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Dr Shalini Mohan, BASM, MD(AM)

World Renowned Naturopath and a Weight Loss Specialist

Founder Director – ‘Black Mud Spa Pvt Ltd’ & ‘Recipe with Dr Shalini’

A meticulous planner and a trusted team manager, Dr Shalini Mohan inculcates the intercacies of any new environment very fast and give her die hard best to achieve the Goal. She has been Instrumental in starting and consolidating the expansion of the Brand BLACK MUD Spa & Recipe with Dr Shalini – A Health & Wellness channel on YouTube and also I WANNA BE ❤HEROINE❤ for Hindi viewers and health aspirants amidst fierce competition and calculated resources. Her committed work towards her dream is bearing excellent result and reaching to next horizon.

BlackMud Spa was a Wellness, Spa and Beauty centre chain and well known brand in India with 15+ outlets but unfortunately she has stopped its operation due to her medical complications during her pregnancy.

During Pregnancy, Dr Shalini has decided to go for further studies in the field of ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)’ and enrolled herself  for the course called BAMS (AM) – A Bachelor degree and after successful completion of BAMS, immediately she did her 2 years MD (AM) in 4 major topics which is need of world now a days. In brief, she studied and done her research on different topics related to Chinese Medicine, Diet & Nutritions, Bach Flower Remedies, Colour & Gem Therapy, Astrology Science and Effect of Planetary Positions etc but till time she never stopped by reading books, putting up hard time and getting engaged hours and hours on a topic and always try to bring in the way which can be absorbed by all in the society and also gives the best result.

While running her chain of Black Mud Spa (Ayurvedic Fusion of Beauty Parlour, Salon, Spa, Make-up Studio and Academy) for more than 5 years, she earned lots of experiences and learned more about Skin, hair & make-up after meeting and dealing thousands of client.

Dr Shalini Mohan has many years experience of working with LAKME (Hindustan Unilever Ltd), REVLON (Win-Medicare) & VLCC heading the zones and departments before start of her brand ‘Black Mud Spa’.

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