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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with LIP BALM, PINK LIP BALM. In the previous video I had asked people to comment me and they did send me around 1500 comments, so I had no other option but to make this video. So if I keep getting comments, I will keep fulfilling them.

This Lip Balm is very beneficial for those who have Pigments, Black Lips or dark brown color pigments. If they use this Lip Balm regularly, then they will see a huge difference. In this Lip Balm, the Red Pigment that I have used is optional. If you do not want your Lip Balm to be Red in color or Pink in color, the it is not at all important to add it.

So before going forward with the recipe of the Lip Balm, I would like to show you a photograph. People used to call me Bengali till date. And first time after having a look at the photograph, even I felt like laughing thinking myself to be a Bengali. So let’s start preparing the Lip Balm.


First of all, I have taken the clean WAX. Last time too I had mentioned that the purest form is brown in color and which has lots of dirt in it. So I have not taken that. Last time I had used that Wax so this time I am using this Wax.

We need to slice them similar to how we sharpen the pencils, so that it easily melts. We will take it in a bowl. You can use double boiler as well but I am using microwave instead. That is easier for me.

It requires a base of something, so I am using OLIVE OIL here. If you want, you can use either CASTOR OIL OR SESAME OIL too. That too will be good but they become a little pungent for the lips.

I have heated it for 30 seconds 3 times and have mixed it. And then I am showing you what is left. I have heated it for 1 ½ minutes but you cannot heat it for 1 ½ minutes at a stretch. You will have to do it for 30 seconds each time so that it melts properly.

In this I am adding MANGO BUTTER. Mango Butter has a lot of Vitamin A, so it fights with any type of pigments. Mango Butter is very beneficial if your lips are turning black. So do add it, it contains C and A both. SO the Repairing system too is very high. So I have added Mango Butter to it.

You will get all the Measurements on my WEBSITE and the link you will find in the description box and pin post. So do visit there.

We will mix it properly; it is so hot that it should balance its temperature. Keep in mind not to add Mango Butter when the mixture is cold, it should be added while the mixture is still hot. And we should try not to heat it again on either double boiler or microwave.

Now I am adding HONEY to it. Honey is very good for lips. But mostly people ask me about it and I do not respond because Organic Honey is not available. This is Organic Honey. This is the reason I have used that Wax as you can see for yourself even this Honey contains Wax. This was taken out from the tree behind my building. So this is totally pure and Organic. They took this out in front of my eyes. So this is very good for Lips, Skin and Body either you intake it or apply it. You can apply to your Hairs or anywhere, if it is Organic, then there is no harm. You can try in the market; I have not found one. The ones that are available cost around 2500-3000 rupees, whereas I bought it for 450 rupees’ kilo.

This is PIGMENT WATER that I have prepared to mix in it. This I prepared from BEETROOT. Keep its root and you can use it in any of the Teas that I have shared and drink it. It is very beneficial. You can check my Beetroot video I have explained the benefits of the root. Cut it into small pieces or you can blend or grate them. My main moto is to get its extract; I do not want its juice.

Also many time I have spoken in my Beetroot video as well as my live videos that if you want pink lips, then Beetroot juice is very useful. So probably you all have not watched it and are asking me time and again so I thought of making a video and explaining in that. Otherwise 3-4 months back, I have explained you this.  

Next I have taken Boiled Water. In this we will add Beetroot to infuse. If it is completely raw, then it will leave its stain everywhere and that will not work exactly. Secondly if you add the juice of raw vegetable or fruits in any oil, then you can expect it to last for 4 months. So we will infuse it a little, make its Tea. So I am keeping this aside and when it is infused then I will dish it out in a container.

And in that container, I am adding SAFFRON. Saffron is very good for skin. It is very beneficial for those whose lips are in a very bad shape. It equals the discoloration. Since this is very costly so those who want pink lips only can avoid it. It is not important. But it is important for Pigment or Brown lips. So try to arrange it. If you can get it locally its fine, else link is in the description box.

