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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with SOYA BEAN, SUPER FAST WEIGHT LOSS WITH SOYA BEAN. Soya bean is very basic topic and ingredient for weight loss.


And today I want to inform you that many of you are under the reaction of Soya Bean as it is of a very hot nature and it reacts sometimes and since Soya Bean is a has high protein content, it aids in weight loss faster than any other grain. So today I will be talking about how to safe you form the reaction of Soya Bean and how to respond to Soya Bean and to whom is Soya Bean suitable and to whom Soya Bean is not suitable and what are the ways of consuming Soya Bean.


But before that I want to share a photograph with you to boost you. Right now I am in the process of editing and while doing that I am taking this shake which I take for detox on which I am right now. This is Green shake, there is a video on it, do watch it. This is a 3 day plan. And this is a very good plan so I send it to most of my patients so that they can get boosted. And this should be done for atleast 3 days in a month in which there is Wheat Grass, Spirulina, barley Grass and Alfa Alfa, so that all the toxins are out of the body. so you will be fit as well as your immune will be good.


When Soya Bean is raw it appears like peas. But there are only 3 grains in it which are round is shape. And there are no eyes in Soya Bean and no designs so it is easy to recognize Soya Bean. Some people out of confusion bring this instead of Soya Bean and have shown me on Facebook, this is BLACK EYED BEAN OR COW BEAN. But this is not Soya Bean. This will not help in weight loss as much as Soya Bean.


This is Soya Bean; it is round and slightly pressed. There are 3 types of Soya Beans. Black, White and Cream color. So this is the White one which has a lot of Fibers. And this is the Black one which is rich in Iron. People having iron deficiency take iron supplements. Even I recommend iron supplements to my patients.


But it would be better if you switch to Black Soya Beans and search it in the market. It is easily available on Amazon. See the description box; I will try to mention its link. If you have deficiency of iron and also have problems in the immune system then you can easily mix 1 spoon of soaked Black Soya Bean in any vegetable. So you will get rid of Iron deficiency very easily because it is full of iron.


Among all the 3 colored Soya Bean, Black has the most Protein, then comes Cream and last is White color. Cream color too has a good amount of Protein. That is why in Whey protein, the protein shake that you make, soya protein too is a segment which is very important for weight management. But many people avoid it because intestinal problems increase due to Soya bean. So keep that in mind and I will tell you some measures then you will not face problems.


The basic thing is that the Soya Bean Nuggets or Soya Bean grain in not suitable for males. Males are unable to digest Soya Bean.  Females easily respond to all the products of Soya Bean whereas males respond to Whey Protein, which is the curdled part of milk, the water is Whey protein. And males respond to that. Therefore most of the body builders promote Whey Protein for body building.


People are of the view that despite having everything Soya Protein is very hot in nature. And females are able to digest it because female’s body has Leptine 3 times more than the males. So since Leptine is 3 times more so females respond to it while males can face the problem of impotency. Soya product is not good for males. And the ones which are good should be refined.


Soya Bean contains Magnesium salt. Here I am talking about food but the Magnesium salt is mostly present in Epsom salt used for baths. So if Soya Bean is soaked and then made into a paste and applied on the body while bathing then the body will have a very good glow.




Let’s talk about Diet. If you consume Soybean boiled and prepare its chaat and have it as breakfast in the morning then it gives a very good kick to the females, even the Soya Bean nuggets. But keep in mind that Soya Bean nuggets and Soya Bean seeds in not for males. Only females can eat it and they will respond to it. And if males eat it then they will have problems like Constipation, Heart burn, Acidity, etc as they cannot digest Soya Bean.


If males want something which is full of Vitamins and Minerals then this fermented Soya bean paste is for them. It is not available in the market, even I am looking for it. Earlier I use to use it. It is available in INA market in Delhi. But online it is very costly. So it is difficult to buy online. But if this paste is available to you at your local grocery store then do buy it. Add it to your soups, it is very tasty.


Second is Soya Bean Sauce. But the Soya Bean Sauce available in India has no benefits as you really don’t know whether it is a chemical or syrup of Soya Bean. So try to avoid it.


The roasted Soya Bean snacks available in the market too are only for females because its skin is intact.


Soya Bean Noodles are also available. This is also mostly with the skin. I am trying to prepare it at home. Till now I have been successful in making Rice Noodles. Also I have made Buck weed Noodles. But I will be sharing its recipe during Navratri so that during fast you have something similar to Pasta and Maggi to eat. So I will definitely share it with you. But presently I am talking about Soya Bean. So if I am successful in making this recipe then I will surely share it with you.


Now let’s see what males can digest. This is Soya Bean Milk. It is known by the name of Soya Milk and is easily available in the market. Soya Milk is carbohydrate free and full of Calcium. Soya milk has 2 times more calcium than cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. So it must be clear to you how beneficial it is. Soya milk is very good for weight loss. This I am letting the males know that they can take Soya milk. Females can definitely take Soya Milk as well as children too can take Soya milk. Soya milk does not cause allergy to anyone. Males can take this Soya milk because when Soya milk is processed then the skin of Soya Bean is removed.


