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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths always treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with a completely natural thing for which you all were waiting since long. OVER NIGHT CREAM. I have made 2 types of Night Cream here. One for people with completely DRY SKIN and the other for people who have NORMAL to OILY SKIN. In this video I will be explaining about these creams along with that I will also explain how different types of Skin tone should use them. You have to adjust accordingly.

In this Over Night Cream you can use the products from the market or whatever I am explaining even that can be used. And this Night Cream is very good in Lifting the Wrinkles. This Night Cream is good for Fairness, Skin Balance and even for the slightest Allergy too. Only for Pimple Skin, you need to keep in mind that the routine I will be advising, you need to follow that.


The first ingredient is BEE WAX. I am showing you the different types of Wax, you can use any. I had a totally natural Wax that had come straight from the tree. There are 2 more types of Wax that are available in the market, they are like this. One is this Brown color one which is purely Organic, that are separated and kept and the other one is the White one which has some adulteration, and one is the candles that you use.

So the creams that you see in the market are made of candle wax, that is why they are white in color. And this Bee Wax has been purified a little and some amount of Emulsifying Wax has been added to it. And this is pure Bee Wax. The natural one that is available, is separated.

I have seen it online and those who are selling it have a very bad rating because it contains a lot of mud, wings of bees, some amount of garbage, lots of things are mixed with it. However much they try to separate, it will contain dirt otherwise if they keep purifying it, it will be completely pure. So this is the best. It is sweet in taste. If you apply its cream, then it will give you a sweet taste because honey extract is already mixed in it. So I am using this Wax here.

The next ingredient is ASCORBIC ACID, VITAMIN C. You can use any one of the two. I have spoken a lot of times about CELIN. This is Vitamin C. Today, I am using Ascorbic Acid. Celin contains one pinch of Ascorbic acid and the rest is Kaolin Clay. The Vitamin C that you eat is Kaolin Clay mixed with Ascorbic Acid.

So if Celin is not available to you in the market, then you can easily buy Ascorbic Acid online. And it is very cheap. Such a small container will last for 10 years easily because it is very strong. You cannot use it directly as it is very sour and strong. I bring it for intake purpose too, if I want some sour juice, then I add a pinch of it. So my container will not run long. But if you bring it only for application, then it will last for long. And they charge 100-150 rupees for 100gms. You will get the link in the description box and pin post.

First of all, we will cut Bee Wax into very small pieces. Otherwise it will not melt. I am using the microwave to melt it. But you can use the double boiler as well. For that you need to take a pan and below it you will heat water and on the pan you will keep another dish and in that you can melt the wax. But the easy way out is the microwave. Cut is into small chunks. If you want to prepare from the candle wax, then you can do so, there is no problem in it. As you can see there are small bees stuck in it. You will get that garbage. But you will not get purer form than this and so I prefer this for skin. If you get this from any of the trees near you, then you can take it. But it is tough to separate. After boiling it in water the thing that floats at the top is the wax.

So I have taken this here. And you will get the complete measurement on the WEBSITE. The link has been provided in the description box and pin post.

Next I have taken OLIVE OIL here. This is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is not pomace, so can be used on skin. So I am adding it on top of the Wax, because the wax needs some support while melting. And Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin E. It is very good for skin. So I have melted the Wax, 3 times for 30 seconds each. I had prepared the cuts but edited it as the video would have become longer. So after 1 ½ minutes, it has melted this much. We will allow it to melt completely and then mix it.

There is no rule that you have to use wooden or metal spatula. You can use anything which will help you in mixing it thoroughly. You must be noticing the dirt in this.

Next ingredient is MANGO BUTTER. Mango Butter is full of Vitamin A. so whenever Overnight Cream is prepared, the Vitamin A is essential to add for the overnight repair. Mango Butter is not very costly. You will get 100gms for 100-150 rupees. And you can use that for 2-3 years to make any cream or skin care products. So you will get the link in the description box.

I have taken Hot Water here. And to the water I will add a pinch of Ascorbic Acid. I just need to mix it so that it dissolves in water as I will be mixing it in my cream, as it will not mix directly in the cream. Therefore, Hot Water is important because the temperature of the Overnight Cream is already high, so if we mix room temperature water to it, then it will freeze like wax. So we can mix only hot water to it so that Vitamin C can be mixed.

