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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a recipe of BRAIN TONIC. This recipe has been made most wanted by me. No one asked me for it but I was very surprised when in the last video I had asked you all to let me know if you want the recipe of this Tonic by giving 200 comments. And I was amazed to see that even today people want their brains sharpen more than their beauty. I received 1300 comments instead of 200 till I am recording this and while I upload it I don’t know how many more will I get.


I am still surprised whether you all were asking the  Brain Tonic  or you got afraid of my clenched fist and that is the reason you are asking me. Whatever be the reason behind it, this Tonic is very important and will benefit all age groups. I saw in the comments that not only the students but even 45+ want to sharpen their memory and so this Tonic has been designed to cater to all their needs. Everything should be intact in your Brain and you should not forget anything like you do after keeping things here and there.


Made from the ingredients available at home in your kitchen, so you do not require to bring anything from outside. Will suit all age groups. If your parents are 80 years of age and forget things, even they will get results from this Brain Tonic. And it is a Boon for the students. So if take this Tonic timely then within a day or two you will see the difference and you will feel good too. This Tonic is very fragrant and is very tasty too. So let’s start:




1) BLACK SESAME SEEDS. This is very good for Students or for them who do a lot of brain work. It is full of Iron and Trace Minerals. Copper is very high in it. The presence of Copper makes the Brain work very well.


I would like to mention here that Copper vessel does not suit everyone. Many people want to know whether they can drink water from copper vessel or not? So it suits many people and does not suit the others, so I do not comment on it till I am sure about it.


Sesame seeds improves your Hemoglobin and Iron a lot. Since it is a dry seed, it has oil in it and due to this the Brain sharpens a lot. All oily things make your Brain very sharp and strong. So this is a key ingredient of this Tonic and this Brain Tonic will be ready in a very delicious way.


Heat a pan. We will dry roast the Sesame seeds in it very lightly. We need to roast it only to the extent so that its oil gets active. It is very important to activate the oil of some seeds. So we will roast it till it starts popping. Now we will start adding other ingredients.


2) FENNEL SEEDS. It is very good for the Brain. It makes your mind very sharp and removes tiredness from your Brain. So this in a very important thing as it will help you in leading a synchronized life. Keep roasting them lightly on slow flame.


3) NIGELLA SEEDS The next ingredient is very very important for this Brain Tonic, do not skip it. This is called NIGELLA SEEDS. These seeds are very important for everything but is vital for the Brain. So since we are talking about the Brain here so do add it. This too has to be roasted lightly as I mentioned to make its oil active. 


I am not going into the details of all the ingredients as their video has already been made. If you want to know the details you can check the description box, else this video will become very lengthy.


Now we will switch off the gas. After switching off the gas we will add CINNAMON. All those who are pregnant or are trying for pregnancy should skip Cinnamon. As we add Cinnamon it will release its oil due to the hot pan.


Next ingredient is ROSEMARY. You have to use Dry Rosemary. You will get it in any local grocery store. This my home dried Rosemary. If you want, I will surely share the way of drying it. This too is very good for the Blood Flow in your body. And whatever makes your Blood Flow good will sharpen your Brain. It has the strength to increase your Blood Platelets too. So it is very important that your Platelets counts are good.


Next is GREEN CARDAMOM. This too sharpens your mind and most importantly it works on your Saliva and Body water. You do not get dehydrated. When water increases in the body or decreases in the body, then people tend to feel very sleepy and feel very lethargic. And all this is synchronized by Cardamom which is very important for your life so make it a point to keep it in your pantry.


Remember that the gas is off.


Then the next ingredient in this Brain Tonic about which many people are unaware of is STAR ANISE. Do add it in your pantry. It has a very nice fragrance and is very tasty. It makes the Blood Flow very good and your Mind very active. It saves you from any major pains, that are hidden. Many times while reading you start getting pain in the Brain and when the pain is in the veins then you are unable to concentrate. So this is a very important ingredient so that you can keep your veins of the brain flexible.


Next ingredient is LONG PEPPER. This will help you a lot in Digestion. It will keep your stomach so cool that you will not feel sleepy. You feel very sleepy due to Acidity, Water Retention and Bloating. So add it too.


All the ingredients are now hot and their oil too has become active. So now we will GRIND them. But we do not have to make a fine powder just CRUSH them. I want its liquor to be very good so I will just Crush it. so the mixy should not run long, it should be granulated. Remember that their pieces should be in the mixture and should not become powder.


