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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today’s topic is NAVRATRI DIET, which people were demanding for a long time and since the auspicious time has started from today evening and tomorrow is the first day of Navratri, so I am sharing this Diet.


Basically this Navratri Diet Plan was delayed as it took time in doing the calculation for this  Diet Plan. In this Navratri Diet you can lose 4.5 kgs in 9 days, 10lbs, if followed properly. Following properly means to follow whatever I say at that time and not remain empty stomach thinking it to be a fast and become prey to Acidity, then you will definitely get good results. I always give this Diet to my patients whenever they are fasting and they get good results.


If you follow this Navratri Diet for 15 days, you are bound to get fantastic weight loss results. And those who are not fasting but still want to follow this Diet,  can definitely do so. And in this way you will lose upto 6.3000 kgs in 15 days. But the Plan should be strictly followed, nothing else should be included. I am going to give you various options in this Diet Plan, so you will not get bored.  


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Now let’s start the Navratri Diet so that you know what exactly you are supposed to take during Navratri.




After Pooja you will start your day with PROTEIN LADDU. This is very important. So you need to take a 20gms Protein Laddu.


Then take 100ml YELLOW TEA or ORANGE TEA.


Now let’s see the options for Breakfast:


Part-1: Take 3 medium sized BANANAS. Along with it take 2 DATES, sticky or imported. Then you need to take ALMONDS and WALNUTS, crushed and mixed. If you are only taking Almonds, then take 6-7 of them and if Walnut too is there, then take 1 Walnut and 4 Almonds. With it you can take GREEN TEA or REGULAR TEA. And if you want to take both, then take Regular Tea first and then Green Tea.


Second option: PROTEIN LADDU is common in the Navratri Diet. After that you need to take PINEAPPLE SMOOTHIE. When you are taking Pineapple Smoothie, then you will not take Banana. Keep this in mind. This Smoothie should not be more than 200-250ml. Along with it you will take 50gms COTTAGE CHEESE and 25gms PEANUTS.


Third option: You can take 1 ½ tbsp. CHIA SEEDS soaked in 200ml WATER. Then you will take 70gms WATER CHESTNUT FLOUR HALWA (singhare kea atte ka halwa). You can have any of these options, but do not change the pattern of this Navratri Diet. Along with that you will take 50gms PEANUTS and 20gms COTTAGE CHEESE. And then 100ml REGULAR TEA. And finally GREEN TEA so that you do not get indigestion after eating so much.


So keep this in mind that after you get up from Pooja, you must have this amount of food. And also you should finish your Pooja early in the morning, do not delay it so that you remain fit during Navratri and you lose weight.


After 1 ½ hours of taking Green Tea you will start feeling hungry. So you can take any SALAD of your choice. Otherwise you can go for POMEGRANATE and those who can get BERRIES, try taking it, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry. Berries contain a lot of Vitamin C which will boost you a lot. If PEACH is available, you can have it.


Whatever you can afford and that is available to you whether you live in villages, towns, cities or in foreign countries, for this Navratri Diet try to take high Vitamin C containing fruits. I am showing you only those fruits here which are high in Vitamin C. All these photograph belong to my patients. In Salads you can opt for PINEAPPLE AND CUCUMBER. Pineapple is a must for people who have stagnate weight as it helps a lot in losing that weight.


Lunch options: 100gms POTATO. Try to get Red potato but if you can’t then you can take the Normal Potato. Red Potato is easily available everywhere. Boil it and add 2-3 spoons of CURD as you will not be mixing Salt during your fast. And if you want to add CORIANDER LEAVES and GREEN CHILLY then you can do so.


Next Option: Prepare a Paratha by mixing SAGO and POTATO. So that will be a good option for you and the combination of both is very beneficial while following this Navratri Diet. But mostly people eat Sago- Potato at night, but this should not be done as it will make you gain fat.


Third Option: 100gms SWEET POTATO. You can either Boil or Bake it. The Oven one is very tasty even without salt or anything else. If you include this in your lunch, then you will get a lot of energy.


One option is to prepare the Chaat and the other is this Sweet Potato. The fruits that you are taking before Lunch in this Navratri Diet should not be more than 150gms. And if you are preparing a cutlet or dumpling of Sago, then it should also not weigh more than 100gms because oil too will be present in it. Try not to deep fry it but to roast on a pan. And after Lunch you have to take 100ml GREEN TEA. You will not take Regular Tea after Lunch.


In the Evening between 4-6pm you can take 50ml REGULAR TEA with 25gms ROASTED PEANUTS. If you do not have Peanuts, then you can take 4-5 ALMONDS and WALNUTS. And if that too is not available then the 3rd option is to take 1tbsp CHIA SEEDS soaked in 150ml WATER. Chia seeds is the best option for this Navratri Diet.  So if you switch on to Chia seeds, it will be much better.  Do not worry whether you will feel hungry or not because whenever you take Green Tea, within an hour your body starts craving for food. So before going for your evening Pooja choose any one of the given 3 options. For every meal I am providing you with 3 options so that you do not get bored. You can complete your 9 days by changing them.


Let’s talk about Dinner: For Dinner mostly people eat salt, so then you can take any GREEN VEGETABLE. But beware, for this Navratri Diet you cannot to take Potato, Peas, French Beans, Cluster Beans. Whereas you can take Round gourd, Bottle Gourd, Cauliflower, Cabbage.


And with that if you are eating Poori or Paratha then while using Buckwheat flour, it should not be more than 50gms.


And if you are using Water Chestnut Flour, then in that situation one piece should be taken of 100gms along with Green Vegetable.


I always recommend that you eat paratha made of Water Chestnut Flour because it makes your body strong. Buck wheat flour too is very healthy and promotes weight loss but it is very hot by nature. Buck wheat flour if eaten during the day, it is fine, but at night it may cause problems specially people with Acidity problem will not be able to bear it and will get Gas. Always keep this in mind. So try to use Water chestnut flour so that you do not face any problems and you can easily follow the Navratri Diet. And 100gms is too much, if you are not hungry and want to eat less, then you can use 50gms flour too. And since Buckwheat flour is very heavy and 50gms seems excess, then you can take 25gms only.


For Dinner you have an option of decreasing the grams as per your requirement but you cannot do the same for Breakfast and Lunch while following this Navratri Diet.


Second thing, the weight that I have mentioned of the flour, is of the kneaded flour  which includes water as well, not of the dry flour.


Finally, before Sleeping: you can have 1 PROTEIN LADDU. While making the Protein Laddu. Keep somethings in mind. If there are some ingredients that you do not consume in your fast, then you can skip them as different states have different rules for fasting. Several of my patients have separate rules while going on the Navratri Diet.


Those who want to take ORANGE TEA or YELLOW TEA before sleeping can definitely do so. You can take 100ml of it. You can take it as per your preference either hot or cold or room temperature.


So carefully listen to the video and there should not be any confusion as I have clearly stated all the weights. So listen to it again and again and try to understand. And follow this Navratri Diet so that you can lose your Weight as I am claiming. And after 9 days you will look fit, beautiful and slim.


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