Instant Hair Growth Pack: 9 cm in 90 days

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For HAIR PACK POWDER, Ingredients are:-


1)Jawa kusum/Habiscus:  5gm (Home dried) 

2)Gulab/Rose:  5 GM (Home dried)

3)Nimbu/Lemon Skin : 5 GM (Home dried)

4)Neem leaves:  5 GM (Home dried°)

5)Curry leaves : 15 GM (Home dried°)

6)Amla/Gooseberry Powder : 20 gm

7)Brahmi Powder 25 gm

8)Pudina/Mint Leaves Powder: 15 gm (home dried)





1)Good quality Green TEA:  15 gm

2) Apple Cider Vinegar : 15 ml

3) Water : 500 ml






1)Apply this Instant Hair Growth Pack for at least 20 mins

2)For good results use this Instant Hair Growth Pack 3 times in a week

3)Oil your hair one night/day before then apply this Instant Hair Growth Pack, Wash it then next day use any kind of Natural or Organic Shampoo

4) Keep all ingredients inany  tight dark coloured jar container

5) Always use pouring consistent Instant Hair Growth Pack for good results.

6) if Oily and not possible one night before to do so then skip the step 3 or apply one hour before you apply the Instant Hair Growth Pack





1) Don’t make liquid one big batch at a time.

2) Don’t put in transparent jar.

3) Do not leave this powder hair pack in one bowl for a long time otherwise it will get infected by fungus easily.

4) Don’t use shampoo same day of applying Instant Hair Growth Pack


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