The next ingredient of this Brain Tonic after these is GOOSEBERRY. You can use either dry or powder or fresh. Fresh ones are the best. Do add Gooseberry. It gives a lot of strength to your Brain in order to pass signals further. So it is very important.


Now I have taken Water. You will get all the measurements on my WEBSITE and the link is in the description box and pin post.


I am also adding the seeds of Gooseberry in this Brain Tonic that I had separated because we are boiling all so why to waste it. I have not switched on the gas. I have just added the Gooseberry in the water and the powder that I had grinded coarsely. Presently it smells awesome. We will mix them all. When everything has mixed properly, then we will switch on the gas. And we will boil it covered for 10 minutes on medium flame. We should be alert that its vapor should not escape from it. This is the biggest way of preparing a liquor. That vapor has all the strength.


Next is a very important ingredient of this Brain Tonic, you have to arrange it. You cannot use powder here. Many people were enquiring whether they could use powder? So in a situation where you want to cool your body then you require Leaf, real Herbs. So arrange the real Herb. This has boiled for 10 minutes and now I will add STEVIA to it. This is Stevia Leaf. You will get it in local herbal store or online. It is not very costly. After adding this you need to boil only for 2 minutes and not more than that.


Then comes the number of BRAHMI, about which I often say that in order to sharpen your mind, Brahmi is very important. So first we will switch off the Gas. Then we will add Brahmi to it. Brahmi should not be over cooked. Either its root is boiled for 3 hours or if the powder is being used then switch off the flame and add it. Both ways have different benefits. If it is for intake then you will have to switch off the gas and add it or if you are preparing Eye Tonic, then it has a different process.


Allow this  Brain Tonic to cool itself for 5-10 minutes. I am straining here to show you all but you have to store it in a bottle. Strain and store in the fridge, it will last long. This Tonic has very small Dosage. You have to drink it 2-3 times daily. So you will get to know about the Dose on the Website. So consume this Brain Tonic on time and along with it if possible try to consume WALNUT. It very important to eat Walnut with this Tonic. If eaten, then the oil of Walnut will sharpen your Brain. I could not add it in this Tonic so I am asking you to consume it separately.


The Dose of this  Brain Tonic is very small. It is not like Tea. You have to drink it cold. If you are in Periods and then you are consuming it only then warm it. The roughage left in the pan can again be boiled with water to make a Tea. Do not waste that roughage.


Apart from this I want to show you all something. All those who comment and to not get an answer for it, please do not think that I do not take a notice of it. This is my pin board. All the questions that people ask me in the comment box, if there is something different, I write them here. This is a big list of mine of which I have to make the videos, which are under my project. Out of these 60-70% I am aware of and the rest 30% I have to study. But I do write them on my board so that I can help you all in the future. So since I have the list so do not get disheartened that I do not care about you or I haven’t answered your questions or if I have written, have to study, then it is not on my list. Everything is on my list so do not worry I will surely help you in future.


But for that I will have to study and I am trying hard for that. In order to fulfill your demands, I have increased the number of videos too. But when you get sad I don’t like it, so always be happy and whatever questions you have in your mind, keep asking me. I will definitely reply them. And will also make a video on them. So share all your problems and confusions in the comment box with me. Do be aware that I keep working on them. So it is not like if your questions have not been answered, then it is ignored. I am discussing all this with you because many people get upset and I don’t want you all to get upset.


So keep sharing your experiences and confusions with me. And do not ignore this Brain Tonic. It has no such ingredient that you will not get apart from Stevia leaf. So if you try you will get it at your local herbal shop or online. I will provide the link.


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Black till/sesame seeds -1 tbsp (12gm)
Kaloji/nigellla seeds – 1tbsp (12gm)
Sauf/ fennel seeds-1tbsp (10gm)
Rosemary – 1tsp (2 gm)
Hari Iliachi/Green cadomom – 2 PC’s
Chakkari phool/ Star Anise – 1 PC
Dalchini/Cinnamon- 2 inches
Pipli/Long pepper- 2pcs
Madhu Tulsi/Stevia – 2 gm
Amla/Gooseberry – 40gm(Raw)/15gm(dry) {optional which one you get}
WATER-1 litre


20 ml three time a day ( After every main meal).


Do’s and Don’ts


1) Minimum 2 time in a day for upgradation of brain and result
2) For best results, Please take it all three times
3) 20 ml After breakfast
4) 20 ml After lunch
5) 20 ml After dinner
6) take hot during Monthly Cycle time


1) Avoid Urad dal
2) Avoid Cold drinks
3) Avoid Chips
4) Avoid water more than 3 litres ( if feeling more thirsty, go for my juice, my tea & my detox water)




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