MAGICAL GREEN JUICE: 1 महीने में 10kg घटाये | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month

Reduce 10kg in a month with MAGICAL GREEN JUICE 

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Shalini and I’m a naturopath (M.D. in Naturopathy). A Naturopath treats their patients with natural remedies. So today I have for you a juice which has been demanded by most of you guys. This magical green juice can reduce your weight up to 10 kg in a month. You don’t need to go on a diet when you are taking this juice. Only the thing you need to remember is that this has to be taken as a first meal of the day. Diabetics – This juice definitely aims at high weight loss but besides that, it is also beneficial for diabetic patients who often find it hard to lose weight. Hypothyroid – This is good for Hypothyroid Patients as well. When I made video on ‘Garbage Juice’, many Hypothyroid patients complained that they cannot take that juice and so they wanted a juice which could help them as well. So this juice is very effective for them also, they can definitely take this juice and lose their weight. High BP – This is good for patients suffering from High Blood Pressure, your BP will be in control and you will get amazing result with this juice. Stone – This is literally good news for people suffering from Stone. So when I made the ‘Garbage Juice’, it was not recommended for people suffering from Stone. The results were astounding, as I promised upto 3 kg weight loss in a month, whereas many people were able to lose 7-8 kg in just one month. Please see the link for ‘Garbage Juice’ in the description box. Please do watch. Stone – Let us, talk more about this juice now, this juice is excellent for stone and kidney so there will be weight loss for sure but besides that if anyone has stones in kidney or Gall bladder, then with this juice help you recover by dissolving and breaking the stones. If the stones are small then it will help wash away the stones. Great Skin – Plus people who consume this for a month, their skin will become healthy. It helps in preventing the wrinkles to a great extent. You’ll be amazed that this juice will actually make your skin glow and give you a spotless skin. People who have hair fall problem will definitely benefit from this juice as it will prevent hair fall and make your hair voluminous. So this juice is quite multi-purpose for various health issues. My patients have been consuming this juice and have found really amazing results so here I’m with this juice recipe. So let’s have a look how to prepare the juice: Actually while editing the video I was having this juice and so I decided to send a pic to my patient just to motivate them. This often helps them to motivate and I actually find amazing results after that. So the first ingredient is Potato. I have a video on Potato also. The link will be given in the description box; please do watch as the video has detailed information on how you can actually lose weight by consuming Potato. Here, I will talk about only basic points about Potato. Potato contains Potassium which balances Sodium/Salt. So basically it prevents water retention which happens due to salt intake. It has Iron, which cures your blood. It is anti-oxidant due to which the blood flow becomes smooth. Plus it also has power to activate hidden protein. So this basically means that when you consume potato with any protein then it will help you digest, won’t be heavy and it will give your body that jerk which will easily help you lose weight. Next Ingredient is Bitter Gourd – It has negative calories. So if you consume 200 gm of bitter gourd then you get 30 calories from it and likewise if 100 gm then only 15 calories. So when you consume bitter gourd, it burns more calories just to digest. That is why Bitter Gourd is called Negative Calories, even the calories that already exists in your body that is used up in digesting the bitter gourd. Next, it has Insulin. It helps in secretion and balancing the insulin. Hence, it is very-very good for Diabetes Patients. It detoxes the liver, so whoever has problem related to urine, such as burning sensation, or unable to pass the urine, they can really benefit from this juice. It detoxifies the blood as well. Please remember that blood detox is equally crucial if you are aiming to be slim, so that you can easily breathe due to anti-oxidants present in it and lose weight in a healthy manner. The result is very fast and visible. Next ingredient is Curry Leaves – Curry leaves have Vitamin A which is good for your eyes and blood. Eyesight becomes healthier. It has Vitamin B, the entire Vitamin B family. So whoever is facing problems in pregnancy and are unable to conceive, they need to consume curry leaves as much as possible, since it also has folic acid and it protects the immune system. You can consume the curry leaves in any form, fresh or even dry curry leaves powder. It has Vitamin C; vitamin C is anti-ageing, anti-bacterial. It tightens the immune system, which means that your body will be able to fight diseases strongly and thus, you will fall sick less and stay healthier. Curry leaves is a vast topic and I would need more time to go in detail and explain the benefits. I will surely make a video on how you can lose weight and make your hair & skin healthy with curry leaves. Next, it has Vitamin E, which makes your body beautiful inside out. It prevents your muscles from tearing, plus it is also anti-ageing so skin and hair benefit hugely from it. Next ingredient is Coriander Leaves – Here I’m taking leaves as well as the stems of it. As many people have asked what they should do with the coriander leaves while making the ‘Garbage Juice’ so here I’m taking the entire thing, leaves as well as stems. It has Potassium and like I said before, Potassium helps in regulating the water balance and prevents bloating. It’s good for High BP patients. It has Vitamin K, which prevents the formation of blood clots in the body. Vitamin K preserves the Calcium in the bones so the bones become healthy and thereby chances of bone fracture are eliminated. So it is definitely very important that your bones are also strong and healthy for overall vitality when you are trying to lose weight. Plus coriander leaves have green protein, which is very-very good. In fact, more than the seeds, the green proteins are way more beneficial, such as broccoli and green coriander. Now green coriander is the cheapest green protein available to us, so we all should surely include it in our daily diet. There is no doubt that green protein is much more important than the non-vegetarian proteins. Now let’s start preparing our Magical Green Juice: Here I’m taking this bitter gourd and cut it into 2. If possible try and take the bitter gourd which does not have seed and if it does, please de-seed it as we are going to make a juice out of it and the seeds don’t grind and it affects the consistency of the juice. Next I’m taking the coriander leaves. I’m only chopping off the roots. But please note that I’m not going to throw the roots away. I will preserve these roots, wash thoroughly and store these in freezer, so that I can later use these roots in some soups etc. As I said earlier in the ‘Broth Soup’ video that the roots of coriander leaves are really beneficial and should never be thrown away. The females who have issues regarding egg, it really helps. In fact, it works as instant Viagra. People who have loss of libido can actually benefit from these roots as it quickly works. If you want, you can always prepare a soup of the roots and store it and add to any broth, curry or just any soup. I will soon make a video on the roots soup recipe as right now I’m really busy with lots of other work but I will definitely make a video about how you can make female eggs strong and your sex life healthy with these roots. Wash the coriander leaves & stems thoroughly, try to add only stems which give extraordinary results. But people often don’t know what to do with the left over leaves, which is why here I’m adding both of these. Now I’m adding the curry leaves, try to buy a bunch of the curry leaves and store it in the fridge so that you can use this for a week. Now I’m chopping one raw potato of medium size to this. Do not worry, the potato has to be raw and trust me nothing will go wrong. Now chopping the bitter gourd into pieces and adding it too. Next I’m taking young ginger and adding that as well. Young ginger is really good; in case you don’t get young then you may add the ordinary ginger too. One clove of garlic, 200 ml water, add this as well. Here I’m using the masala jar, please do not use juicer jar as it won’t give you the desired consistency. Once it has been grinded, I’m going to strain it. One more thing I would like to add, you must strain it as it contains bitter gourd, it will be quite bitter if you will try to take it without straining. You just won’t be able to consume it. You may rather take the left over mixture and use it to make soup or add in some curry or even fry it with 1 tablespoon mustard oil and garlic paste and then eat it, that way the bitterness is not that apparent and it tastes much better. Now the juice is ready, here I’m adding ½ teaspoon lemon juice. Not more than that, as it could lead to water retention and those who have citric allergy can gain weight instead of losing. Then black salt I have added which is also known as Pink Salt. This salt is good for everybody. Now we will mix the juice really well. So after preparing this juice measures 400 ml to which I had added 200 ml water while grinding and the rest 200 ml juice we ended up extracting from the veggies. This juice you need to take as a first meal soon as you have your soaked/sprouted mustard seeds. Please note that I recommend this juice to anybody and everybody. Anyone can take this juice. Of course it will benefit the Diabetics, Hypothyroid patients or people with High BP & Stone problems but it is equally beneficial to others as well. The purpose for making this juice was that many people suffering from these diseases wanted something which would really work for them. So trust me guys, just start taking this juice and I’m sure you will soon see amazing results. Believe me the result you get from this juice is magical. If you like this informational video then please hit the like button on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube channel  ‘Recipe with Dr Shalini’ if you haven’t already in order to get my future updates and please do share it with others so that others can also benefit from it. Add it to your playlist to watch it later. So guys meet you in my next video with some new recipe or some informational video till then Bye!!

