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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a most awaited recipe, curry recipe. I have been telling you from long time that I will share the WEIGHT LOSS CURRY RECIPE which is all purpose and will help you in weight loss and you can use it in any way.


You can use this Curry paste in any Curry, Soups, Sauce or Dips. You can prepare the Curry paste once and store in the fridge. In fridge the Curry paste will last for 15 days whereas in freezer Curry Paste will last for 3 months. Whenever you are preparing anything you can add this Curry Paste around 2-3 tbsp of this thick paste and your delicious food will be ready immediately. So let’s see its recipe, which is very healthy, delicious and extremely helpful in weight loss. Also it is so tasty that you will tempted to eat it again and again.




Turmeric/Haldi(Raw):- 30gm/(if powder) 10 gm 1 tsp

Ginger/Adrakh(Raw):- 30gm

Green Chili:- 20gm

Tomato:- 300gm

Coriander stem/Dhaniya ki dandi:- 150gm

Onion/Pyaz:- 400gm

Garlic/Lahsun:- 100gm


please see down below for the complete recipe. End of this page


You should stock the grocery. The first important ingredient for this Curry Paste is TURMERIC. I would like to discuss a little of its benefits as you must have already seen its video and those of you who haven’t please watch it. Turmeric is very beneficial. So I am giving a little bit of idea that Turmeric makes the Liver very strong. If there is any type of infection in the body then that will be cured. If you have Stomach ulcers then Turmeric is very beneficial and the biggest reason for weight gain is the problem of stomach. If there is any irritation in your bowel like your stomach does not clear or any other infection then all that is taken care of. It helps in curing Gall bladder disease as well as high Cholesterol. This is the reason I always promote the use of Turmeric in all my diet plans so that if all the infections of the body is cured then you will not have any type of problems.


Apart from this it will condition your skin and body.  It will not allow any type of infection either inside or outside the body.  It improves your digestion and keeps you away from any type of Cancer. And since it Anti bacterial and Anti fungal so it is helpful in Weight loss.


So clear its skin properly and then cut into small pieces. Basically it has to be boiled but we need to cut it so that there is no problem in grinding. And those of you who do not have Raw Turmeric can substitute it with 1 tsp Turmeric powder. But raw turmeric is very beneficial and turmeric powder is hot in nature. So people with problems of Piles or Pimples or any other problem that is hot in nature will be benefitted by raw Turmeric only. But if you do not have any of these problems then you can very well add powder, there is no problem in it.


Then comes GINGER. This is also Anti fungal, Anti infection and Anti Cancer. Ginger is very helpful if you use it properly in life. It does help in weight loss. Whatever ingredients I will be discussing are very helpful in weight loss. It removes your Dizziness and your Lethargicness. If you are making this Curry paste and using it in your day to day life then since I have not used oil in it neither have I fried it, I have only boiled it and so it will give a very good result to your body. This Curry paste also benefits in Vomiting, so this is especially for Pregnant ladies or PCOS or Thyroid patients, high B.P, Low B.P. There is no one who cannot take this Curry Paste. Females have a lot of Morning Sickness which is not found in males. So here Ginger is very helpful.


So here you should add ginger and it is very important to add it in your life and its benefit is known worldwide and seriously it is very good. Do not take ginger with fibers, young ginger is the best but if you are unable to get it then you can go ahead with what you get. Young ginger does not make your stomach warm. More the fibers in the ginger more will be the heat. This Curry Paste is very good for Pregnant women as it has Ginger, turmeric and other beneficial things in it. And it will not create a problem even for people with Acidity problem. So do not get tensed that the Curry Paste will cause Gas as it is not very spicy. It very little spicy as Green Chilly has been added to it.


GREEN CHILLY is not optional here. You have to add Green Chilly as it has Vitamin C. and if there is deficiency of Vitamin C then it will be a big problem to lose weight. So this might be the reason behind people who say that they did not have weight loss. And before boiling throw the stems as it will cause burning effect. And if the seeds are very hard then try to press the chillies and remove the seeds so it does not cause burning.


The ingredient is TOMATO. This too is no less beneficial but the only thing to keep in mind is that its skin should be removed and the bud on top should be removed. And if they have big seeds then that too should be removed. If the seeds are small then they can be used as they are but for people with problem of Stones should remove the seeds completely.


Here I am blanching the tomatoes. For blanching just make slits on top of the tomatoes so that when you blanch them it will be easy to peel them. So this is a simple formula which I have watched in many videos and then tried it and it works.


