Natural and Healthy Fruit Popsicle Recipe

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and today I am going to share POPSICLES, which we have been eating since childhood that is very delicious but the difference here is that it has been made of fresh ingredients so it is very healthy for you. There is no added sugar in it, in fact I have not even added Stevia to it. So it has been made by assembling whatever fruits are easily available to you in the market. It is very delicious.


This can be eaten by any age groups and should be consumed before 4 pm. The best part is that in a day you can have 6 pieces of it because we consume more fruits than the quantity used here. So prepare this and give to your children during this summer. They will have a good time eating it and will be very happy plus, they will not get cough too. Just keep in mind not to give them as soon as they come from sun as it has been frozen and so might create some problems if given immediately.

In this video I am going to complain about some people. That I will be doing somewhere in the middle of the video. So let’s start preparing the First Popsicle.




All those who saw my grocery haul will remember this WATERMELON. This I had taken because if it will not be red as claimed by the shopkeeper then I told him that I will curse him. So let’s cut it and see. Wash and cut the Watermelon as we will use the Skin too. I have already shared the recipe of Smoothie of Watermelon Skin. Just see how red it is. Do not throw the skin, you can prepare the Smoothie, the link is in the description box and in my first comment of the pin post. You can also check the I bar; you will get the link there as well.


Cut and take out the Watermelon. Keep the Skin. Take out along with the seeds, do not separate the seeds. I would like to inform you that whenever you eat any fruit and if you are blending it, then blend it with the seeds because if its seeds are dry, then you eat them as some contain Omega 3 while some contain Vitamin E or 6. Therefore whichever fruits or vegetables contain Vitamin A or E, will be oil soluble. So when it gets the support of the seeds, it affects the body.


If you separate the seeds and eat the fruits, just like when you prepare salad, then you cannot use the seeds. In such a situation remember to add 1-2 drops of oil to it so that the Vitamin E and A of the fruits is absorbed by your body else it is of no use eating it. It will go into your stomach but body will not be able to absorb it as it will not have any support.


So if you ask, then there is a very good salad of Watermelon, people are preparing it from a long time and consuming it. I too tried it after watching on YouTube. It is very delicious and it promotes vigorous weight loss, if consumed in Breakfast.


Next ingredient is GRAPES. I am using the Green Grapes here. Keep in mind that the grapes should the lengthy ones. These are very sweet. Since I have to make my Ice Cream sweet so I am using the Natural Sugars here.


You will get the quantities of Watermelon and Grapes on my Website. The link is in the description box and in the first comment of the pin post.


We will BLEND these two ingredients in the mixer. Make in good quantity and store it. You should grind it into a paste. I have seen that people just cut or directly blend and freeze them but if you try that, you will get a lot of fibers in your mouth. That does not even taste like Ice Cream. So I have seen that if you STRAIN it with a cloth, then it tastes very good and you enjoy eating it. you will get a thick paste and the rest of the things will remain in the cloth. With this process the stick of the seed too gets separated. So there is no tension that any part of seed will come in it. Plus, the oil inside the seed has been blended.


So when this is consumed by your kids, they will have a very good Hair, Skin, Nails. So indirectly they have consumed nuts too. This is the reason that I am saying that this is very healthy.


So I have strained with the cloth but as you can see there is a thick paste on the Strainer, that should also be strained. Do not press it much as then fibers too will mix in the juice.


Now in this juice I will mix YOUNG COCONUT WATER. This is the Water of Green Coconut. You will get its Measurement too on the Website. Mix all of them properly. Now this is ready. Coconut water gives a very different flavor to it, so do not skip it.


I am pouring it in a bottle. Actually I have tried it directly or otherwise too. When you keep it in a bottle and then use it for freezing, you get a very different flavor. It is very tasty and is ready very fast. So prepare and store 1-2 liters in a bottle. You will get all the quantities on the Website. Multiply them accordingly.


Whenever you require, it will be ready in an hour. If the fridge is more than 10 years old, then it may take 1 hour to get ready whereas in the new fridge it will be ready in ½ an hour. Just have a look how delicious it appears. You enjoy eating it as the sweetness of Grapes is very relishing. And the Coconut water incorporates very well in it and gives its own flavor. Along with that the juice of Watermelon which is without fiber but with a greasiness due to the presence of oil from the seeds.


Now the complaint that I was talking about. I am showing you someone’s comment. She has written “I have questioning for so long, why don’t you answer? I am a big fan of you. You should not behave like this with your fans.” Now you all tell me, I get more than 1000 questions daily. In one video there are 1000 questions and around 2 -2 ½ thousand question are there. It is not possible for me to attend to all of them.