I will be sharing the recipe of Soya Milk very soon. And I will show you how to prepare Soya milk. And Soya milk helps in weight loss if taken in correct way. It is very cheap. As I had told you that the price of Normal milk and Almond Milk that you prepare are the same. But when you will prepare Soya milk it will be of ¼ price of Normal milk. But if you buy from the market then Soya milk will be costly. It costs 100 rupees for 1 liter because they charge for their packaging, tetra pack, ads, marketing, profit and all are added to it. After completing the tenure of Almond milk, next will be Soya milk. After that I will tell you about Coconut milk.


And Soya milk has a lot of benefits for your body. First of all Soya milk increases the energy of protein and as I told you Soya milk responds to responds to the citric allergy too. Soya milk responds very well and since Soya milk is in dilute form so there are no chances of constipation as well as stomach will not be hot. There will be no Heart burn plus there will be no lactic allergy of any type. There is no Gluten or Carbohydrate in Soya milk. Soya milk contains Protein, Calcium, Iron, Minerals and Vitamin B complex, so whoever drinks Soya milk gets all these things if you have made Soya milk yourself because it becomes organic for you.


So the fresh thing that you make will definitely benefit you. You can prepare tea, coffee and desserts from soya milk. You can boil and drink Soya milk. But do not over boil. You can prepare Tofu from Soya milk, which is just like cottage cheese that is soya cheese. Plus you can consume 600ml of Soya milk in a day without any regret and there will be lots of profit.


Apart from this I had committed you of Soya vada. This is also a very good option that you are getting snacks as well as you are losing weight. And it is very delicious so you can prepare it in your own way.


Now let’s talk about Tofu. I always pressurize my patients to eat Tofu because it is full of Vitamin B and Minerals. Tofu makes your body strong. People often say that those suffering from Thyroid should not eat Tofu. But the fact is that Tofu is the most refined form of all. Neither does it contain the skin of Soya bean grain nor does it have extra whey or water. Tofu is so refined that it only transports good things to your body. But actually the thing is that During Thyroid or PCOS or after your periods are over and your body is getting hot flashes, during that time hot things are not advisable.


I always say that Tofu should not be eaten empty stomach or fried. You must have vegetables with Tofu. You should always take vegetables with Tofu. Vegetable is very important for Protein if you want to digest Protein because Protein creates constipation. Any type of protein becomes so hot for stomach that in reaction it will give constipation. How much ever I promote it of being an ideal thing but if it is a protein even lean, be it pulses, chick peas, peas, they will give constipation to you. In such a situation it should accompanied with green vegetables.


Here we are talking about Tofu which is the highest in Protein. This much of protein is not found even in non-veg or eggs. In such a situation it is so hot in nature that you will have to include raw vegetables, salads or boiled vegetables. So whenever you see any Vietnamese or Thai people eating Tofu then they incorporate or add tofu with other fibers or leaves in their soups and then eat it so that the problem of constipation is not there, stomach should be clean and they keep getting its benefit and developing their muscles.


But do keep in mind that if you do not move and keep sitting all the time then high protein will give you body ache. You might get the problem of Uric Acid. So whoever has the problem of Uric Acid cannot eat protein. They cannot reap the benefits of Soya Bean otherwise their levels will increase. Always remember that if you are working only then it will not give any effect. People with Gout and Uric Acid should never eat Soya Bean. And if still you are healthy and fat then find some other options.


Then there is Soya Bean flour. So keep in mind that whoever has the habit of eating chapattis at night should mix 1 tbsp of Soya Bean flour so that you do not eat carb directly at night or it can be made of only Soya Bean flour so that it does not get heavy for you. I always say not to mix protein and carb. So basically if you eat 1 chapatti of Soya Bean flour then it will promote weight loss. But if you are eating 2 chapattis then you should have fibrous vegetable along with it. The vegetable should be high in fiber and not like bottle guard or sponge guard which has no fiber but high water content. So whichever vegetable is high in water content should be eaten for lunch and not dinner. This I am just letting you know an extra thing so that you keep it in mind.


Apart from this there is Soya Bean Sprout. I have tried many times to make Soya Bean Sprout at home but it is never successful it always decays. So keep in mind that there is a separate grain for Soya Bean Sprout available in the market. If you get it then do sprout it as it is very healthy.


Actually Soya Bean is a very lengthy topic. I cannot explain everything in 12-15 minutes. As Soya Bean is very essential for health if this was not true then Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans would not be leading their lives based on Soya Bean. So it is very important to know how to digest Soya Bean because it is a big part of a meal which you should add. Since the side reactions of Soya Bean is so much that Indians do not consider Soya Bean.


So in coming many videos I will be telling you how to cut the reactions of Soya Bean. Because leading a life by ignoring Soya Bean is a little tough and I keep recommending my patients to add any product of Soya Bean in their lives. So there will be lot of discussion in coming videos. Do follow whatever I have told you today. And if you liked my information on Soya Bean then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it so that others too can benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can view it later. Subscribe to my channel if you have not done so, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE

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