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19 thoughts on “MAGICAL GREEN JUICE: 1 महीने में 10kg घटाये | NO DIET-NO EXERCISE | Lose 10 kg in 1 month

  1. Mam mujhay iron se problem hai maiday me dard hai pink tea se kindly koi solution batayem main 30 days se msgs kar rhi hun pr ap busy hone ki waja se rrply nhi de parhi kindly help me

      1. Hi

        Ive pcod and I can’t conceive same time need to loose weight also … you have also told that we shouldn’t take any juice or tea more than a month other wise weight will b stagnant. So how many times we should drink this green juice ? Only once in a day only

  2. Hello mam many congratulations and good wishes for the new website.
    Mam to this green juice can we add Amla instead of lemon ?

  3. Mam,
    In evening Tim I feel deadly wali hunger…..what to do….fir namkin, mathri, kuch bhi ulta sidha khati ho…olx help me
    Presently I start:
    Methi soaked
    Green juice
    Orange tea
    Dal lunch

    Please help me….. height 5.4, weight 80 kg😞


  4. Mam i am trying to contact u from so many but no reply from ur side.i just want to ask can i pay online n follow ur diet…plz 12 yeardaughter is also getting fat..i want solution ..if pissible plz repl

  5. Hello mam .. I wanna join your weight loss program..Can you please let me know the process to join the same.. Awaiting for your kind response.

  6. Hello mam
    Loose 2 kg in 9 days while using green juice.
    Pehley 78 kg tha an 76 ho gia hey.
    Thnax for helping me
    But aik problem ho gai hey k chakkar bohat as rahey hen. Please help

  7. Hwllo mam . Im consuming pink tea n this green juice ( bitter guard ) . Which one shud be consumed first ? Juice or tea ? I’m confused . Plzz help me out . N thanku sooo much for sharing such useful knowledge to us . U hv added a value in my life thanks a bunch …

  8. Hi, Dr. Shalini,
    My name is syed Alam, 13 years ago my wife has Sarcoidosis and had steroids for almost a year. Now the same disease flared up again in April, 2017 again, and she was on the steroids again, in 3 months she gained 30 lbs. weight and she still has shortness of breath, she also has lots of swelling on her body especially on her feet. Do you have any remedy to cure this disease for good and also for her weight loss. Please email me privately, after watching your couple of videos I feel that you are not fake like most on the YouTube. It will be appreciated if you help me out for that. Thanks.

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