Now I will be sharing some benefits of tomatoes. Why should we use tomatoes? Many people are sacred of using tomatoes especially people with Thyroid or Stones. But this is not correct. Tomatoes are rich in Folic acid which is very good for pregnancy as well as for keeping the body and immune system strong. It contains Vitamin C, A, B1, B3 and these entire things raise the metabolic rate. So people whose weight stagnates should use tomatoes in their salads. It is a very important ingredient.


In tomato video I had said that I will be showing the Curry paste recipe because this paste is very important. After consuming this within a month you will come to know how the results vary.


Now I am adding tomatoes in boiled water. After the water boils I am removing it from gas and then I will keep the tomatoes in the water and cover with lid and leave it for sometime. Do not keep over the gas else the tomatoes will get cooked. Remove the lid after 5-10 minutes and the skin will separate itself. Now the skin will be easily removed from the tomatoes. If you leave it for more time then tomatoes will start getting cooked.


Tomatoes have a lot of benefits. Due to the skin there might be a problem if Kidney Stones or Gall Bladder Stones. But if you remove the skin and seeds then this becomes beneficial for both the Kidney stones as well as the Gall Bladder stones. Therefore this paste is good for people with Stones problem. It is not only good for weight loss but most of the other things as well. Such people who have difficulty in passing Urine or have a problem in their Urinary tract for them too this Curry paste will be very effective because in such cases tomatoes are very beneficial. It is good for Diarrhea problem. So like it is said that when your stomach is upset you should eat khichdi then in that case you can add this Curry paste to it and make it tasty and enjoy it.


Apart from this it makes your Blood strong, improves the RBC and increases the Iron. If the skin and seeds are removed from the tomatoes then it is very beneficial. Along with Vitamins it contains a lot of Minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Copper. All these things help your body a lot as well help each other too. The presence of Manganese and Potassium is very important because it takes you out of Depression, Heart Problem, as well as for people having Asthma problem. People with Uric Acid are asked not to eat tomatoes but here too I would lie to tell that if skin and seeds are removed then it is not harmful for them.


I have not removed the seeds in this video as there were not many seeds in the tomatoes. But if you see seeds in any tomatoes and are having any of these problems then do keep in mind to remove the skin and seeds.


So now I am keeping the tomatoes in the fridge so that I am able to touch them after sometime and cut them as they are very hot now.  You will think of me being a miser but I do this all the time, I wash the skin of the tomatoes in luke warm water so that I can use them in my curries as some part of the tomatoes are left on the skin. If you do not want to do this you can throw them. But I do this, so I let you know for an idea.


Next is CORIANDER. I am going to use its stem so I will remove the roots. Remember that when you bring a bundle of Coriander from the market then you need to divide it into 3 parts. First will be the root part which will be used in improving your internal parts. Second will the stem part which will be used in making Curry Paste. And the third part is the leaf which can be used in salads, do not make dips out of it. You can use the leaves in salads, making face pack and many other things. But the stem is the best part for consumption. And the roots take care of the problems like periods and problems like this.


Some days back I had just spoken the recipe of root but I want to inform you that the video has already been pictured and it just needs editing. So you will get it after 1-2 videos. So don’t worry if someone has a problem, the video is ready and will be uploaded soon.


This just needs to be cleaned a little. Here I am washing the roots in the blanched tomato’s water and after washing in that I will wash them in cold water. If you want to add it to some soups you can do the same thing. This is a very good procedure.  Soak it in hot water and take it out and chop them then their color gets packed and then you get a very green color and it looks beautiful and is very delicious. You already know the value of Coriander leaf. It is full of Vitamin E, repairs from inside and the maximum work is done in midnight. This is the best thing that works in midnight. So do use it. I always say to add it to your cooked pulses, do not cook it and enjoy your pulses. You will have a very good repair in midnight.


Now here I have taken Red and White ONIONS. But if possible use White Onions. You can peel the onions and keep them in a box and store in the fridge. So when you chop them then there will be no tears. Onion is a very big ingredient for weight loss. If you want to now the details then watch my onion video, WEIGHT LOSS WITH ONION. Weight loss with onion is very fast. And if you are using white onion then that is the best thing.


It controls your Blood Pressure very well and your Cholesterol too. The things that are easily available at your home are very helpful. Many people had asked for the recipe of onion soup, but I did not give it. But very soon I will make and show you. The knife that I am using must seem strange but it is very sharp, better than the fancy knives. I am very happy with it, Infact obsessed with it. It chops like butter.


