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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a naturopath (MD in naturopathy). Naturopath always treats their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have brought you NOODLES. NOODLES are a favorite of many people but these NOODLES are very delicious. These NOODLES are the ones which will shed your 3 kg in 4 days. I’ll also explain the LOGIC behind this, in this video; along with the diseases which these NOODLES can cure.

These NOODLES work really well in your body. ASTHMA patients as well as those suffering from RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS such as inability to breathe properly, MUCOUS deposition, bubble formation in LUNGS while coughing or even BRONCHITIS; these NOODLES will work as medicine for all of them. So definitely add these NOODLES into your life, time to time. These NOODLES are good for those even who do not wish to LOSE WEIGHT, or you have a normal weight (60-65 kg), to get rid of many other problems.

In fact these NOODLES are DIGESTIVE CARB which won’t give you GLUTEN ALLERGY, when you’ll consume them. Most of the CARBS are GLUTENOUS while few STARCHES that are called CARBS are not GLUTENOUS; instead, they are healthy for your body. But these NOODLES are very good for your body, being DIGESTIVE CARB.

These NOODLES contain DIGESTIVE PROTEIN which does not heat up your INTESTINE.

The NOODLES also contains high FIBER which will actually clear your INTESTINE very well.

These NOODLES will help you get RID of ACIDITY and INDIGESTION (in case you are suffering) as well as persistent COSTIPATION or LOSE MOTIONS.

Actually you won’t find this NOODLES recipe in any vlog or video, all over the world since this my SON’S INVENTION. This was a sudden invention and very tasty too. When I studied about these NOODLES then, I got the following explained results.

These NOODLES contain very high amount of CALCIUM. With the regular consumption of these NOODLES, you’ll get relief from BONE PAIN (in case you are suffering) and you won’t need any further supplementation.

Since these NOODLES contain ample amount of POTASSIUM so those suffering from BLOATING or WATER RETENTION, will lose a good amount of WEIGHT along with a good INCH LOSS. I have told many times that anything which contains POTASSIUM; works very effectively in WEIGHT LOSS.

These NOODLES are highly rich in IRON. IRON or HAEMOGLOBIN DEFICIENCY spoils the IMMUNE SYSTEM so in such a situation IRON will make your body STRONG and capable to FIGHT with diseases.

These NOODLES contain TRACE MINERALS which are present in minute quantity but are very important to FIGHT with diseases.

Besides everything, these NOODLES contain lot of VITAMIN B-COMPLEX and other VITAMINS such as VITAMIN A and VITAMIN C. Though all the nutrients are present in small quantities but they fulfill almost half of the daily requirement.

Let’s discuss about RECIPE.

Here I have used local AGAR AGAR (which I got from Andheri West) which costs 25 rupees. If you want to buy online, I’ll give a link in the description box. These are AGAR AGAR STRIPS which need to be soaked for at least 20 minutes in water. Only then, we will be able to carry out the further process.

Then, I will take VEGETABLES. You can take the VEGETABLES as per your choice but the recipe will be very tasty, you’ll add the ones which I have chosen for NOODLES. I have chosen all the ingredients with high CONCENTRATION on the MICRO PARTICLES as well as VITAMIN A and VITAMIN C.

First is RED CAPSICUM (also called RED BELL PEPPER), aids in WEIGHT LOSS as well as good for HEALTH.

Second is YELLOW CAPSICUM. Being rich in BIO-FLAVANOIDS, it’s good for HEALTH, SKIN and to stay YOUNG.


TOMATO, I have taken with the SEEDS separated. You also try to separate the seeds for NOODLES

Next I have taken around 40-50 ml of ORANGE JUICE.

Always take CUCUMBER with SKIN. I have mentioned the link of all the ingredients in description box, if you need to know the health benefits.

I have used RED ONION since I like its strong taste but you can take WHITE ONION also in NOODLES.

The CHILLY I have used, is not bitter but contains lot of VITAMIN C.

I have used 1 tbsp LEMON JUICE in this RECIPE. So firstly we will extract the JUICE and use in this NOODLES recipe.

“You might be thinking that I always say to avoid LEMON in case of CITRIC ALLERGY then, why am I telling to include LEMON here. LEMON, being the BASIC INGREDIENT; is must to add since it’s not possible to make NOODLES without LEMON. I have changed the FORM of LEMON since I also suffer from CITRIC ALLERGY which causes BLOATING, SWELLING or INCH INCREASE.”

Here I have extracted the JUICE; leaving the skin with little amount of juice left; so it can be used to make PICKLE by adding SALT.

Second is ORANGE. I have extracted the JUICE of ORANGE likewise. You can use juicer too but I don’t have it; so I extract this way only and the juice extracted with juicer may contain grains also. I’ll explain you why this ingredient is necessary.

“I was making FUDGE someday and my SON asked to eat these AGAR AGAR STRIPS as they look like NOODLES. I told him that that these are soft but not NOODLES. He kept on demanding so I added these AGAR AGAR STRIPS to his SALAD. When I tasted these AGAR AGAR STRIPS, I felt it like plastic so I thought they can’t be NOODLES. But when I tasted from my SON’S bowl, they were very tasty. Then I realized that his SALAD bowl contains LEMON JUUCE.”


I actually mean to say that the BOND between AGAR AGAR STRIPS cannot break till they don’t come in contact with anything that is SOUR. AGAR AGAR STRIPS taste just like plastic if their bond doesn’t break. That’s why I am adding LEMON here. This is Full MEAL, after getting ready, is FULL of VITAMIN C so you’ll not need to take any supplements.

