Natural Lip Balm: Pink Lips, Pigmentation-Free

Lip Balm with SPF, गुलाबी होंठ के लिए,LIP BALM for Pigmented Lips,Lip Balm Recipe,Best Lip Lightener | Natural Lip Balm: Pink Lips, Pigmentation-Free


Bee Wax : 10 gm

Mango Butter :  10 gm

Vitamin E (400 mg) : 1 capsule

Olive Oil : 10 ml (1tbsp)

Best root 25 gm

Water : 25 ml

Saffron : 4-5 strings
Apply 3 times (thrice) in a day for best results
Best for Pigmented Lips also, it will protect from UV Rays also and makes natural PINK LIPS.
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