CUCUMBER without seed must be consumed (Keep your bowl clean and cool).
  • Minimum 3 litres liquid (that can comprise Water/Detox Water/Juice/Tea/Milk/Smoothie etc) in a days must be drink.
  • 50 gm Curd/Yogurt/Dahi  should be consumed without Sugar & Salt.



Milk should be avoided (Cow or Buffalo Milk both)


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