In case you are suffering from CITRIC ALLERGY then, add both the JUICES into a pan and give a BOIL. You can see its bit reduced. So now add soaked (for 20-25 minutes) AGAR AGAR STRIPS into the bowl and add cooled down JUICE too. When we boil the juice, the CITRIC ALLERGY is almost 90% gone; I have tried this and did not face any problem.

You can see that AGAR AGAR STRIPS have started to loosen up just while MIXING and they will completely become SOFT as soon as I am done with the mixing process. AGAR AGAR STRIPS were not getting fit into the bowl earlier but after mixing, they have completely become soft and fit into the bowl.

This thing also happens when you buy an ALOE VERA GEL from market and adds some SOUR thing into it; the BONDS will break and it will be softened. ALOE VERA GEL is also actually made from SEA WEED. The gel which I told you that I’ll make contains some other forms of gel but not AGAR AGAR.

I’ll LEAVE the mixture of AGAR AGAR STRIPS and JUICE, again for 20 minutes. I will chop the VEGETABLES in the mean time. I have chopped everything in the form of LONG STRIPS. Keep in mind that TOMATO should always be without SEEDS as even STONE patients can consume TOMATO without SKIN & SEEDS.  I have also chopped the ONION likewise. You can also add GREEN CAPSICUM if you want; but it should be recognized by a way; that the one’s having 4 roundels at the bottom cannot be consumed RAW. We will MIX everything in a bowl.

I would like to mention that this SALAD which I am making is actually good for DIABETICS. Not only for WEIGHT LOSS but TYPE 2 DIABETES cab even be CURED by this SALAD. It’s a very good thing that this SALAD is not only TASTY but also REDUCES INSULIN RESISTANCE.

I have added BLACK SALT in this SALAD. Those suffering from BLOOD PRESSURE may add SEA SALT but never add IODISED SALT. I am providing the link for SEA SALT in the description box. Ill also share that “how salt makes you slim” in the coming days.

Now add the AGAR AGAR STRIPS and JUICE mixture into the VEGETABLE SALAD. I have taken 10 gm AGAR AGAR for a single MEAL for 1 person. You can take 25 gm packet or use 2-3 packets if you are making for family. It’s very important that this thing is actually not very costly. If you make LUNCH at your home, then, the cost would be 70-80 rupees per plate. But this SALAD plate will cost you around 50 rupees maximum as all the things are added in small proportions. This SALAD is actually a LUNCH option.


AGAR AGAR STRIPS have become very FLEXIBLE now. You have to consume this ONE BOWL as a whole MEAL in your LUNCH. Do not change the quantity of ingredients of this NOODLES.

I am not talking about WEIGHT LOSS with this DISH. Instead, if you’ll consume this SALAD, you can get RID of many diseases such as DIABETIS, PCOS, relief from PCOD (PCOD can’t be cured), and THYROID, by the time you continue using it in NOODLES.

For those suffering from HOT FLASH (weight gain due to indigestion and problem in periods) in MENOPAUSE, this SALAD is a very good thing to maintain a balance.


You cannot consume this SALAD IN PERIODS (PMS) as it is SOUR. But you can consume this SALAD during HORMONAL DISBALANCE. During PERIODS, you can have FUDGE since AGAR AGAR is very helpful in those days.

Always keep in mind that this SALAD or NOODLES are very beneficial in case of FATTY LIVER.

You can have this SALAD in LUNCH with 100 gm BOILED POTATO, 50 gm ROASTED TOFU (add a drop of oil on pan and roast a piece of TOFU from both the sides), 50 gm BENGAL GRAM, 50 gm KIDNEY BEANS or 50 gm GARBANZO BEANS or even 50 gm GREEN LENTILS. Everything should be BOILED but keep it separate from the SALAD as it can ruin the TASTE of SALAD, if mixed. Since I have given you a lot of options so you can mix and match yourself for the NOODLES recipe.

I often give a piece of BAKED CHICKEN with this SALAD, to my SON. This is the half quantity of how much I told you. When I want to eat this SALAD then I take it with TOFU as that gives the BEST RESULTS. Next thing which gives you best result when combined with this SALAD is 100 gm BAKED/BOILED FISH.

You can take YELLOW TEA, ORANGE TEA, PINK TEA or any other TEA along with this NOODLES or SALAD.

Your full day routine including PROTEIN LADDOO or ALMOND MILK will remain as such. This SALAD in only the LUNCH OPTION which will REDUCE WEIGTH; 3 KG IN 4 DAYS; along with maximum INCH LOSS of 11 INCH, as I have experienced. You’ll lose weight and inch from every part of your body including THIGHS, TUMMY, CALF MUSCLES or even UPPER BODY (your blouse will loosen up).



You should THANK my SON for this RECIPE as this NOODLES RECIPE is his own IDEA. You can definitely search anywhere but you won’t find this RECIPE as it is a SUDDEN INVENTION.

Those who wish to COPY this video must read DISCLAIMER in the description box, once. Whoever will make a copied video, I’ll simply add a CLAIM and that video will be DELETED.

Those who want to follow this RECIPE must make this RECIPE at your home.



So do add this RECIPE in your life. If you like this information, then, do not forget to hit the like button if you like the information of this video. Share it so that other too benefit from it. Do add it in your playlist so that you can view it later also. If you haven’t subscribed my channel then, do subscribe it so as to get the future updates of uploads on my channel. So I shall see you in the next video with some informational recipe, skin care or health care. Till then, bye.

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  1. What diet we should follow when we eat agar agar for lunch and dinner diet. Can you please guide can we do this we are taking 5 supplements with glutathione please advise.

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