Sometimes the questions have their answers in the video itself so I do not answer them. Sometimes I add those questions in my list and sometimes the questions are such that, I know that I will be answering them in my next video. It is not possible to type so much.


But these type of discouraging comments or there is another comment where a madam is informing me that she will Unsubscribe me. Once she told me that since you are Depressed, so I will Unsubscribe you. The other time she told that you dance very bad so I will Unsubscribe you. Then again she told that since you are earning money so I will Unsubscribe you. And then again she told that you were not looking good on Live Chat so I will Unsubscribe you. So MEERA PATEL, do Unsubscribe me. There is no benefit in writing all this daily because you are a very Depressed person. So do not do this. It feels very bad. And the frequency of my video has decreased because when early in the morning I post a video and there instead of good morning people write that you earn money or you did not reply, then after listening to all this it does not feel good.


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When I shared the Supplements’ names, then you blamed that 15 companies will pay me for that. You all should think a little. All this seems very wrong. Be Positive and if you get a feeling that something is wrong here, then do not watch my videos. But there is no use in writing all this useless things.


Now let’s see the next Popsicle.




This is Green Popsicle. I have made this from KIWI. It has abundant Vitamin C. Since I have never spoken about Kiwi, so I will shed some knowledge on that. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, which saves you from diseases and there is one more thing to it that if any of you suffer from Hidden Pain or Hidden Fever then if Kiwi is available to you, do consume it. I have heard many people complaining that due to tiredness they are not feeling well. Also Kiwi gets rid of Sexual Problem. So do add it into your life. And if possible try to eat Kiwi with the Skin. That will be much better.


But here I am preparing Ice Cream, so I have peeled Kiwi. Just chop it. There is no rule for it. It should easily blend in the mixer so it should be chopped. And I want to separate its seeds because it feels in the throat. I did not like it when taken directly.


So here I am again taking GREEN GRAPES as a sweetener. And adding Kiwi to it. But do not add extra water to it. When you blend the Grapes, it will form onto a paste itself. When this is strained, then the peel of Grapes and seeds of Kiwi will separate. But if you use it directly, it will hurt your throat and you will get cough.


Now I am adding PINK SALT to it, as it is a little sour so the salt will enhance its flavor.


And then I am adding COCONUT WATER. We will MIX all of them properly.


I did not show something here; it was left out as I experimented with it later on after filling the juice in the bottle. I blended the skin of Watermelon and extracted its juice and mixed in the above juice so that it becomes a little mild as Kiwi was very sour. So it will have a different color later. If only Kiwi is used, then it will be light green in color but if Watermelon skin is added, then you get a color like this and this too should be frozen for 1-1 ½ hour. And if fridge is good then it will be ready in ½ an hour.


This Popsicle does not taste like the Watermelon one. It is a bit sour and since Salt has been added so its sourness has enhanced and also the presence of Coconut Water blends in a different way in the mouth. It is very delicious and marvelous. Me and my son have this feeling and you will have it too, your eyes will close when you eat these Popsicles. You enjoy it a lot. Such a regret free Popsicle which makes your mind happy. Do try it at your home and you can easily eat 4-5 in a day. You can also eat it during fasting. Just skip the Salt when you want to have it in your fast. If you eat salt, then you can add it. There is no problem in it. Even if you have not added salt still you can enjoy it in your fast. You can have a luxurious feeling and a healthy ingredient will be entering your body.


Now I would like to discuss about Grapes. People say that Grapes contains a lot of sugar but that is natural sugar which brings glow to your skin. So sugar too is very important for your body. So sometimes it is a good thing. So do try it at your home. You will get all the Measurements on the Website. The links are in the description box and the first comment of the pin post.


If the Website is choked, then try after 2-3 hours. Many times there is problem with the server. So if you liked the recipe and information on Popsicle, then do like my video. Do hit the Thumbs up button. Share this video with your friends, family and on social media so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your Playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.





1)Watermelon lollipop/popsicle (Red)

  • watermelon 700gm
  • Grapes 200gm
  • Coconut Water 250ml

2)Kiwi lollipop/popsicle (Green)

3) Healthy Kala khatta lollipop/popsicle(Dark Brown) (base on youtube 300 comments)

4)………….lollipop/popsicle (yellow) (base on youtube 300 comments)

Self life freezer 600 month, freeze 1 week (coconut water spoil very easily

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