Talking about the benefits of onion, I would like to say that red onion has more sugar than white onion. You must have noticed that whenever you fry them or cook in the microwave they become sweet after cooking. The more they are heated the more sweet they become. So reduce the quantity of red onion. I have added red onion in this Curry paste so that the paste becomes a little sweet and is able to balance the tanginess of tomatoes. So instead of adding sugar I have used red onions and it tastes delicious. So I have added only 2 of them. Out of 400gms I have used 150gms of Red onions and the rest 250gms of White Onions.


So try to arrange it. It is not very costly. It is slight costly, it is around 1 ½ times more than the red ones. If the red ones cost 20 rupees then the white ones will be 30 rupees. But they are very beneficial. Consuming Red Onion soup or eating any product of White Onions which are not fried but boiled will show results within 7-8 days. So even if you use the Curry Paste you will see the results within 7-8 days. I am not asking you here to wait for a month, you will see the results within 7-8 days and then you can share your reviews.


GARLIC. Garlic is very good for your Blood Pressure. It is very beneficial for high Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Stagnate fat. It is also very good for those who have Breathing problem, Asthma. It is good in purifying Blood as well as if you want a baby then too it is very good.


So here I am using a Cooker as things are cooked easily in this. So I will add all the chopped ingredients in it. Keep in mind that I am not adding any oil or clarified butter, only the things I have chopped.


Now I am adding Garlic, this I have stored. You can take 250gms of it and soak it in cold water, peel it and then store it in a container. So it is much easier as will always be asking you to add Garlic in your life style. So when you need to eat a sufficient quantity then you may feel lethargic to peel it all the time so it is better to store it. And whenever you require, you can use it. You can use it for body pain or any problems of your ids or even when you have gas. Garlic is very effective in any thing. And if you want to know its benefits then do watch the video on my channel.


So these things are ready in the cooker. Now I will add tomatoes to it. So as I had told you there are no seeds in my tomatoes. If there are seeds in your tomatoes then please scoop them out with a spoon. And if you have Stones then be very alert that seeds should not be used. For the rest it is not a problem. They can add it after removing the skin.


Now I will add 1 ½ tsp SALT. If you are using it during the day then you can add the normal Iodised Salt. But if it is night time then add Rock salt. But if you are making in a lot and are not sure whether you will use it during the day or night then it is better to add Rock salt.


Then I am adding 75ml of WATER. Do not add more water else it will become very liquidy. Then add Coriander leaf. Now we will cook it for 4-5 whistles or 10 minutes. After that remove the whistle and it is ready. This has been boiled very well and all the things have become pasty but we cannot grind it immediately. We need to chill it in the fridge. So I am keeping it in fridge as if now we blend the jar will throw up. So remember not to do these things. You need to consider small thing too. So I will keep it in the fridge for 1-2 hours and I have stirred a lot so now it is cold. Now we need to BLEND it. So I am using the masala jar. And looking at the quantity I will be blending it 3 times. After blending the paste has a very fine consistency. You will have a feeling that starch ahs been added to it either Corn starch or Arrowroot. It will be very greasy and when you use it in any way and with any ingredient it gets stuck with the ingredients. The taste will be awesome and it is guilt free as I told you earlier.


If you want you can boil the Curry Paste more so that all the water evaporates and you get a thick greasy masala like paste which you can use as Sauce or store in glass bottle. You can store the Curry Paste in fridge. And as I told you earlier that you can add the Curry paste to any soup or curry or any type of vegetable. If you have boiled potatoes then just chop them and add the Curry Paste and your food gets ready in minutes. You can add it to boiled Chicken. Stir fry the Tofu on any griddle and then add the Curry paste to it and it is ready. If you make the Curry Paste very thick then the color gets dark. Here I am showing what I had tried. And its consistency is just like sauce. It is not sweet but because of cooking the color changes. This happens because of onions and it becomes very tasty.


Its flavor enhances and you can use it as I dip for anything. And believe me even things lie Samosa, though I have not yet shared the recipe of low calorie samosa, but any snacks for that matter if you dip in this Curry Paste then it becomes more tasty. And above all it is guilt free.


So the thing that you wanted me to tell you the low calorie gravy, which in the long run, you may not notice now but if you use it for 10-20 days in all your curries then you will notice a big difference in your weight, your looks, your strength and will also have a very good effect on your tummy. You will definitely notice how light your body becomes. Inch loss will be for sure. As I told you earlier that in fridge its life is 15 days and in freezer it will last upto 3 months, so try to store 50% in the fridge and 50% in the freezer. So this will be very beneficial for you. Do use this formula and avail its benefits.


And if you liked my video then do hit the like button. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE



  • Cut all  ingredients as my video showed
  • Boil all ingredients 8-10 mins
  • let the ingredients cool down properly
  • bland and make a smooth paste
  • Use this paste in any curry recipe or with snacks


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