We need to mix it properly. I am showing this in fast forward as this takes a lot of time in mixing. You need to keep mixing it for at least 5-7 minutes continuously. And the water will finally separate, so there is no tension about it.

Now the ingredient is ALOE VERA. Aloe Vera is a Over Night Cream. So the juice that I had prepared earlier, that I am mixing in the Cream. We will start adding Aloe Vera juice when the temperature of the Cream is very low so that it starts freezing. Keep mixing the Cream and as you go on mixing it will start freezing as the temperature dips.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that as summers are arriving, do not switch on the fan while preparing the Over Night Cream as lumps will start forming. The Cream starts freezing as it gets exposed to air. You are already aware that the Wax freezes very fast. During our childhood, at the time of power cuts, as the wax use to fall on our hands, it froze very quickly.

So keep mixing the Over Night Cream. Keep adding the juice while mixing. Whisker is the most convenient thing to mix it. If you are making in large quantity then you can use the machine used while preparing for cake to whisk the eggs, the one from Philips company. The Cream forms very well with it. But I am preparing in small quantity as this Cream will last long, since it is very greasy. So mix the Cream for 2-3 minutes properly. Slowly the color will lighten. Air will start mixing with Cream and the Cream will keep getting pasty.

When the consistency of this Over Night Cream reaches your desirable stage and you feel that the Cream has cooled down, then it is time to add the ESSENTIAL OIL to the Cream. That depends on what you require for your skin care. I am adding Lavender Oil to the Cream. Lavender Oil suits my skin a lot. So again I have added Aloe Vera juice and Lavender Oil and now again will be mixing the Cream for 1-2 minutes.

If the juice gets extra in the Cream, then do not worry as it will separate. Since we are adding Wax Emulsifier here, so if the Cream does not absorb the entire water do not worry that the Over Night Cream will be liquid.

Fill  the Overnight Cream in a container. I would suggest to store the Cream in the fridge as there is no preservative added to the Cream. So keep in mind that since no preservative has been added, then it will get infected with fungus within a month.

Now let’s talk about OILY SKIN people. They too require Over Night Cream. They require in a small amount. So from tis Cream take out a small amount and add ALOE VERA GEL to it, either the Gel I had shared or you can use any from the market. Take a small amount of Gel and start mixing in the Cream. Later you can add more Gel. If the Gel is added at once, then it will not mix because this Cream is greasy. So keep in mind that the Cream will be highly granulated. So mix the Cream in the Gel and it will have a very good result as it has double benefits because you have added Juice and Gel both. So this Overnight Cream will do the Repairing entire night as well as lifting the Wrinkles because the job of Vitamin A is to produce new skin and that of Vitamin C is to repair, plus, olive oil contains Vitamin E, so that will moisturize a lot.

So it is preferable to prepare the second version. Prepare the first version and keep it so that it lasts for 3-4 months and prepare the second version with the gel in small quantity and use it. This amount will not last for more than a week as it has Gel so it will spread a lot on the face. You will apply more in quantity. So prepare this cream in small quantity and use it. people with DRY SKIN should mix a little less amount of Gel. But try to use with the Gel. Then the result will be awesome.

I have normal to little oily skin, still I use with the Gel. At some parts the skin is dry. And I feel good with this.

So do prepare this Over Night Cream and reap its benefits. For the measurements click on the link and visit my WEBSITE. And if you liked my information on this Over Night Cream then do like my video. Give it a thumbs up. Share it with your family and friends on social media so that more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. Subscribe to my channel and my other channel, I WANNA BE HEROINE, so that you keep getting updates of future uploads. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.


Bee Wax: 10 gm
Olive Oil: 15 ml
Mango Butter : 10 gm
Lavender Oil: 5 drops

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 1 pinch in 30 ml or Half tablet of CELIN in 30 ml Water

Aloe Vera Juice: 15 ml

For Mild Version
Home made Cream: 0.5 gm
Aloe Vera Gel: 20 gm

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