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Hi everyone, today I have come with PREGNANCY Q & A. I am not making a video on Pregnancy but keep getting lots of questions about it. That is why I have come with Pregnancy Q&A and whatever Questions I have on my phone, I will try to answer them all. And I will also be discussing some of your basic problems, if you benefit even a little from it, I will be very happy. So let’s start:


Q) The first question is Food for Conceiving. What food should be consumed so that we can easily conceive?


A) So the first thing is that your body should have high Folic Acid For Conceiving it is very important to have high Folic Acid things. Though we say Folic Acid but it actually is Vitamin B9. So you can do a little research on the net, after writing B9 whatever food articles come under it, are very important. Some of the things that are not listed on the net, I will be naming them here, which if you consume, then inside your womb a healthy foetus can stay.


The first thing recommended by me is CURRY LEAVES. It is very important for conceiving.


Q) What measures should be taken for blockage in the Fallopian Tube?


A) I will make a detailed video on it but presently I would like to mention something, whatever video has already been made please follow it, like Curry Leaves. I would like to inform you that my score is increasing, I am mother to 53 babies already apart from my child because of Curry Leaves and some Herbs. Those who are unable to conceive for 9-10 years are also conceiving. And when they share their experience, then I feel delighted to know that someone is 6 months pregnant or someone is 7 months pregnant. And from my older patient there are 10-11 such people who have already had a healthy baby. So I am mother to many daughters too. So watch the Curry Leaf video and read the comments below. People have written them and trust it.


You need to simply understand that the blockage of Fallopian tube occurs at the point where the zygote formation takes place. When the sperm enters, it is accepted by the egg and then zygote formation takes place. And then it passes through the Fallopian tube entering the uterus, places itself and the foetus starts growing.


The blockage in Fallopian tube can be due to cyst or swelling in the Fallopian tube. Mostly the reason is due to swelling which is either due to Leucorrhea or sexual irritation, when you are unsatisfied sexually or also due to cold. So there are 2-3 reasons. Acute cough too is the reason. If excess of Citric things is consumed, still you will face this problem. There are numerous technical tests that are done for blockage, either you can opt for surgery or go on taking injections for years.


But what is the main motto? To remove your swelling from there and to get that system cleaned. So if the system can be cleaned by Curry Leaves and the roots of Coriander leaves (watch the video, link is in the description box), then why will you opt for technical things and insert harmful steroids and chemicals in your body. Try to follow them and see for yourself the amazing results they have. I am aware of all that and it is my personal experience. Try it once, why to get discouraged. It might not happen in 1 month, may happen in the other. You have already been waiting for years. Then why not give it a try. If you drink it for 2 months, neither you will be wasting a lot of time nor your money in buying curry leaves. So you can easily follow it and the result will be unbelievable.


Q) There is a question that says, “Ma’am I want a baby”. There are 3-4 such comments in a video.


A) How can I give you a baby? You will have to give birth to your child. And as you write that you do not have any problems nor does your husband have any then the biggest problem is that you are having sex only to give birth to a child. So you are facing the problem. Only sperm cannot help in foetus formation, your ovum has to be present. You must have a healthy sex life in order to produce ovum. And for that time too plays an important part. From the first day of the period, the 13th day is the peak day. You have 4 days before and 4 days after that, it means you have only 9 days. Whatever you have to do should be done in those 9 days. After that nothing will happen. How excited you are in those 9 days? How usefully you spend time with your partner? How much you enjoy life? All these are very important. If your Ovum is unhealthy or the sperm is thin, then you will have problems in conceiving. So during those 9 days, try to have Coriander root water. Give your husband the juice for Erectile Dysfunction.


Q) Solutions for twins.


A) What should I say so that 2 sperms go inside and form zygote. This is not possible. This happens when 2 sperms are travelling at the same speed. After entering, they get a place for themselves and start forming zygote. Only then it is possible that twins with same or different gender are formed. You cannot eat any medicine for it and create a situation, so that the egg becomes so strong that it is able to hold 2 sperms. And if this happens, I am not aware of it. It might be possible that in future I get to know something. But presently it is not possible. Till now I have not come across any such thing in my study.


Q) Ma’am what should I eat to get pregnant?


A) I have already told you that if you keep your Folic Acid high and if your Fallopian Tube does not have swelling, then you can conceive very easily.


Q) Diet for pregnancy?


A) It is a little tough to talk about pregnancy or its trimester. I have a lot of cases for pregnancy and all of them have different problems. Some have high levels of ESR, then they are at a risk of getting Some have chances of getting Diabetes. Some are healthy, whereas there are others who get lots of Cramps. Some have lot of chances of getting Vomiting. This is a very critical situation. I am talking about the First Trimester. So I will be making a common video only because you all trust me a lot and follow whatever I say. So I would not want something bad should happen to you because every body and its situation is different from the other. Each child responds in a different way. So this is a problem and so I am waiting, so that I should come with something good for all of you. So that you get result from it. I have made a lot of projects. I make them with my experiences only. Unless I have an experience, I cannot share something. This is what I always say about spectacles always. People ask me to give something for eye sight so that they can get rid of their glasses. If I knew any such magic, then I would have get rid of my glasses first.


Q) What to do for cramps in the 6th -7th month?


A) You get Cramps in the 6th-7th month because the size of baby starts increasing and your body is not in a position to keep a baby inside and keep your stools clear as well. You also get cramps because that place is getting pressed by the weight of the baby. It depends on person to person on how the growth of the baby is. If the baby’s growth is very good, then the cramps start from the 6th month only but if the growth is slow, then it starts from the 7th


So what to eat during this time? If the season is of Cauliflower, then eat lots of it. Cauliflower helps you a lot in fighting this situation. I will share the smoothie of cauliflower. And if Cauliflower is not in season then eat Eggplant. Cut and throw the green part of the eggplant. That will cause swelling and your pain will increase. And if you are able to digest and do not get Acidity, then eat Lentils. Try to eat Split Green Gram and Split Red Gram. Try to avoid Split Black Gram and Split Red lentils.


Q) What to do for depression during pregnancy?


A) Try to stay away from depression as much as possible because whatever you are thinking, is building up inside the baby. This is science and not a superstition. If you do not take care of yourself during those 9 months, then as you deliver both you and the baby will have lots of problems.


If you want to sharpen your baby’s mind inside your womb, then take BANSHLOCHAN. It is made from the juice of bamboo. You will get it in any herbal shop. You can search it online too. If I get a good quality, then I will give the link in the description box. It is very important as it has abundant of Calcium. The child will never get Depression. During pregnancy those of you who feel like eating mud, for them Banshlochan is very good. The bones of the baby will get stronger. Brain will be sharper and the child will never face the problem of Sleeping disorder. He will lead a balanced life. Even you will have great strength in your spinal cord during pregnancy. You can Google and find out its name in different countries. This is a very good remedy. But you should not get addicted to it. If you eat excess of it, then your teeth may get grate. Eat it in a proper proportion of around 10-20gms daily. It is also known as Tabasir.


Follow all these rules. And in the comment box I can answer more questions related to this topic. It is slightly tough to make a video especially on Pregnancy. I am trying to make trimester wise, week wise video. But the problem is that I cannot say the common things to all. So I am trying. You can ask all your pregnancy related questions or questions related on conceiving so that I am able to make a series of Q&A.


I shall see you again in my next video. Those who have not subscribed, do subscribe my channel. I make very helpful you tube videos related to health and slimming. Share it with your friends and family and on social media so that more and more people benefit from it. Add it to your playlist so that you can watch it later. I shall see you again in my next video with any recipe, information, skin care or hair care. Till then BYE.

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