This mixture is still very hot and I am adding Saffron to it. It will infuse very nicely and as you can see the color has become very strong. The color of Saffron that comes out is Brownish and not orange. So this will mix and become like this. And now I will keep mixing it in the cream that I had prepared by melting. But this should not be cool. Both should have the same temperature otherwise the cream will have granules.

Last time while discussing the Over-Night cream too I had discussed this. You can see on top the link for the video is given. So even that time I had explained and I am doing it now, that whenever you are making a cream, then always keep the temperature of its Cream or liquid or Oil form equal. Both should be hot so that they can be mixed easily. And later this water will separate. It will take the required amount and the rest of the water will separate.

So we will take it out in a container and use it for some other purpose. If nothing else, then you can drink it as it is very beneficial. Do not throw it. This will work wonders on your lips. Honey and rest of the ingredients.

Now I am adding VITAMIN E to it. This too is optional. Those who have oily lips can ignore it. But during summers the skin becomes very dry. So do use 1 capsule of Vitamin E. And I am separating the water here. We will keep mixing it and it will remain creamy and the extra water will keep coming out. This has become very smooth. And the quantity that I have prepared will last for 4-5 months.

This case I had bought for Lip Balm. So I am melting a little as it will not go in the case in this form. So I will keep it in microwave for 10 seconds. So now it has become liquidy and now I will pour it in the case. If you are directly storing Lip Balm in a container and will be applying the Lip Balm with your hands, then do not reheat it in such a situation. I bought this case from Amazon, link has been provided in the description box. It becomes convenient in applying. You can keep it in your purse and apply this Lip Balm anywhere. People who remain outdoors, for them it becomes very easy. Rest you can store it in the container. If you want to keep this Lip Balm for long like 6-7 months or one year, then add a pinch of SODIUM BENZOATE to it. but I am not adding any chemical to this Lip Balm so this will last for 3 months if you keep it in the fridge. I am applying whatever was left on the whisker.

Second formula is how to apply from the case? After 5 minutes the Lip Balm of the case dries up because it contains wax and wax dries very fast. So this has dried and it is very convenient to apply from this. And it is easy to carry it. You can substitute for lipstick. But if you do not like pink color and want the same result except the color, then you can skip the Beetroot. You can add Saffron straight in Luke warm water if your lips are pigmented. And if that is not there then you can just heat the water and prepare the Lip Balm without them.

I like it a lot as instead of lipstick I apply this Lip Balm. I do not apply lipstick. Whenever I go out, then with the help of lip liner I apply this Lip Balm. And you cannot visibly make out whether I have applied lipstick or not. Just outline with a lip liner and it appears as lipstick only. It saves your lips from the UV rays of the Sun. As Mango Butter saves you from the UV Rays too. So this Lip Balm works a lot like a Sunscreen for your lips to a great extent. so brown pigments keep disappearing and new are not visible. So you can surely apply this Lip Balm and keep this stick in your purse. And the container can be stored in the fridge. So if you follow this routine the entire winter, then even when you are not applying it still your lips will appear beautiful.

Apart from this I have a question from all of you. Those of you have different types of Arthritis or experience Body Pain or are having problem during Menopause, so all such people who are watching this video, please if you could write your complete details below so that I get to know exactly what are the problems that you are facing. I will be making videos on Arthritis and Menopause in the coming days, so I want to know your questions. Many people complain that they want to talk to me and which is not possible that I give them my number or talk to them on mails. So whatever details you can give of your pain, those who have Menopause, Arthritis, Body Pain or Migraine, do provide me with them. I try very soon to upload a video on it. So you have to write the entire details in the comment box.

And do reap the benefits of this formula. Prepare your own Lip Balm/ Lipstick, whatever you call it. And you liked the recipe of my video, if you liked the details in it then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it with your family, friends and on your social media so that more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


Bee Wax : 10 gm
Mango Butter : 10 gm
Vitamin E (400 mg) : 1 capsule
Olive Oil : 10 ml (1tbsp)
Best root 25 gm
Water : 25 ml
Saffron : 4-5 Strings


Apply 3 times (thrice) in a day for best results.

Best for Pigmented Lips also, it will protect from UV Rays also and makes natural PINK LIPS.

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